Update 1018 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1018
KF2 Update RevengeOfTheZeds.png
Release Date December 9, 2015
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“Hello everyone,

We're about to release another hotfix to resolve issues with the Return of the Patriarch update. This update is intended to mostly address issues with crashes reported in Farmhouse along with a handful of other changes. This is a full version and will require both servers and clients to update. We;ll continue to work with Nvidia to eliminate crashes and re-enable High Flex settings as soon as possible.”

– Jared Creasy


  • Further crash fixes and optimizations for Farmhouse


  • Corrected description for Rack 'Em Up perk skill
  • Owned cosmetic items will no longer be displayed on the store tab



  • Fixed a bug with Rack 'Em Up when using dual pistols
  • Fixed a bug where damage falloff based on range was applying to the .500 Magnums

Known issues

  • Nvidia Flex is limited to LOW setting until we can resolve Flex related crashes.