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Killing Floor 2 perk
KF2 Perk Survivalist White.png
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing weapon damage with any weapon.
• Killing Clots with any weapons.
Starting Loadout
Random Weapon 9mm Pistol
KF2 Weapon RandomWeapon White.png KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol White.png
Machete HE Grenade
KF2 Weapon Machete White.png KF2 Weapon HEGrenade White.png
Perk Information
• Varies by Perk and Weapons Selection
• Fill in For Whatever the Team is Lacking
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• Unmatched Versatility
• Variety of Weapon Selections
• Tenacity
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• Jack of All Trades, Master of None
• Variety of Weapons Limited by Dosh/Weight
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Target Priority
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.png KF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.png KF2 Zed Slasher Icon.png KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.png KF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.png
KF2 Zed Siren Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.png KF2 Zed Husk Icon.png KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.png KF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png KF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Survivalist perk is the utility team member who can fill in for several roles on a team depending on the skill and weapon choices of the Survivalist. While a Survivalist is never going to be as effective at a perk's specialty as that perk, they can get close while at the same time also bringing several other perks' strengths to the table. Survivalists can use nearly any weapon effectively, allowing them combinations of armaments that no other perks can wield efficiently.

General Information

The Survivalists are the copycats / mimics of the team. They has no dedicated role and so specific perk setups but instead their skill choices offers them a bit of everything from the other perks. It's up to the player to chose their skills and role.

It should be noted that while trying to be good at everything the Survivalists will never actually be better in any given role than a dedicated perk.

Weapon List

Survivalists has no perk-specific weapons, instead they utilize weapons from the other perks. Their passive bonuses works with all weapons.

Bonus Experience

Survivalists receive bonus XP for killing Clots.

Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Survivalist receives.

Weapon Damage
max. 15%
( Increase weapon damage 0.6% per level )
Global Damage Resistance
max. 25%
( Increase resistance to all damage 1% per level )
Heavy Body Armor
max. 25%
( 1% every level (max 25%) take no health damage if you have armor )
ZED Time Reload
max. 75%
( Increase reload speed in Zed time 3% per level )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Survivalist has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Weapon Handling
Tactical Reload
Heavy Weapons Training
Increase reload speed with Commando, Gunslinger and SWAT weapons. UI Talents Survivalist TacticalReload.jpg UI Talents Survivalist HeavyWeapons.jpg Increase reload speed with Demolitionist, Sharpshooter and Support weapons.
Survival Techniques
Medic Training
Melee Expert
Increase the potency of all your healing 20% and decrease the cooldown of your syringe and healing darts 25%. UI Talents Survivalist FieldMedic.jpg UI Talents Survivalist MeleeExpert.jpg Increase melee attack speed 15%, inflict 10% more damage, and move 25% faster when using any melee weapon.
Ammo Vest
Weapon Harness
Carry up to 15% more ammo for all weapons and your grenade becomes a healing grenade. UI Talents Survivalist AmmoVest.jpg UI Talents Survivalist BigPockets.jpg Increase carrying capacity by 5 and your grenade becomes a Molotov cocktail.
Spontaneous Zed-plosion
Make Things go Boom
Zeds you kill have a 20% chance to explode, damaging and knocking down nearby Zeds. UI Talents Survivalist Shrapnel.jpg UI Talents Survivalist Boom.jpg Increase area of effect of all Explosives 25%.
Specialist Training
ZED TIME - Madman
ZED TIME - Lockdown
During Zed time, all your weapons shoot 3x faster. UI Talents Survivalist Madman.jpg UI Talents Survivalist IncapMaster.jpg During Zed time, the power of all incapacitation methods are increased 200% for all weapons.

Actual Stats

Kf2 survivalist perk stats.png

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive damage bonus affecting damage of all weapons. Melee Expert skill further increases damage of all melee weapons. Damage ROUNDED. Just like with the other perks, damage bonuses are additive, meaning that there will be 15% more damage from the passive (of default damage value) plus 25% more damage of default weapon value if this weapon is a melee.
  • ZED Time reload (passive): For the duration of ZED Time with each level it takes 3% less time to play the weapon reload animation, up to 75% less time (i.e. 1/0.25 = 4 times faster) at level 25.
  • Heavy Body Armor of the Survivalist absorbs 100% of all incoming damage and has improved durability - it decreases all incoming damage towards it by 35% (x0.65 damage multiplier).
  • Skill (Make Things go Boom): This skill works only with ballistic-explosive projectiles (HX25 Grenade Pistol / M79 Grenade Launcher / M16 M203 Assault Rifle (grenades) / RPG-7).
  • Skill (Medic Training): Skill modifies recharge rate and heal amount of the Medical Syringe and all Field Medic's weapons. With this skill it takes 25% less time to recharge the healers which effectively increases recharge speed by 33.3%.
  • Skill (Melee Expert): Extra movement speed there only when holding melee weapons.
  • Skill (Spontaneous Zed-plosion): This skill is identical to Firebug's ZED Shrapnel counterpart.

On-perk Weapons

For Survivalist every weapon and damage type is on-perk in terms of passive bonuses.


Try to fit into the role your team needs most. If your squad having hard times killing big ZEDs, always low on health or constantly being overrun by groups of small ZEDs you might consider bying RPG-7, HMTech-401 Assault Rifle or Flamethrower and don't forget that the proper skill choice will enhance your weapon abilities.


  • Almost every character in the game has a wide variety of favourite weapons that belong to the different perks hence every player might be considered as a team's Survivalist. However some characters like Ana Larive and Hayato Tanaka are heavily twisted on only few types of the weapons which likely gives them a specific roles.