Update 1042 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1042
KF2 Update TacticalResponseUpdate.png
Release Date August 17, 2016
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Balance Changes

  • Berserker
    • Pulverizer
      • Knockdown power added.
    • Katana
      • Updated Katana position in Trader Menu Berserker weapon list to reflect its Tier 2 status
  • Support
    • SG 500
      • Cost per mag reduced to 30 (was 32)
    • M4 shotgun
      • Cost per mag reduced to 38 (was 40)
    • AA12
      • Cost per mag reduced to 82 (was 110)
  • Sharpshooter
    • Crossbow
      • Stun power increased to 101 (was 90)
  • SWAT
    • Added higher dosh assist dosh bonus 1.15 was (1.0)
  • Melee weapons
    • Camera shake massively reduced on hits.
  • Zeds
    • Scrake stun time increased 1.55 (was 1.2)
    • Fleshpound stun time increased 1.55 (was 1.2)
    • Patriarch stun time increased 1.25 (was 1.0)
    • Hans stun time increased 1.25 (was 1.0)
    • Microwave gun will now inflate small zeds again.

Bugs Fixes

  • Server Take Over Opt Out settings can now be correctly set within config files for Server Admins.
  • When a server takeover is done (public server is empty) passwords are removed allowing others to join the server once again.
  • Fleshpounds, Scrakes and Stalkers no longer continue to make noise after death.
  • Mesh tweaks to Chivalry helmets and DJ Scully Cap accessory items.
  • Fixed “Empty Inventory” text from remaining on screen.
  • Fixed issue where gameplay option sliders would not snap to set values.
  • Fixed Toggle for Hide Boss Health Bar
  • Fixed bug where Eviscerator engine sound would persist if sold while equipped
  • Tweaked Broken Door UI so that it's less confusing for the player.
  • Fixed issue where Caulk 'n Burn’s melee had exaggerated camera roll
  • Fixed issue where Eviscerator icon would show up in place of gasoline ammo icon in trader menu.
  • Fixed weld line being offset on the mill doors of Black Forest.
  • Fixed bug where user could change perk while they were Readied Up in Lobby.
  • Fixed gaps within certain walls on Infernal Realm.
  • Fixed Issue where Bloat Mines and Crawler Gas would not disappear during trader time.
  • SWAT weapons no longer turn black from melee bashing
  • SWAT Tactical Movement now applies to 9mm pistol.
  • Fixed bug where 9mm could get extended magazines from SWAT passive ability.
  • SWAT Rapid Assault - No longer shoots faster than normal time while in zed time
  • SWAT passive damage bonus now applies to perk weapons.
  • SWAT’s passive bonus Increased Mag Size now reads the correct percentage.
  • Support Resupply Pack no longer gives out infinite armor while you have full ammo.
  • Fixed Demolitionist Fragmentation Rounds not doing correct amount of damage.
  • Demolitionist High Impact Rounds skill is now applied correctly.
  • Fixed Issue where player would not receive correct feedback from trying to resupply grenades from Demo players.
  • Fixed bug where Grenade Supplier message would persist during boss intro.
  • Fixed Offline Solo map list being out of sync with images
  • Fixed issue where selling primary weapon did no clear slot correctly on HUD
  • Fixed issue where password locked servers could be taken over.
  • Fixed issue where Fleshpound and Scrake would remained raged after decapitation.
  • Fleshpound mallet sound now plays while charging
  • Fleshpound, Patriarch, and stalker sounds no longer persist after pawn is destroyed
  • Kick Player HUD now displays the correct user name
  • Placeholder text no longer displays in place of Waiting for Players within Ready Up Lobby.
  • Fixed VoIP slider from resetting saved values for chat volume.
  • Fixed text issues within Firebug Immunity passives
  • Resist Zed Fire Damage is now accurately calculated based off of description.
  • Fixed issue where Berserker heavy attacks would not show blue streaks on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed not being able to get ammo if armor was full from Support Resupplier Perk
  • Fixed Katana not applying healing bonus from Berserker Vampire skill