Update 1002 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1002
KF2 Update EarlyAccessRelease.jpg
Release Date April 10, 2015
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  • Game will now read the server game port from the command line when setting up the Steam server
  • Changed "Zynthetic" to "zYnthetic"
  • Flamethrower now ignores damage scaling by difficulty and deals the full damage amount to player that fires it
  • Ana now comments on her favorite weapon (Flamethrower)
  • Updated server .ini's to default to normal difficulty
  • Changed EndOfGame delay from 20 to 10 in default ini
  • Increased online framerate cap for clients from 90 to 150
  • Tweaked down Pulverizer Damage on Alt Fire
  • Safe Guard skill now applies a 15% bonus
  • Added in voice detection with option to turn it on and off in the audio menu. Off by default.
  • Economy Changes
    • Made changes to spread out dosh earning over the waves and more evenly between classes
  • Reduced the trading time in normal to 75
  • Zed Changes
    • Made changes to several zeds health, damage and aggression based on feedback and stats on different difficulties
  • Blocked accepting invites at times when they would be problematic to other processes
  • Adjusted MaxRespawnDosh up to 1250 to match better with our higher weapon prices
  • Hans XP grant should be higher to compensate for the time it takes to kill him
  • Added the ability to scale how much extra damage a zed gets when they are vulnerable to a damage type


  • Adjusted all maps based on feedback and stats
    • Tweaked spawn times
    • Added additional spawn zones
    • Cleaned up geometry


  • Adding depth bounds test support (AMD and NVIDIA) to speed up deferred lights.
  • Disable rigid body collision events for giblets for low and medium settings.
  • Add Setting to turn off footstep sounds on low FX setting.
  • Misc optimizations from main game thread
  • Set small and canbecomedynamic asset detail mode for min spec perf optimization
  • Turned off obliteration gibs for low settings
  • LOD'd out collision events on blood particles
  • Disabled CanBecomeDynamic objects from being activated from bullet impacts on low setting.
  • Added setting to disable blood splatter decal on low and medium settings. Just use persistent blood splat for those.
  • Removed all smoke particles in the tank and set clot and track animations to only render on medium detail settings
  • Changed all particles in character cust room to medium detail level
  • Optimized collision on some meshes.
  • Collision optimizations.
  • Min spec optimizations
    • Removed aurora particles but left the mesh for less awesome aurora
    • Removed all physics flags
    • Removed all remaining snow particles.
    • Removed half of the animated cameras
    • Removed half of the interp actor wind turbines
  • Optimized Persistent blood traces
  • Tied max blood splats per frame to graphics settings.
  • Do not busy wait for server to reduce idle time CPU utilization


  • Fixed bug where Medic weapons wouldn’t lock on at angles
  • Fixed issue where the Flamethrower will spawn a ground fire at the origin of the map if a trace failed
  • Fixed sound not playing online for the metal detectors
  • Fixed some debug spam
  • Fix for mono looping echos not getting cleaned up
  • Fixed door pound sounds not playing on dedicated client
  • Fixed case where [Bloat (Killing Floor 2)|Bloats]] would puke through the door in an attempt to attack the player even though they could not reach them
  • You no longer die if you're tired of being an admin
  • Fixed molasses bug (where players would be set to a lower speed)
  • Fixed an issue where Zeds would not properly select spawn volumes not viewable by players
  • Fixed other client hearing the Medic weapons beeping lock on
  • Fixed Commando rapid fire skill not working online
  • Fixed Professional skill not working online
  • Fixed Menace Skill: Attack Speed not applying during zed time
  • Fixed missing heartbeats
  • Fixed missing mesh log errors.
  • Fixed Server browser only showing top 100 servers by player ping
  • Fixed Hans gas grenade not always rendering correctly
  • Fixed shutting doors on players and zeds causing them to get stuck
  • Made sure door close sounds are heard on clients (different from previous door sound issue)
  • Fix for bad mouse sensitivity
  • Healing Surge now gives the proper amount of health
  • Fixed players pausing the game online
  • Fixed a bug with the Husk where he wouldn't fire his fireball or flamethrower attack if he was newly spawned until his cooldown had passed
  • Fixed Flamethrower flame not showing up if player couldn’t see the player shooting it
  • Fixed issue with large bounding region on fx
  • Fix for third person fire effects not appearing if Instigator was 50 meters away from where they spawned in
  • Fixed Server Browser not properly filtering older versions out of the list
  • Attempted Fix for a server only memory leak


  • Fixed issue which would cause an infinite loop
  • Fixed audio related crash