Update 1015 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1015
KF2 Update ReturnOfThePatriarch.png
Release Date December 3, 2015
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“The brand new Return of the Patriarch Content Pack for KILLING FLOOR 2 includes the following:

  • New Boss – The Patriarch
  • 2 New Maps – Farmhouse and Black Forest
  • 1 New Perk – Gunslinger
  • 1 New Playable Character - Oisten Jaegerhorn
  • Zed-conomy and Trading Floor Store
  • Other New Features including server welcome screen, various bug fixes and improvements, steam mod and map workshop added and much more!”
– Jared Creasy


New Perk

New Weapons

New Maps

New Character

New Features
  • New Boss - Patriarch - What have you done to his children?
  • Full Steam Mod Workshop Support
    • Upload or subscribe to your favorite mods and maps as a client!
    • Servers can subscribe to and stay up to date when the maps and mods change!
    • Clients will automatically download maps directly from Steam workshop for servers that are subscribed to workshop maps
  • New dual pistol aiming style (centered), toggle by alt fire
  • Body flashlights
  • Zed-Conomy and Trading Floor Store
  • Server Welcome Screen - brand your server with an image, website link, and message of the day

Improvements and Additions

  • Updated controller scheme
  • Reduced the amount of map collectables needed to unlock achievements
  • Physics is now more prominent on dead players
    • When players are killed they take into account the velocity of the attack that killed them. Player ragdolls fly through the air, splat against walls, make crunching sounds when they impact, and leave behind bloodstains.
  • Added many new achievements
  • Perk Rank Up Achievement set - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
  • Perk Hot Shot Achievement set - Beat each difficulty as a particular perk

Perk Changes and Additions
  • Berserker
    • Fortitude skill changed to 75% health increase (previously 100%)
    • Vampire skill increased by 1 health per kill (now 4 instead of 3)
    • Smash does 25% extra damage (down from 100%)
  • Demolitions
    • Nuke radius reduced
  • Medic
    • Armament 25% less effective heal and will heal 1% armor (down from 10% less effective and 2% armor)
    • Vaccination Now grants 2% armor (down from 4%)
  • Gunslinger
    • Lvl 5
      • Scoot ‘n’ Shoot - Move 50% faster in iron sights with reduced weapon bob
      • Quick Draw - 50% faster weapon switch, automatic weapon switch if you run out of ammo
    • Lvl 10
      • Rack ‘em Up - Consecutive headshots increase damage by 10% up to 70% (missing head shots drops 10%)
      • Bone Breaker - 20% more damage with gunslinger weapons
    • Lvl 15
      • Advanced Techniques - 20% faster reload
      • Penetration - Increased zed penetration by 1 extra zed
    • Lvl 20
      • Center Mass - Chest shots have 30% more stumble power
      • Leg Shots - SHots to the legs have 30% more knockdown power when zeds are sprinting
    • Lvl 25
      • Fanfire - Shoot 3x faster in Zed time
      • Uber Ammo - Never run out of ammo in Zed time

Zed Changes
  • Added cinematic camera and new boss intro and victory animations for both bosses.
  • Hans taunts will now shoot guns in the air with fx and sounds.
  • Stalker now fades in and out of cloak
  • Addressed surrounding Hans exploit - when surrounded Hans gas will now do more damage and has some explosive power

Weapon Changes
  • Players will now default to centered aiming with dual pistols (based on community voting) and can now switch to the offset aiming with the alt fire key (default middle mouse).
  • Increased ammo pickup amounts on certain weapons (boomstick, flamethrower, microwave gun, RPG-7) to get them more consistent across the board
  • Zweihander Damage Reduced
    • Heavy attacked reduced to 195(previously 290)
    • Standard attack reduced to 85 (previously 90)
    • Bash damage reduced to 63 (previously 120)

  • New audio sliders
    • Master Volume
    • SFX Volume
    • Dialog Volume
  • New controller options
    • Aimed sensitivity
    • Aim Assist lock-on
    • Aim Assist Rotation
    • Aim Assist Slowdown
    • Vibration
  • New mouse options
    • Aimed Sensitivity
    • Mouse Smoothing
  • New Keyboard options
    • Last Used Weapon
  • Trader Menu
    • Off Perk weapons now show at the bottom of each specific perk list
    • Added icons to MAG and FILL buttons to better clarify what they do for new players
  • Improved using the Trader menu with controllers
    • Bumpers now swap between PERKS, TYPE, FAVORITES, and ALL
    • Triggers now swap between perk/weapon type subcategory
    • Pressing left/right on l-stick will swap between the TRADER's inventory and yours, respectively
  • Improved the overall look and functionality of the main menu
    • Removed the 3d transform on main menus to make better use of the space
    • Moved the menu bar to the very top for easier navigation
    • Added an orange highlight state for better highlighting
    • Moved the player character to center of screen
    • Darkened the black background of all UI assets to better stand out
    • General spacing tweaks to keep all UI assets on a grid
  • Remade and resized controller icons for better visibility
  • Supplier-type perk talents (Support: Supplier, Demolitionist: Grenade Supplier) now show an icon over the squadmate who has an active supplier skill available to the player
  • Changed Download OK button to cancel

  • New 9mm sounds
  • Added Hans Entry and Victory sounds
  • Modifications to reverb system to increase clarity
  • Continued improvements to game mix
  • Added a Voice volume slider
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved player impact sounds for better feedback
  • Added random sound position emitter functionality
  • Added functionality to attach sounds to particle FX

Map Exploit Fix

  • Added default material for custom terrain materials

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AI not attacking players blocking them from their original target
  • Fixed AI attack and pathing near corners
  • Fixed clots clipping into walls when stumbled
  • Fixed tracers not colliding with walls
  • Fixed fleshpound sound loop at the point of its death
  • Fixed player battle chatter echo still being audible with battle chatter set to 0
  • Fixed several battle chatter lines that were cut short
  • Fixed weapon recoil being different offline vs online
  • Fixed perks changing unintentionally due to mouse inputs being registered when menus were closed
  • Several other minor bug fixes

Known Issue

  • High Nvidia Flex settings have been disabled. Players running Flex on High will be limited to the Low performance setting to avoid stability issues. We’re currently working with Nvidia to resolve these stability issues so we can re-enable the feature.
  • Steam Workshop tool updates will be added in the near future.
  • Achievements for leveling up perks will not immediately unlock for players who already have a perk at level 25.
  • Players buying multiple dual pistols in a single trader interaction will sometimes not be granted one of their pistols after leaving the trader.
  • These will be addressed in a patch in the next day or so...