Update 1036 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1036
KF2 Update TacticalResponseUpdate.png
Release Date June 15, 2016
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“Hey everyone,

Coming shortly will be a mandatory client and server update for KF2. This is a bit later in the day than we like to push out updates but we feel the fixes addressed in this update are severe enough to inconvenience everyone.”

– Sean Manzano

Bug fixes

  • Fixed server crash on map travel
  • Fixed a crash related to the siren screaming
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to recycle hundreds of cosmetic items at once
  • Fixed bosses not spawning correctly in VS mode
  • Fixed an audio issue with the AK-12 firing in burst mode
  • Fixed an issue with projectiles not being able to be picked up when under water
  • Fixed an issue causing some achievements to not unlock
  • Fixed an issue where Sharpshooter UI elements would remain after changing perks
  • Fixed an issue where Husks would not explode when a player shot their fuel tank
  • Fixed an issue causing audio stuttering in Biotics Lab and Prison maps
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would be stuck on a player's screen after respawning
  • Fixed an item crafting exploit

Additional features

Added a config setting to toggle off boss health bars (this is located in KFGame.ini and cannot be changed currently using the game UI)

Known issues

There are a couple of nasty known issues we're looking to address, but we wanted to release the crash fixes we have in the mean time.

  • Dead player controlled Scrakes and Fleshpounds will sometimes damage human players near their bodies.
  • Config setting to add the Welder back to the weapon select menu doesn't work properly