Update 1024 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1024
KF2 Update RevengeOfTheZeds.png
Release Date February 25, 2016
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“While not in this update we have been making progress with both the modding workshop and Flex high settings. The workshop is waiting for a Steam client update to roll out to address an issue before we release the upload tool and allow subscriptions (the code is already in game!).”

– Jared Creasy


  • Removed the Any setting from difficulty selection in the matchmaker
  • Change to Parry skill, now does a minimum of 1 damage


  • Fixed Gunslinger Rack ‘Em Up UI persisting after death
  • Fixed Patriarch not having death messages
  • Fixed map voting not being properly disabled if turned off in web admin
  • Fixed some analytics data that was not reporting properly
  • Fixed spectate camera not being updated to the viewing position when switching back and forth between spectating players and free roaming
  • "Fanfare" perk skill (was doing 5X instead of the 3X) has been corrected
  • Shoot N' Scoot will now indeed reduce your weapon bob when moving in iron sights instead of increasing it
  • Fixed being able to access key bindings when using a controller
  • Fixed burn effect not working on scrake apron
  • Fixed grenades not getting passive extra damage - Support perk
  • Fixed Leg Shots perk now affects all weapons
  • Fixed Center Mass now affects all weapons
  • Fix to the demo’s explosion resistance passive - it should now be working properly.
  • Updated text on the following skills to accurately reflect in-game effects: Shoot ‘n Scoot, Leg Shots, Center Mass, Airborne Agent, ZED Shrapnel, Furious Defender, and Spartan.