Commando (Killing Floor 2)

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Perk Overview

The Commando perk in Killing Floor 2 specializes in all range combat with an emphasis on dealing with cloaked enemies. They spawn with a KF-BAR, AR-15 'Varmint Rifle', 9mm Pistol and their grenade is a HEG. This perk levels up by dealing damage with Commando weapons or/and by killing stalkers.

Weapon List

Weapon Name Icon
KF-BAR KF2KF-Bar Knife.png
9mm Pistol KF29mm Pistol.png
HEG KF2HE Grenade.png
AR-15 'Varmint Rifle' KF2AR-15 'Varmint Rifle'.png
Kalashnikov AK12 KF2SA80 L85A2 Bullpup.png
SA80 L85A2 Bullpup KF2Kalashnikov AK12.png
SCAR-H Assault Rifle KF2SCAR-H Assault Rifle.png

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Medic receives at level 0 (base stats) and the bonuses they receive each time they level up.

Base Stats Stats Per Level
0% Weapon Damage
0m Cloaked Enemy Detection
0m Health Bar Detection
1sec Zed Time Extension
0% Health Increase
+1% Weapon Damage
+2m Cloaked Enemy Detection
+2m Health Bar Detection
+1sec/5lvls Zed Time Extension
+2% Health Increase

Perk Talents

This table represents the active abilities the Medic has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Level Icon Description
Level 5 KF2TAL Cmdo NIGHTVIS.png Night Vision: Flashlights are old hat - upgrade to a glowing green view of the world with Night Vision capability.
[[File:]] Call Out:Give teammates the ability to see cloaked enemies as well as you can. They'll thank you for it!
Level 10 [[File:]] Large Mags: Get a bit more serious - upgrade Commando weapon magazine capacities by 50%.
[[File:]] Backup: Give your backup Pistol and Knife 40% extra damage for those moments when you really need it!
Level 15 [[File:]] Single Fire: Reward careful shooting! Give your Commando weapons 20% more damage when in Single Shot mode.
[[File:]] Tactical Reload: Be cool. Be quick. Reload faster with perk weapons AND look more elite while you're at it.
Level 20 [[File:]] Impact: Pack more punch and knock 'em down. Increase your chance to stumble a Zed by 30% with all Commando weapons.
[[File:]] Autofire: Why be subtle? Do 20% more damage with Commando weapons using Full Auto or Burst fire modes.
Level 25 [[File:]] Zed Time - Rapid Fire: When the world slows down, do more hurt: Do 3% more damage with Commando weapons and shoot 3 times faster with all guns.
[[File:]] Zed Time - Professional: When the world slows down you don't. Reload weapons at full speed - switch weapons twice as fast!