Update 1041 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1041
KF2 Update TacticalResponseUpdate.png
Release Date August 11, 2016
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“You can now opt into the Preview branch of Killing Floor 2 on Steam to check out the upcoming perk SWAT along with many other changes.”

– Jared Creasy

New Perk

New Map

Perk Changes

“Hello everyone!

I want to talk about some upcoming perk changes we have in the pipe! With the last update we took a pass at some of the older perks and brought them more in line with some of the more recent additions and incorporating community feedback. Below you’ll find the changes we are working on and the reasons we are making them!”

– Jared Creasy

We've collected lots of data since we released the latest Berserker perk and have decided to buff some of the skills that were not getting selected very much and made them a much more enticing.

Perk Changes
Level 5 Dreadnaught
  • Increase total Health 75%. (was 50%)

Level 10 Vampire
  • Heal 4 points of Health for every Zed you kill with perk weapons. Attack 20% faster with perk melee weapons. (was 15%)

Level 15 Parry
  • Parry an attack will now reduce incoming damage an additional 75% on top of weapons base parry resistance.

Level 20 Massacre
  • Light attacks do 30% more damage (was 20%)
  • All attacks are 5% faster (was only light attacks)

Level 25 Berserker Rage
  • Zeds close to you will try to flee because you're so scary with your berserker rage

The following skills weren't picked very much so we've buffed the following skills.

Perk Changes
Level 5 FallBack skill
  • 9mm and knife now do 2.1x more damage (was 0.6x)

Level 15 Prepared
  • Get 20% extra ammo (previously was 2 mags)

Level 20 Rock n Roll
  • Mag capacity increased to 100% (was 50%)

We're pretty happy with Gunslinger skills but felt it wasn't to the refinement level the last few perks were at so we've modified some skills and redid others. Gunslinger fans should really like these changes!

Perk Changes
New Passive added
  • Zedtime reload: 2% increase in zedtime reload speed per level max 50%

Passive change
  • Movement speed: gain 4% every 5 levels to max 20% (was max 25%)

Level 5 Quick Draw
  • No recoil penalty for shooting in hip while moving.
  • Move 5% faster

Level 10 Rack em Up
  • Every head shot you get increases damage by 10% up to 5 head hits maxing at 50% extra damage. Now if you miss a shot the counter doesn't go down, as long as you get another head shot every 2 sec your counter will keep going up.

Level 10 Bone Breaker
  • Arms and legs now take additional 30% extra damage on top of the 20% general extra damage.

Level 15 Line em Up
  • No damage reduction for shooting through any zed.

Level 20 Skull cracker
  • Head shots on zeds will slow their speed by 30%

Level 20 Knock em Down
  • Shooting zeds in the legs while sprinting will knock them down and chest shots massively increase stumble.

Shock Trooper wasn't selected enough and Destroyer of worlds had some major balance issues, so we've done another refinement pass on the perk. We believe all Demo fans will be a fan of these changes.

Perk Changes
New Passive added
  • Reactive armor: when you take your killing blow your armor explodes doing massive damage and leaving you with 1 health.

Level 5 Shock Trooper
  • You reload your weapons faster and also increase Stumble and knockdown power by 25%

Level 25 Destroyer of Worlds
  • We fixed this skill and had to rework it. The Nuke still does the same amount of direct damage but damage over time has been fixed so it doesn't wreck big zeds and the boss like it did before. Also your rounds will explode at any range.

Level 25 Mad Bomber
  • The skill remains the same, but with the added benefit of your rounds exploding at any range.

This was one of our first perks we've done and we didn't feel it was as good as it could be so we've done a complete rework. We've taking a lot of feedback from the players gathered in our forums to do this. Thank you to everyone involved! The new Perk tree has two major paths. First, the left side is all about becoming a great supporting medic, buffing your teammates so they can be more effective. The right side is all about being a combat medic, with skills that allow you to survive better and kill zeds easier.

Perk Rework
Passive Skills
  • 8% faster syringe recharge rate per level (max 200%)
  • 2% more potent medical injections per level (max 50%)
  • 2% less damage from poison per level (max 50%) (with reduced visual effect – uses the light effect)
  • 2% increased movement speed every 5 levels (max 10%)
  • 3% more armor each level (max 75%)

Level 5 Symbiotic Health
  • Increase your total Health by 25%. When you heal a teammate, you also heal yourself 10% of your maximum Health.

Level 5 Resilience
  • Increase your damage resistance by 1% per Health point lost, max out at 50% resistant to damage

Level 10 Adrenaline Shot
  • Healing your teammates increases their movement speed by 10% for five seconds. This can stack up to 3 times for a 30% movement speed bonus

Level 10 Combat Doctor
  • Increase the magazine capacity of your Medic weapons by 50% and your movement speed by 10%.

Level 15 Focus Injection
  • Healing your teammates increases their damage by 5% for five seconds. This can stack up to 4 times for a 20% damage bonus.

Level 15 Acidic Rounds
  • Your Medic weapons can poison Zeds, doing damage over time

Level 20 Coagulant Booster
  • Healing your teammates increases their damage resistance by 10% for 5 sec. This can stack 3 times for a 30% damage resistance bonus.

Level 20 Battle Surgeon
  • Increase your damage with your Medic weapons by 20%.

Level 25 Zed Time - Airborne Agent
  • You release a healing gas from your location During Zed time, healing teammates close by.

Level 25 Zed Time - Zedative
  • Damaging Zeds during Zed time with Medic weapons will slow their movement speed by 30% and do massive amounts of poison damage.

This is another perk that has been massively overhauled. the left side is all about direct damage and killing things faster while the right side is all about holding hordes back and keeping enemies on fire longer.

Perk rework
Passives Skills
  • 0.8% increased Perk weapon damage per level (max 20%)
  • 0.8% faster reload for firebug wep (max 20%)
  • 30% resistance to fire, additional 2% resistance per level (max 80%)
  • 25% resistance to personal fire damage, additional 3% resistance per level (Max 100%)
  • 10% more starting ammo for every 5 levels (max 50%)

Level 5 Bring the Heat
  • Increase the damage you inflict with fire weapons by 35% more damage

Level 5 High Capacity Fuel Tank

Level 10 Barbecue
  • Your Firebug weapons’ burn effect lingers 2.5x longer, inflicting more damage over the extended duration.

Level 10 Ground Fire
  • When you shoot the floor, the ground fire does massive more damage and reduces Zed movement speeds by 30%.

Level 15 Napalm
  • Zeds that are burning will set other Zeds on fire when they make contact with them, burn effect lingers 2.5x longer

Level 15 Zed Firebomb
  • Any Zed you kill with fire has a 20% chance to explode, causing damage to and knocking down nearby Zeds

Level 20 Heat Wave
  • Enemies struck at point blank range with Fire will stumble back.

Level 20 Firestorm
  • Increase the range of your Firebug weapons.

Level 25 Zed Time - Pyromaniac
  • During Zed time you attack with Firebug weapons in close to real time and never run out of flame

Level 25 Zed Time - Inferno
  • During Zed time the movement speed of any Zeds hit with fire is reduced 30% and those Zeds suffer 50% more damage

For the longest time high level players have felt that support wasn't were it should be, we've received lots of great feedback on the perk from our forums and this is what the rework looks like. The left side of the tree is all about crowd control while the right is about direct damage and dealing massive damage to a single target.

Perk rework
Passives Skills
  • 2% increase in ammo per level (Max 50%)
  • 3% increase in welding speed per level (Max 75%)
  • 1% increase in shotgun damage every level (max 25%)
  • 25% increase in shotgun penetration every level (max 625%)
  • Every 5 levels get one extra weight block to carry more weapons
  • Fix destroyed doors
  • Once per wave players can get ammo from you

Level 5 High Capacity Mags

Level 5 Tactical Reload
  • You reload Support weapons faster and look more elite while you're at it.

Level 10 Fortitude
  • Increase your total Health by 50%.

Level 10 Salvo
  • Increase the damage of your Support weapons by 30%.

Level 15 Armor Piercing Shot
  • Greatly increase the penetration of your Support weapons.

Level 15 Tight Choke
  • Decrease in the shot spread of your Support weapons by 50%

Level 20 Resupply Pack
  • Your teammates can get 30% of their ammo and 20% of their armor restored by interacting with you once per wave. You also can carry 20% more ammo for yourself

Level 20 Concussion Rounds
  • Increase stumble power for all Support weapons by 150%.

Level 25 Zed Time – Penetrator
  • During Zed time, your Support weapons penetrate through any targets they hit.

Level 25 Zed Time – Barrage
  • During Zed time, your Support weapons shoot in near real-time

The following skills weren't picked very much so we've buffed the following skills.

Perk Changes
Level 10 Stability
  • Increase your damage by 30%, your movement speed by 50%, and your reload speed by 20% while crouching and using Sharpshooter weapons.

Level 15 Rack em Up
  • Each consecutive headshot with a Sharpshooter weapon increases your damage by 10%, up to a maximum of 50%
    • When you miss a head shot the bonus is no longer lost. It's on a 2 sec timer now, so as long as you get another head shot every 2 seconds, it will keep going up to a max of 50%

Level 25 Assassin
  • Any head shots with Sharpshooter weapons have a 5% chance to trigger Zed time. During Zed time, increase head shot damage with Sharpshooter weapons by 35%

AI Behaviors

Zeds now have the ability to try and dodge damage taken or projectile rounds that are coming at them. this happens more often in higher difficulties. The following zeds can now evade.

Zeds can now block incoming damage or projectiles. when this happens it's best to not shoot at the arms that are blocking due it's resistance to damage. Wait for the zed to bring it's block down or flank the zed on it's sides or from behind. The following zeds can block


  • Kick does less impulse force for both survival and versus Fleshpound.
  • Health scale per player has been reduced.
    • Body Health 0.39 (was 0.5)
    • Head Health 0.28 (was 0.28)



  • Stumble cooldown increased 3.5 sec (was 2.5)
  • Increased Vulnerability to sub machine gun damage 1.0 (was 0.5)
  • Increased Vulnerability to Assault Rifle damage 1.0 (was 0.7)
  • Increased Vulnerability to Shotgun damage 0.9 (was 0.8)
  • Increased Vulnerability to Slasher damage 1.0 (was 0.75)
  • Increased Vulnerability to Blunt damage 1.0 (was 0.75)
  • Health scale per player has been reduced.
    • BodyHealth 0.39 (was 0.5)
    • Headhealth 0.28 (was 0.28)


  • Fire vulnerability reduced to 1.0 (was 1.6)

Solo adjustments

  • Normal
    • SoloDamageMod 0.65 (was 1.0)
  • Hard
    • SoloDamageMod 0.8 (was 1.0)
  • Suicidal
    • SoloDamageMod 0.65 (was 1.0)
  • HOE
    • SoloDamageMod 0.65 (was 1.0)

Survival game mode

Spawn changes
Random special squads - we now have a system that allows us to make multiple special squads for each wave for each difficulty independently. This is currently only set up in the top difficulties.
  • Suicidal and Hell on Earth now have 6 random special squads that it can select through for each wave.

Suicidal Difficulty
  • Ammo pickup mod increased 20%
  • MaxRespawnDosh for suicidal set to 1750 (was 1550)
  • Movement speed. We now have a system that allows us to independently speed up a zeds speed by difficulty.
    • Slasher 10% faster
    • Stalker 30% faster
    • Crawler 30% faster

Hell on Earth Difficulty
  • MaxRespawnDosh for hell on earth set to 1550 (was 1000)
  • Movement speed. We now have a system that allows us to independently speed up a zeds speed by difficulty.
    • Slasher 20% faster
    • Stalker 40% faster
    • Crawler 40% faster

These changes were made to make Suicidal and HoE more challenging and fun for those who enjoy those experiences.

Bash with all weapons

Bash damage for all weapons is now based on the weight of the gun in inventory.

  • 0=20 damage
  • 5=25 damage
  • 10=30 damage


Weapon Changes
Moved to Berserker class tier 2
  • Reduced attack speed 10%
  • Increased light attack strength to 68 (was 34)
  • Increased heavy attack strength to 90 ( was 68)

  • Increase light attack speed 20%
  • Increase hard attack speed 10%
  • Light attack damage increased to 85 (was 70)

Weapon Changes
  • Damage 30 (was 20)
  • Ammo cost 20 (was 14)

  • Damage 30 (was 25)
  • Ammo Cost 30 (was 24)
  • Total ammo amount 300 rounds (was 330)

  • Damage 40 (was 35)
  • Ammo Cost 40 (was 30)
  • Total ammo amount 330 (was 360)

Weapon Changes
  • Ammo pickups now give you 3 rounds

Perk changes
  • Assists kills give you 1.1 more dosh.

Weapon Changes
  • Damage increase to 13 (was 10)
  • Splash damage increased to 5 (was 2)
  • Splash damage radius reduced 200 (was 300)
  • Starting ammo increased 300 (was 250)
  • Max ammo increased 550 (was 450)

  • Splash damage increased to 10 (was 2)
  • Splash damage radius reduced 175 (was 300)
  • Max ammo increased 600 (was 500)

Microwave gun
  • Splash damage reduced to 10 (was 20)
  • Splash damage radius reduced to 300 (was 400)
  • Max ammo increased 600 (was 500)

Weapon Changes
  • Damage reduced to 140 (was 175)
  • Starting ammo 40 (was 20)
  • Total ammo 140 (was 100)

Weapon changes
  • Stun added back to it

M16 M203 Assault Rifle
  • New demo weapon for tier 3


  • Hans
  • Shield has less health
  • Does more damage overall


Alpha Clot

  • Rally skill will also buff yourself along with other zeds.


  • Melee attack damage reduced to 40 (was 55)


  • Spawn points on maps are now randomized (players will spawn as a team in one of several locations)
  • Many FX have been updated
  • New updated credits
  • There is not a counter for alternate ammo on HUD weapon selector.
  • Added new checkbox options in Gameplay settings including:
    • Hide boss health bar
    • Show welder in inventory
    • Use alt. dual pistol aim
    • No auto turn on clot grab
  • New Rotating News banner in Main Menu
    • Highlights surveys, the Community Issue Tracker, the latest update info and more!


  • Updated (most) Commando Weapon Sounds
  • New Zed Audio
    • Bloat - added Some Iconic KF1 Vocalizations
    • Fleshpound - Total Revamp (yes, he talks now)
  • Total Revamp of UI Audio
  • Improvement of RPG-7 Fire Sound
  • Added Voice Localization for Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, and French
    • All playable characters
    • Hans
    • Patriarch
    • Trader
  • Improvements to Zed Time bullet whiz sounds
  • Added missing voice calls for Hans, Trader, and Patriarch (they now have far more available lines)
  • Removed ringing sound from hearing impaired state (community request)


  • Improvements to Volter Manor gameplay flow
  • Improvements to lighting in Catacombs
  • Reduced frequency of portal spawning in certain areas of Paris
  • Numerous map fixes


  • New Single and Dual Pistol Sprints (including Syringe and Welder)
  • New Weapon Melee Bashes
  • New Two Handed Weapon Sprints


  • Matchmaking has several bugs and may not behave as intended - we recommend you do not use it for this first release
  • FleX gibs & blood do not collide with environment on some cards
  • Preview images for cosmetic items and skins will not show up for some items. This cannot be fixed during beta without breaking it in the main branch. This will be fixed when the beta ends.
  • After firing Microwave gun humming sound only emits from right channel
  • Some links in the news carousel do not load in the Steam overlay browser
  • Minimize battle chatter in sound options doesn’t always work
  • Character customization will reset to the default once you exit out of the game.
  • XP bonuses for perk objectives are not final


  • Fixed a bug where the Graduation Cap was not working with Classic Masterson
  • Fixed an issue with skins and cosmetics titles not showing properly if there were too many characters
  • Fixed Issue with one player being spawned away from the group
  • Fixed an issue with the KF-BAR not properly displaying blood on the blade
  • Fixed Spectator UI staying on screen after spawning
  • Fixed issue where having a spectator would lower the zed count
  • Fixed several audio issues with pistols and the medical syringe not having melee sound effects
  • Fixed issue where map select would highlight Biotics Lab
  • Fixed issue where Perk would not update with change in trader menu
  • Fixed an issue where player could not throw grenades when sprinting and out of ammo in their primary weapon
  • Fixed an issue with light bulbs remaining lit after being shot out
  • Fixed an issue where if you died while typing you could not access menus
  • Fixed an issue with the skills menu locking up
  • Fixed minor collision issues on Black Forest
  • In Black Forest, fixed issue where some Zeds would slowly slide down steep cliff
  • Many minor controller navigation related issues
  • Fixed blood splatters not showing up on Kukri knife blade
  • Fixed Spot behind Outpost truck that would cause fall damage to players.
  • Fixed a slight issue with with the pillars on Outpost
  • Fixed issue where Patriarch could get stuck in Outpost
  • Fixed a small hole in Catacombs
  • Fixed issue in Catacombs were Zeds could not navigate to players standing on railings
  • Fixed an animation issue where the AA12 would clip through the camera when switching from C4