Update 1054 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1054
Release Date June 22, 2017
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Weapons Balance



  • M4
    • Weight reduced to 7 blocks
    • Hip recoil reduced 13%
    • Reload speed increased 20%
    • Elite reload speed increased 20%


  • Centerfire
    • Adjusted position for reloads to not block the center screen as much
    • Fix camera bob on sprint run to not be so extreme

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Scrake enrage issue
  • Fleshpound now properly enrages at any point in the game at spawn time if requested, Boom mode now properly de-enrages at all times
  • Players should now be able to more reliably matchmake into Weekly Event servers
  • Fixed typo with Summer Sideshow player "Accesosory"
  • Jagerhorn now also properly unlocks via Digital Deluxe as well as game group membership