Reverend David Alberts

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Killing Floor 2 character
Reverend David Alberts
Alberts Small.jpeg
Gender Male
Age 54
Origin Anglo-Scottish
Place of Birth Kilmarnock, Scotland
Occupation Anglican Priest
Birth Sign Taurus
Likes Compassion, Soccer and Trying Hard
Dislikes Greed, Evil and Cheap Beer
Voiced By Dwight Schultz


Half English, half Scottish, Alberts was always physically tough, tempered by his desire to help others. That tough, solid, no-nonsense approach was perfect for a stint as an Army Chaplain, followed by 20 years working with disaffected youths in South London. Having spent his life trying to steer people away from the "bad" side, over to the "good", Alberts wasn't happy when his life's work was destroyed by a pack of raging monsters at tea-time one afternoon. That afternoon, he quickly went from ministering the dead and dying, to bringing down the wrath of Alberts on the heads of all the evil abominations. And on any other body parts he can reach.




AlbertsHairGrey.jpg Grey

AlbertsHairWhite.jpg White

AlbertsHairBlack.jpg Black

AlbertsHairBrown.jpg Brown


Dog Collar

AlbertsDogCollarBasicBlack.jpg Basic Black

AlbertsDogCollarRubyRed.jpg Ruby Red

AlbertsDogCollarSharpBlue.jpg Sharp Blue

AlbertsDogCollarTropicalWhite.jpg Tropical White



AlbertsFedoraBasicBlack.jpg Basic Black

AlbertsFedoraRubyRed.jpg Ruby Red

AlbertsFedoraDarkBlue.jpg Dark Blue

AlbertsFedoraElegantGrey.jpg Elegant Grey


AlbertsGlassesRegular.jpg Regular Glasses

AlbertsGlassesShades.jpg Shades

S10 NBC Gas Mask

AlbertsS10GasMaskBlack.jpg Black

AlbertsS10GasMaskCamo.jpg Camo

AlbertsS10GasMaskBiohazard.jpg Biohazard

AlbertsS10GasMaskZedTime.jpg Zed Time

Bowler Hat

AlbertsBowlerBestofBritish.jpg Best of British

AlbertsBowlerBusinessBlack.jpg Business Black

AlbertsBowlerChocolateBrown.jpg Chocolate Brown

AlbertsBowlerFlamingRed.jpg Flaming Red

AlbertsBowlerPerformanceWhite.jpg Performance White

AlbertsBowlerSeriouslyPurple.jpg Seriously Purple

This item is only available with the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition.


Reverend Alberts was initially included in the original version of Killing Floor as a DLC character, part of the "London's Finest" pack.

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