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Killing Floor 2 character
DJ Scully
Scully Small.jpeg
Gender Male
Age 26
Origin Dutch
Place of Birth Amsterdam, Netherlands
Occupation DJ and Party Organizer
Birth Sign Cancer
Likes Partying, Making Beats, More Partying
Dislikes Mornings and Being Serious
Voiced By Robert McCollum


The coolest Dutch underground DJ of his generation. Scully can't help but be loved by everyone. Women seem to end up loving him, regardless of any common sense involved. The men should all hate him for that alone, but he's just too much fun to be around. When the outbreak broke, he'd just finished a monster set at a disused insane asylum north of London. As the Zeds tried to eat everyone, being quick-witted and quick on his feet, if not combat-trained, kept him alive. Scully has always had trouble taking life seriously and the apocalypse hasn't changed that. Just that he's really good at dispatching monsters. So good that it spawned silly rumours that he must be ex-special forces, which is just another Scully joke.



Scully Mask

ScullyMaskBlackestBlack.jpg Blackest Black

ScullyMaskXtraRed.jpg Xtra Red

ScullyMaskGearXTYellow.jpg GearXT Yellow

ScullyMaskGreenHazard.jpg Green Hazard

ScullyMaskRetroScully.jpg Retro Scully



ScullyHoodieBlackestBlack.jpg Blackest Black

ScullyHoodieXtraRed.jpg Xtra Red

ScullyHoodieGearXTYellow.jpg GearXT Yellow

ScullyHoodieGreenHazard.jpg Green Hazard


ScullyHoodieRetroScully.jpg Retro Scully


Scully Cap

ScullyScullyCapBlackestBlack.jpg Blackest Black

ScullyScullyCapXtraRed.jpg Xtra Red

ScullyScullyCapGearXTYellow.jpg GearXT Yellow

ScullyScullyCapGreenHazard.jpg Green Hazard

ScullyScullyCapRetroScully.jpg Retro Scully


ScullyScullyphonesDeepBlue.jpg Deep Blue

ScullyScullyphonesGearXTYellow.jpg GearXT Yellow

ScullyScullyphonesGuardianOrange.jpg Guardian Orange

ScullyScullyphonesGuillotineRed.jpg Guillotine Red

ScullyScullyphonesHorzineWhite.jpg Horzine White

ScullyScullyphonesRetroScully.jpg Retro Scully


DJ Scully was initially included in the original version of Killing Floor as a DLC character, part of the "Outbreak" pack.

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