Scrake (Killing Floor 2)

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The new Scrake

General Scrake Information

The Scrake is a slow moving (when not enraged) zed that attempts to close distance with the player and assault him with his massive chain saw arm. When brought to a certain health percentage (changed based on difficulty setting), he will immediately enrage and charge the player that he is locked on to. Unlike the Fleshpound, his enrage is permanent until killed, although an EMP grenade from the berserker will temporarily cause it to stop. He speed while enraged is faster than any player and his wild movements once within melee range make it very difficult to head shot while engaging a player. He is considered to be of critical threat to players due to his large health pool, very high and often area of effect attacks, and intense speed when enraged. Due to his slow base speed however, it is possible, given the right situation, to ignore this threat through kiting until you are more prepared to deal with it.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £83 £ £ £
XP 34 45 60 69
Health 935 / 1402 / 1870 / 2337 / 2805 / 3272** 1100 / 1650 / 2200 / 2750 / 3300 / 3850** 1485 / 2227 / 2970 / 3712 / 4455 / 5197** 1705 / 2557 / 3410 / 4262 / 5115 / 5967**
* Head health

** Health with 1/2/3/4/5/6 players

Notes on XP

  • XP rewarded for your on-class weapons.
  • Killing with other class weapons allocates XP to that class.
  • Damaging with off/on-class weapon then finishing it off with another devides the XP and allocates it to both classes.
  • Assist kills reward full XP.
  • Katana and Flamethrower does not reward XP.
    • Shove attack does not count as melee (zerk xp), meaning allocates the XP accordingly to your weapon class.


  • Solo Health: 50%.
  • Resists Explosive Damage, takes only 50% damage.
  • No Weaknesses.
  • Melee bash from guns will punt Scrakes into a stumble.
  • Certain attacks won't be cancelled by a bash.
  • Successful parries will punt Scrakes into a stumble.
  • Saw blades fired from the Eviscerator will stumble Scrakes if you land a headshot.
  • Scrakes rage after their health drops below a certain threshold (90% on HoE) and they will rage on forever unlike Fleshpounds. Only enrage a Scrake if you are certain you can safely kill him!
  • Scrakes gain a massive speed boost during their rages and will outrun any class in the game.
  • Both the Scrake and the Fleshpound can have their rage cancelled for a short period of time by Berzerkers EMP grenades.
  • Scrakes will lunge at a player if they are close by, by running directly past them to the right, they will completely miss the player.

Extermination Tactics


The Scrake is a foe that, depending on the situation and how many players are on the team, can be ignored for a spell. They move slowly and will not enrage unless you bring them below the health point (based on difficulty). Attempt to make as many headshots before he enrages. Once he charges, if possible, continue to aim at the head and focus fire till dead. Work as a team.

Leaving Scrakes until last is always a good idea, in a 6 man team an effective way to quickly take down a scrake is by having 1 or 2 supports ready with an AA-12 and getting the rest of the team to enrage the Scrake. Once the Scrake is enraged the support/s finish off the Scrake by unloading their AA-12's into them. The Scrake will die within seconds allowing your team to be unharmed.


In solo play, the Scrake should be kited until almost all the rest of the trash around it is dead or you have opportunity to kill it without putting yourself in unnecessary danger from surrounding zeds. Fire at its head until you know the next shot will enrage it (this takes some practice). Reload your gun to ensure you have a full magazine for when it charges. Fire into its head as it approaches and attempt to bring it down before it reaches you. Do not stop till its dead because it won't stop against you.

Different Tactic if playing Zerker

For the Berserker, there is a special way to deal with the Scrake when wielding the Pulveriser. Make sure you have a full magazine of explosive shells loaded into the hammer and do a power swing, this will cause him to stumble. Back up and wait for him to charge you, just before he hits you activate your parry to cause him to stumble then follow up with another overhead explosive swing, back up again. Repeat this process until he is dead. This should allow you to never let him get a swing in that isn't parried, extending your HP greatly while fighting as well as protecting your team from his enraged attacks.