Sharpshooter (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 perk
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter White.png
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing Sharpshooter weapon damage.
• Head shots with Sharpshooter weapons.
Starting Loadout
Winchester 1894 9mm Pistol
KF2 Weapon Winchester1894 White.png KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol White.png
Kukri Freeze Grenade
KF2 Weapon Kukri White.png KF2 Weapon FreezeGrenade White.png
Perk Information
• Long Range
• Rear Rank
• Kill Large Zeds with Headshots
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• High Damage
• Extra Effective with Headshots
• Accuracy
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• Limited Ammo
• Low Rate of Fire
• Not Effective at Close Range
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Target Priority
KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.pngKF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.pngKF2 Zed Scrake Icon.pngKF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png HIGH
KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.pngKF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.pngKF2 Zed Husk Icon.png MEDIUM
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.pngKF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.pngKF2 Zed Slasher Icon.pngKF2 Zed Crawler Icon.pngKF2 Zed Stalker Icon.pngKF2 Zed Siren Icon.png LOW
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.png KF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.png KF2 Zed Slasher Icon.png KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.png KF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.png
KF2 Zed Siren Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.png KF2 Zed Husk Icon.png KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.png KF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png KF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Sharpshooter is the sniper striking his foes from afar, destroying Zed after Zed with well-placed headshots. The Sharpshooter is the far end of the Commando-Gunslinger-Sharpshooter continuum, trading the rate and fire and mobility of the other perks for increased damage and accuracy especially at long range. The Sharpshooter is particularly adept at killing large Zeds, dishing out impressive damage with each headshots.

General Information

Being a sniper by nature, the Sharpshooter mostly remains stationary while concentrating on long range engagements of lone big targets like Scrakes and Fleshpounds. As a support-type unit, they are somewhat vulnerable in close range combat and hence have to rely on their teammates quite often.

Their skill choices offer them a tradeoff between weapon power and mobility.

Weapon List

KF2 Dosh Black.png 200
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
Winchester 1894 KF2 Weapon Winchester1894 Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 650
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
SPX 464 Centerfire KF2 Weapon SPX464Centerfire Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 650
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
Crossbow KF2 Weapon Crossbow Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1100
KF2 Weight Black.png 7
M14 EBR KF2 Weapon M14EBR Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 9
Rail Gun KF2 Weapon RailGun Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 2500
KF2 Weight Black.png 12
M99 AMR Amr99 black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 100
KF2 Weight Black.png 2
1858 Revolver KF2 Weapon 1858Revolver Black.png
KF2 Perk Gunslinger Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 750
KF2 Weight Black.png 3
.500 Magnum Revolver KF2 Weapon 500MagnumRevolver Black.png
KF2 Perk Gunslinger Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 325
KF2 Weight Black.png 2
Spitfire KF2 Weapon Spitfire Black.png
KF2 Perk Firebug Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_9}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_9}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_9}}}|{{{WeaponName_9}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_9}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_10}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_10}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_10}}}|{{{WeaponName_10}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_10}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_11}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_11}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_11}}}|{{{WeaponName_11}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_11}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_12}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_12}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_12}}}|{{{WeaponName_12}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_12}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_13}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_13}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_13}}}|{{{WeaponName_13}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_13}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_14}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_14}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_14}}}|{{{WeaponName_14}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_14}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_15}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_15}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_15}}}|{{{WeaponName_15}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_15}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png ---
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
9mm Pistol KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol Black.png
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 150
KF2 Weight Black.png 2
Dual 9mm Pistols KF2 Weapon Dual9mmPistols Black.png
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png ---
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
Kukri KF2 Weapon Kukri Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 40
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
Freeze Grenade KF2 Weapon FreezeGrenade Black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png

Bonus Experience

Sharpshooters receive bonus XP for scoring head shots. It is not necessary to kill ZEDs - XP is given for every shot in the head, lethal or not.

Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Sharpshooter receives.

Headshot Damage
max. 25%
( Increase headshot damage 1% per level )
max. 25%
( Decrease recoil 1% per level )
Weapon Switch
max. 50%
( Increase weapon switch speed 2% per level )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Sharpshooter has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Increase damage 25% while stationary and using perk weapons. KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter Sniper Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter Marksman Black.png Increase shooting speed by 25% and movement speed by 10% when using perk weapons.
Basic Technique
Ballistic Shock
Increase damage 30%, movement speed 50%, and reload speed 20% while crouching and using a perk weapon. KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter Stability Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter BallisticShock Black.png Increase stun power of perk weapons 100%.
Rack 'em Up
Tactical Reload
Each consecutive headshot with a perk weapon increases damage 10%, up to a maximum of 50%. KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter RackemUp Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter TacticalReload Black.png Increase reload speed with perk weapons.
Dead Eye
Always Prepared
Reduce recoil 10% and increase head shot damage 10% when using iron sights with a perk weapon. KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter DeadEye Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter AlwaysPrepared Black.png Carry up to 25% more ammo for perk weapons and grenades.
Master Techniques
ZED TIME - Assassin
ZED TIME - Ranger
Any head shots with perk weapons have a 5% chance to trigger ZED Time. During ZED Time, increase head shot damage with perk weapons 35%. KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter Assassin Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Sharpshooter Ranger Black.png Any head shots with perk weapons have a 5% chance to trigger ZED Time. During ZED Time, your head shots with perk weapons will stun any ZED.

Actual Stats

Always Prepared (extra grenades) 25%
Always Prepared (extra maximum spare ammo) 25%
Assassin (extra damage, on head shots) 35%
Assassin (ZED Time chance, on head shots) 5%
Ballistic Shock (stun power multiplier) x2
Combat Ready (faster reloading) yes
DeadEye (extra damage, while ADS) 10%
DeadEye (weapon recoil multiplier) x0.9
Marksman (player speed multiplier) x1.1
Marksman (weapon fire interval diminution) -25%
Rack 'em Up (countdown timer) 2s
Rack 'em Up (extra damage) 10%
Rack 'em Up (maximum headshot combo) 5
Ranger (multiplier DOES NOT stack with Ballistic Shock) yes
Ranger (multiplier overrides effect of Ballistic Shock) yes
Ranger (stun power multiplier, only on headshots, become) x5
Ranger (ZED Time chance, on head shots) 5%
Sniper (extra damage, while stationary) 25%
Stability (extra damage, while crouching) 30%
Stability (crouch move speed, times faster) x1.5
Stability (reload duration while crouching, diminution) -20%

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive damage bonus, Sniper, Stability, Rack 'em Up and DeadEye skills affects damage of all on-perk weapons (including Knife) or on-perk damage types. Passive headshot damage bonus increases incoming damage by listed value which is being applied on both - actual health and head health. Damage ROUNDED UP.
  • Passive (Recoil): Current recoil modifier of the weapon gets lowered by up to 25%. Recoil itself depends on the player stance. Sharpshooter's passive recoil bonus works only with on-perk weapons.
  • Skill (Assassin) / Skill (Ranger): Each time player scores a headshot (not necessary lethal) with on-perk weapons there is additional 5% chance for ZED Time to appear.
  • Skill (DeadEye): Skill works only with on-perk weapons. Recoil reduction is multiplicative with the passive bonus: Recoil Mod = 1x0.75x0.9 = 0.675.
  • Skill (Marksman): Skill decreases refire time of the weapon by 25% which effectively increases rate of fire by 33.3%. Skill as well affect toss rate of grenades making it 0.45s per grenade opposite to standard 0.6 seconds.
  • Skill (Rack 'em Up): Skill becomes active with the first ever shot in the head. Each time player scores a headshot skill takes 10% of the current weapon's damage, multiplies it by amount of scored headshots and adds it to the base weapon damage. Every 2 seconds headshot combo meter goes down by 1, each headshot during this time increases the meter by 1 and resets 2 seconds timer.
  • Skill (Ranger): Stun power multiplier of this skill DOES NOT stack with the multiplier of Ballistic Shock skill, instead, during the ZED Time it overrides it (become x5 instead of x2). Skill works only on head shots.
  • Skill (Stability): Skill decreases time that it takes to play reload animation by 20% making reload speed 1/0.8 = 25% faster.

On-perk Weapons

The following weapons and damage types are associated with the Sharpshooter. They get damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:




Pistol_9mm, Pistol_Dual9mm

















Fire_FlareGun (child of Ballistic_Handgun)




You are not meant to fight all the ZEDs alone. As a "big ZED killer" you should stay at the middle of your team, preferably so you can have an overview on multiple paths and support your team by taking down lone tough targets like Sirens, Husks, Scrakes and Fleshpounds. It is strongly advised for you to not be a "lone wolf".

Aim for the head - that's what all snipers do! Having slow firing weapons with limited ammunition leaves you no room for mistakes. Good Sharpshooters always know where to aim and when to shoot. However, don't forget that with a proper skill setup, your Winchester 1894 will be a bit more forgiving as it would let you to one-shot-kill any basic ZED like Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers even on body shots.

Having a Crossbow in your arsenal is a wise choice if you plan to conserve the Freeze Grenades for the Fleshpounds. Even without Ballistic Shock, it still can stun a Scrake on headshot.

A Rail Gun setup only leaves you 6 spare blocks of weight. To improve your self-defense, try out the boomstick and a medic pistol. The boomstick will help you against a hordes of ZEDs, while the pistol can be used for taking off heads of the small ZEDs.

M99 AMR is your most powerful weapon, capable of destroying Scrakes and Fleshpounds easily. But bewere, it only leaves you 3 spare blocks of weight. While it is enought to get yourself sidearm for self-defense, stay close to your team, preferably behind. As an AMR user you're not meant to deal with small ZEDs.

The Freeze Grenades are very helpful when you are fighting big ZEDs, as its explosion stops their movement and leaves them exposed to headshots. However, keep in mind that freezing an enraged Fleshpound is almost impossible.


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, Reverend Alberts and Anton Strasser are both the Sharpshooters of the team. Other characters enjoy using the various Sharpshooter weapons as well, though only DJ Scully and Rae Higgins prefer the Rail Gun.