Update 1003 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1003
KF2 Update EarlyAccessRelease.jpg
Release Date April 15, 2015
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  • Increased the amount of dosh you receive when you respawn
  • Rebalanced Fleshpound damage
  • Reduced the Safeguard perk skill effectiveness
  • Increased secondary xp on Normal
  • Reduced the amount of life Hans drains on each difficulty
  • Reduced bash stumble
  • Increased Scrake stumble cooldown
  • Tweaked fall damage
  • Removed Siren Pull
  • Increased the wave 1 zed count
  • Increased zed movement speed on Suicidal
  • Increased zed movement speed on HOE
  • Zeds now have a greater chance of doing "Hard" attacks on suicidal
  • Added a system to allow zeds to have a chance of sprinting all the time based on difficulty (not just when they are damaged)
  • Most low level zeds now sprint when damaged on Suicidal
  • Low level zeds have a slight chance of sprinting all the time on Suicidal
  • Added more special squads to lower numbered waves
  • Added functionality that scales up the spawning intensity of the first few waves on higher difficulty levels (Suicidal and Hell on Earth)
  • Reduced the maximum passive perk damage for the Commando, Support, and Berserker
  • Increased the base damage for Beserker weapons
  • Various adjustments to zed damage
  • Players now take a small % of damage from zed attacks when they parry. Small zeds should do little to no damage, big zeds will do little to light damage. The bigger the melee weapon, the better the mitigation


  • Various map fixes and geometry tweaks


  • Fix for Menace Skill: Bloat & Siren Resistance not being properly applied
  • Fixed issue where being headless and stunned by the medics sedate would cause sliding
  • Fix for being able to "trick" gear menu open at start of wave.
  • Fix for not saving XP for current wave when leaving during wave
  • Fixed zeds not sprinting on Hell on Earth when they should be
  • Fixed rounding issue between server and client when buying ammo
  • Fix for the changed welding rate giving people too much XP
  • Fix for duplicate names and or steam icons in party
  • Fix for frame drop on server refresh
  • Fixed an issue where clients wouldn't see the Husk explode when he did his suicide move
  • Fixed picked up weapons not showing up at the right price on a server
  • Fix for when the server processes an extra client transaction
  • Fixed Hans draining some players to death on Hell on Earth
  • Fixed players spawning into an in-progress game with incorrect dosh.
  • Fixed Quick weld not closing doors Online
  • Fixed Safeguard skill not behaving as expected
  • Fixed issue where wander would interrupt commands where the movement was disabled
  • Blind fix for "low health" breathing not stopping after death/level transition
  • Players should now be less talkative if grabbed by Hans
  • Fix for muzzle flashes depth-clipping through walls/doors, etc.
  • Fixed having voicecomms widget getting stuck on death
  • Fix for incorrect info showing on partywidget