Update 1004 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1004
KF2 Update EarlyAccessRelease.jpg
Release Date April 17, 2015
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  • Numerous optimizations for the server browser
  • Added a server limit filter (how many servers are shown in browser)
  • Added WebAdminPort and QueryPort command line options for servers
  • Medics will now receive XP bark more often for healing
  • Tweaked how EMP grenades effect Fleshpound
  • Reduced server install size


  • Fix for Max Player override in Web Admin
  • Fixed issue where server browser would be unresponsive if first server selected did not respond back to client
  • Fix for perk abilities and passive upgrades not triggering on leveling
  • Fix a bug where special squads stopped spawning in multiplayer