Update 1039 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1039
KF2 Update TacticalResponseUpdate.png
Release Date July 21, 2016
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Balance Changes

  • Hans Balance Tweaks
    • Hard
      • Damage Mod Increased to .75
      • Health Mod Decreased to .95
    • Suicidal
      • Damage Mod Increased to .95
      • Health Mod Decreased to 1.30
    • HOE
      • Health Mod Decreased to 1.7
  • Patriarch
    • Hard Difficulty
      • Increase health mod to 1.37
    • Suicidal Difficulty
      • Increase damage mod to 1.2
    • Hell on Earth
      • Increase damage mod to 1.4

Overall we felt that the Hans battle was still a bit too much of a shoot the shield fest so we have lowered his overall health. At the same time we have increased his damage slightly on some difficulties to decrease the chance of a long drawn out battle

  • Flashlight
    • Reduced drain on battery. Flashlight last for 2:05min (was 50sec)
    • Recharge speed increased to 17sec (was 25sec)
  • Night Vision
    • Reduced drain on battery. Night Vision last for 2:05min (was 25sec)
    • Recharge speed increased to 17sec (was 25sec)
  • Versus Mode:
    • Player controlled Bloats spawn less frequently in wave 1
    • Player Alpha
      • Increased Distance of Clot Grab
  • Boss Wave
    • Now spawn all ammo pickups during boss fights

Bug Fixes

  • Shotguns & flamethrowers no longer are recorded as negative damage dealt in After Action Report
  • Fixed Menu UI Disappearing at Ready Up Menu while Joining In Progress Matches
  • Fixed spectator UI not appearing after death
  • Fixed an issue where if you were typing as you died, you would not be able to access any menus
  • Fixed when you change your perk in the trader menu, text and icons would not update to show the new perk
  • Fixed animations when sprinting to iron sights for certain weapons
  • Removed const off MaxMonsters in Spawn manager for mod support
  • Fixed Husk Exploding and damaging players before suicide animation ends
  • Fix for multiplayer achievements being unlocked in single player