Donovan "Bulldog" Neal

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Killing Floor 2 character
Donovan "Bulldog" Neal
Donovan Small.jpeg
Gender Male
Age 31
Origin American
Place of Birth Atlanta, GA, USA
Occupation Security Firm Owner
Birth Sign Scorpio
Likes Control, Attention to Detail
Dislikes Loud, Flippant People
Voiced By Lynn Andrews


Donovan is big, tough, and can handle himself in almost any situation. But he is way more than he seems to a careless glance. He wasn't just one of the guys providing close protection services to a bunch of wrestlers - he was the guy who set up, owned and ran the whole security business. Born in Atlanta, GA, he was smart and well-educated, working in law enforcement before setting up his own business. Not just muscle - he was the brains of the operation, too. But now he's another survivor, stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just say a short prayer for all the Zeds that are standing between this man and what he wants. Or get in there and help him kill them!




DonovanFaceDonovan.jpg Donovan

DonovanFaceGlare.jpg Glare

DonovanFaceTat.jpg Tat


RQ Hoodie

DonovanRQHoodieRacingGreen.jpg Racing Green

DonovanRQHoodieRusticRed.jpg Rustic Red

DonovanRQHoodieCoolGrey.jpg Cool Grey

DonovanRQHoodiePaleEarth.jpg Pale Earth


RQ Cap

DonovanRQCapMellowYellow.jpg Mellow Yellow

DonovanRQCapRusticRed.jpg Rustic Red

DonovanRQCapTrueBlue.jpg True Blue

DonovanRQCapLeanGreen.jpg Lean Green


DonovanGlassesRegular.jpg Regular Glasses

DonovanGlassesShades.jpg Shades

S10 NBC Gas Mask

DonovanS10NBCMaskBlack.jpg Black

DonovanS10NBCMaskCamo.jpg Camo

DonovanS10NBCMaskBiohazard.jpg Biohazard

DonovanS10NBCMaskZedTime.jpg Zed Time


DonovanScullyphonesDeepBlue.jpg Deep Blue

DonovanScullyphonesGearXTYellow.jpg GearXT Yellow

DonovanScullyphonesGuardianOrange.jpg Guardian Orange

DonovanScullyphonesGuillotineRed.jpg Guillotine Red

DonovanScullyphonesHorzineWhite.jpg Horzine White

DonovanScullyphonesRetroSkull.jpg Retro Skull

This item is only available with the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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