Update 1.05 (Killing Floor 2 PS4)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1.05
KF2 Update TheDescent.jpg
Release Date February 03, 2017
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“We have just pushed update 1.05 out to all PlayStation 4 users. This update brings the following changes”

– Jared Creasy

  • Fixed parties being split up during matchmaking (Server At Capacity Error)
  • Fixed when a patch is available, perk stats will not be loaded until traveling to a lobby issue greatly improved but not totally eliminated
  • Fixed party member perk choice UI not updating within a party lobby
  • Fixed crates not being recyclable

We are aware of several other items which we are working towards fixing in the next title update. This includes several zed pathing issues on maps as well as a case where the PS4 Pro can lock up under specific conditions.