Field Medic (Killing Floor 2)

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Perk Overview

The Field Medic perk in Killing Floor 2 specializes in mid to long range combat with an emphasis on healing. They spawn with a Scalpel, HMTECH-101 Pistol, 9mm Pistol and their grenade is a Medic Grenade. This perk gains experience by dealing damage with Field Medic weapons and by healing teammates.

Weapon List

Weapon Name Icon
Scalpel KF2Scalpel.png
9mm Pistol KF29mm Pistol.png
Medic Grenade KF2Medic Grenade.png
HMTECH-101 Pistol KF2HMTECH-101 Pistol.png
HMTECH-301 Shotgun KF2HMTECH-301 Shotgun.png
HMTECH-401 Assault Rifle KF2HMTECH-401 Assault Rifle.png

Bonus Experience

The Field Medic is awarded bonus experience for healing every 20 HP on teammates.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus experience 2 2 3 4

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Medic receives at level 0 (base stats) and the bonuses they receive each time they level up.

Base Stats Stats Per Level
0% Syringe Recharge Rate
0% Syringe Potency
0% Bloat Bile Resistance
0% Movement Speed
0% Armor Bonus
+8% Syringe Recharge Rate
+2% Syringe Potency
+3% Bloat Bile Resistance
+1% Movement Speed
+3% Armor Bonus

Perk Talents

This table represents the active abilities the Medic has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Level Icon Description
Level 5 [[File:]] Healing Surge: Put that Medic knowledge to proper use: Increase Health by 20%.
[[File:]] Enforcer:Enough focus on caring: Increase your starting ammo capacity by 20% for your Perk and Backup weapons.
Level 10 [[File:]] Combatant: Don't just be a Medic - be the Combat Medic you always wanted to be with free, starting body armor & a 60% discount on all armor purchases!
[[File:]] Armament: Don't just repair people: Lose 10% of your healing effectiveness on teammates, but repair 2% of thier max body armor each time, instead!
Level 15 [[File:]] Regeneration: Dose yourself up: Your health regenerates slowly over time, thanks to Horzine nano-bots.
[[File:]] Lacerate: Watch it with that scalpel: You cause Zeds to bleed more after damage with all Perk weapons.
Level 20 [[File:]] Vaccination: Help prevent the spread of death: Your healing grants increased max armor to teammates, plus temporary resistance to Bloat Bile.
[[File:]] Acidic Compound: A healer to some... death to others! Now, your healing darts can poison Zeds, and your grenades and darts sometimes cause Zeds to panic.
Level 25 [[File:]] Zed Time - Airborne Agent: They say time heals: Your medic darts will form a healing cloud for your target and nearby friends to get 10% extra healing.
[[File:]] Zed Time - Sedative: And time stands still: Medic darts and grenades release a Zed-Sedative that can temporarily stop Zed movement.