Update 1.03 (Killing Floor 2 PS4)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1.03
KF2 Update TropicalBash.jpg
Release Date December 13, 2016
1.04 ► 1.05

“This update brings the PS4 build to version 1.03. The changelog is as follows”

– Jared Creasy


  • Clients who are not promoted to "party leader" after their group has disbanded have no match making options
  • Client crash after accepting join party invite and traveling to new versus match
  • Joining a Versus Mode Outpost causes players to crash.
  • Screen freeze crash when searching for versus match via matchmaking
  • Soft Lock After Joining Catacombs VS Lobby
  • Being unable to find a game disbands your play together party
  • Survivalist, SWAT and Sharpshooter not counting toward Mr. Perky
  • In-game invite system not working correctly when in a Versus or Survival match lobby