Update 1.04 (Killing Floor 2 PS4)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1.04
KF2 Update TropicalBash.jpg
Release Date January 19, 2017
◄ 1.03 1.05

“We would like to welcome all Killing Floor 2 players to the Tropical Bash and join us for some bone breaking fun on sunny Zed Landing! With a special thanks to everybody who helped us test this update over the holiday season, let the hunt for (Alan) Wilson begin!”

– Jared Creasy



  • New System - Emotes - Players can now equip an emote and trigger it during gameplay
  • Multi-Perk Weapons
    • Weapons can now be tied to multiple perks allowing for perk bonuses
    • Example: Support Perk will now gain benefits from the Medic Shotgun
  • Inventory
    • Crates can now be broken down into craftable items
  • Slightly sped up first 10 level experience gain
  • Players can now turn off the auto-upgrade system


  • Caulk N’ Burn
    • Damage increased 50%
    • Splash damage radius decreased 25%
  • Incendiary Shotgun
    • Damage increased 60%
    • Fire rate increased 10%
    • Spread increased 60%
    • Ammo capacity increased by 12 rounds
    • Ammo cost increased 10%
  • Flamethrower
    • Damage increased 50%
    • Splash damage radius decreased 25%
  • Microwave Gun
    • Added ability to burn zeds from splash damage
    • Toned down damage and radius from ground fire
  • Bosses
    • Increased Hans’ vulnerability to blunt and slashing damage
    • Increased Patriarch's vulnerability to blunt and slashing damage
    • Hans’ resistance to microwave gun increased by 15%
  • Solo
    • Normal spawn rate reduced by 10%
    • Hard spawn rate reduced by 20%
    • Suicidal spawn rate reduced by 20%
    • Hell on Earth spawn rate reduced by 40%

All Platform Bugs Fixes Addressed In 1050

  • Friends Only Server setting asking for a password
  • Added missing map thumbnails in WebAdmin
  • Fixed issue where push to talk would switch to open mic.
  • Fixed typo in Hellish Survivalist achievement text
  • Personal Best Records are not saving
  • Increased controller max sensitivity on slider
  • Blood and Puke HUD Overlay Not scaling properly for higher FOV settings
  • Fixed some favorite weapon lines
  • Fixed open hole on Reverend Alberts’ mesh
  • Fixed some accessory clipping on Rae
  • Fixed some missing accessory descriptions
  • Fixed Versus mode issue where players leaving in Ready Up lobby could negatively affect team score.
  • Fixed issue where Bloat bile mine could pass through glass without breaking it.
  • Fixed a case where multiple bosses spawn when entire Zed Team leaves during match and rejoins during boss wave
  • Fixed Patriarch Mortar repeating animation
  • Fixed bug where wrong message was displayed when switching to Zed team mid-game
  • Updated Credits
  • Translated map names now properly display on scoreboard in foreign languages
  • Minor localization fixes for French, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Trader Menu - Changing Perks while in Trader Menu does not update grenade information.
  • Text on Firebug perk description that was missing
  • Fixed inconsistent attack range with Zweihander
  • Added missing M79 elite reload 3P animations
  • Fixed issue where fire wasn’t applying tick damage regularly
  • Fixed issue where P90 elite reload caused player to crouch when reloading in 3rd person
  • Fixed jittery HX25 third person reload
  • Improved C4 detonation issue
  • Fixed C4 disappearing if thrown while sprinting
  • Icon and dropped world model for the M14EBR now have scope
  • Nail Shotgun now plays weapon check sound
  • Fixed AA12 weapon check animation and sound.
  • Corrected "Kriss SMG Horzine Elite" skins to have the correct skin quality in name
  • Fixed Eviscerator not having inaudible impact sounds
  • 9mm pistols can now take advantage of Commando’s Machine Gunner skill.
  • Survivalist heavy armor skill properly increases max armor capacity
  • Fixed issue where AutoUpgrade would sell tier one weapon to purchase dual 9mm as Survivalist.
  • Fixed Skirmisher skill healing 2 points per second instead of 1 as described
  • Fixed Siren difficulty setting issue.
  • Prevented Sirens from getting stuck in open manholes
  • Fixed bug where Bloats would die from knockdown
  • Fixed a case where freeze material wasn’t correctly applied to Stalker
  • Napalm should now more reliably set zeds touching other zeds affected by this skill on fire (not just the original zed or set hit by it)
  • Fixed an issue where not all maps showed up properly in solo map vote
  • Fixed a case where the husk launcher would fire from the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue where berserker could break boss flee AI
  • Fixed a case where melee damage bonus was always active with the Berserk parry
  • Fixed a case where no sound or particle effect would trigger on a successful parry
  • Fixed a case where autofill could overcharge for armor
  • Fixed Rae’s description text being cut off in Spanish localization
  • Fixed Issue where music track “Someone to Hate by Demon Hunter” would get cut off abruptly
  • Fixed issue where Husk’s flamethrower SFX would persist after death
  • Fixed issue where player’s would have negative health at death
  • Fixed issue where Elite Clot’s Rally would have a stacking damage bonus to Siren’s scream
  • Fixed issue in which Han’s Shield would get turned off from player falling off ledge and avoiding grab
  • Fixed clipping issues with certain accessory combinations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Alt+Enter to enter or return from windowed mode
  • Fixed a bug where the player's arm could be positioned strangely when grabbed by Hans

Map Fixes

Containment Station

  • Fixed caged clot animations
  • Updated catwalk zed ‘closet’

Hostile Grounds

  • Fixed invisible ceiling interfering with Versus zeds
  • Fixed minor blocking volume and collision issue

Black Forest

  • Fixed player breakout spot in Versus mode


  • Minor visual adjustments

Burning Paris

  • Fixed Zed navigation exploit
  • Fixed several visual bugs


  • Fixed tire swing exploit


  • Fixed minor lighting bug

Infernal Realm

  • Fixed minor visual bugs

Volter Manor

  • Fixed collision issue with outside benches

PS4 Specific Bug Fixes - 1.04

  • Fixed a case where the former party host being re-invited to a game would end up in the match overview lobby instead of the game lobby
  • Fixed minor UI bug when logged in with Guest account
  • PS4 Pro: Fixed an issue where blood and puke on the HUD would not scale properly
  • Fixed the activity feed in Versus showing the wrong name for the boss

Live Update Changes


  • Group
    • Normal - No change
    • Hard - Decreased HealthMod from .79 to .75
    • Suicidal - Decreased HealthMod from .71 to .59, Decreased DamageMod from .92 to .76
    • HOE - Decreased HealthMod from .8 to .56, Decreased DamageMod from .9 to .63
  • Solo
    • Normal - Increased SoloDamageMod from ..46 to .51
    • Hard - Increased SoloDamageMod from .55 to .62
    • Suicidal - Increased SoloDamageMod from .68 to .87
    • HOE - Increased SoloDamageMod from .84 to .96

  • Group
    • Normal - Decreased HealthMod from .7 to .63
    • Hard - Decreased HealthMod from .89 to .78
    • Suicidal - Decreased HealthMod from .87 to .77, Decreased DamageMod from 1.26 to 1.12
    • HOE - Decreased HealthMod from .97 to .84, Decreased DamageMod from 1.25 to 1.09
  • Solo
    • Normal - Increased SoloDamageMod from .39 to .47
    • Hard - Increased SoloDamageMod from .54 to .66
    • Suicidal - Increased SoloDamageMod from .6 to .66
    • HOE - Increased SoloDamageMod from .76 to .96