Crawler (Killing Floor 2 VS)

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For the AI counterpart, see Crawler (Killing Floor 2).

The player-controlled Crawler is one of the playable ZEDs in Killing Floor 2's Versus Mode. The Crawler's role is area of denial, as well as distraction. The Crawler is fragile but is extremely fast and is capable of leaping long distances to launch their attacks, as well as to position themselves to self-destruct. The playable Crawler can do a surprisingly high amount of melee damage if ignored, but usually will not last very long once the Survivors start firing at it.

Base Statistics

Kill Reward 25
XP Reward 32
Speed (walking) 600
Speed (sprinting) 700
Health (body) 250
Health (head) 100

For kill reward calculations read Dosh Mechanics.

Due to Game Conductor mechanics, player-controlled Crawlers have their health modified based on the average level of the Survivor team. Values vary within (x0.85 - x2) range.

Damage Resistance

Player-controlled Crawlers have a wide variety of damage type resistances as well as some weaknesses. They are most notablty vulnerable against SMG and resistant to Shotgun damage types. Crawlers are also less resistant to damage from certain tier 1 weapons.

Common Modifiers

Crawlers are weak against sub-machine guns, neutral to toxic and fire damage and are significantly resistant to shotgun, microwave and explosive damage types.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multiplier x0.4 x0.8 x0.8 x1 x1 x0.35 x0.35 x1 x1

Crawlers resist to every type of ballistic weaponry except SMGs and are significantly resistant against shotguns.

Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Damage Multiplier x1.3 x0.8 x0.3 x0.4 x0.5

Weapon-specific Modifiers

Crawlers are vulnerable against Firebug's Caulk n' Burn and heavy (blunt) attacks of Berserker's Crovel Survival Tool.

CaulkBurn HX25 Eviscerator Crovel (bludgeon)
Damage Multiplier x2 x0.6 x0.3 x1.2

Crawlers are notably vulnerable against Commando's AR-15, default 9mm Pistol and Field Medic's HMTech-101 Pistol.

AR15 MB500 Rem1858 Colt1911 Medic Pistol Winchester 9mm
Damage Multiplier x1.2 x0.5 x0.75 x0.65 x1.5 x0.7 x1.6


Crawlers have only one weak spot, which is the head. Although the damage multiplier is miserable. However it worth to mention that Crawler will not release its on-death poisoning gas if it will be killed by the headshot.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.001
All other x1

Incapacitation Resistance

Attacks and Moves

- Primary: Leaps forward and bites.
- Primary + Sprint: Lunges forward and spins body around to slash with all 6 limbs doing multiple hits.
- Secondary: Leaps forward even higher and bites.
- Grenade button: Explodes and leaves behind a cloud of toxic gas, dealing damage continuously to Survivors standing in the cloud, as well as obscuring their vision when they are hit.
- Jump button: Lunges forward a long distance. The distance covered by the lunge can be greatly increased by sprinting before hitting the jump button. The lunge counts as an attack and will deal damage to Survivors that are in the way.

Note: Damage values below vary between (x0.7 - x1.31) based on average level of the human team.
Heavy attack. Damage - 15. Maximum hit range - 1.8m. Vs doors - x5 more. Cooldown - 1s.
Light attack. Damage - 15. Maximum hit range - 1.8m. Vs doors - x5 more. Cooldown - 0.65s.
Suicide. Damage - 10. Radius - 6m. No falloff. Duration - 10s. Interval - 1s.

Damage Scale

Heavy attack (running) - x1 (2 hits per attack).
Heavy attack (walking / stationary) - x1 (1 hit per attack).
Jump attack - x1.25 / x1 (2 hits per attack).
Light attack (running) - x1 (3 hits per attack).
Light attack (walking / stationary) - x1 (2 hits per attack).

Miscellaneous Information

Upon exceeding walk speed by 10% Crawler can do bump damage to players.
Crawler's jump attacks featuring momentum push on players.
Jump cooldown - 0.85s. JumpZ - 1000.

Player-controlled Crawlers (along the Alpha Clots and Slashers) start spawning at the first wave of the normal versus game.

Crawlers along the Stalkers and enraged Fleshpound appear to be the fastest enemies at the game, capable of sprinting at speed of 7 meters per second. On top of that their leap jumps give them even more mobility.