Siren (Killing Floor 2 VS)

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For the AI counterpart, see Siren (Killing Floor 2).

The player-controlled Siren is one of the playable ZEDs in Killing Floor 2's Versus Mode. The Siren is a supportive unit of the ZED team, capable of causing significant amount of the damage to the group of Survivors as well as to immobilize and isolate a lone targets by using her special Vortex attack.

Base Statistics

Kill Reward 25
XP Reward 22
Speed (walking) 200
Speed (sprinting) 430
Health (body) 300
Health (head) 155

For kill reward calculations read Dosh Mechanics.

Due to Game Conductor mechanics, player-controlled Sirens have their health modified based on the average level of the Survivor team. Values vary within (x0.85 - x2) range.

Damage Resistance

Player-controlled Sirens resistant to all types of the damage except for very few cases, however they are less resistant to damage from certain tier 1 weapons.

Common Modifiers

By various amount, Sirens are resistant to all types of the damage but most notably against toxic.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multiplier x0.6 x0.8 x0.8 x0.3 x0.8 x0.75 x0.5 x1 x1

Sirens resist to every type of ballistic weaponry, without significant cascades in the multiplier values.

Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Damage Multiplier x0.8 x0.7 x0.5 x0.6 x0.75

Weapon-specific Modifiers

Sirens are vulnerable against Firebug's Caulk n' Burn and heavy (blunt) attacks of Berserker's Crovel Survival Tool.

CaulkBurn HX25 Eviscerator (proj) Eviscerator (saw) Crovel (bludgeon)
Damage Multiplier x1.5 x0.6 x0.4 x0.3 x1.2

Sirens are neutral against Commando's AR-15, drastically vulnerable against default 9mm Pistol and Field Medic's HMTech-101 Pistol and are slightly weak against certain shotguns.

AR15 MB500 Rem1858 Colt1911 Medic Pistol Winchester 9mm Trenchgun
Damage Multiplier x1 x1.1 x0.85 x0.75 x1.5 x0.75 x1.6 x1.1


Sirens have two weak spots, which are the head and the neck. Although the damage multiplier of head zone is lesser than for the neck it still worth aiming for the headshot as Siren's head has roughly twice as less health than body. Sirens wear a metallic plating over their bodies, which reduces the damage when they are shot in the chest and hips, acting as a crude bullet-proof vest.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.01
Neck x1.1
Chest x0.5
Hips x0.5
All other x1

Incapacitation Resistance

Attacks and Moves

- Primary: Scream, an area of effect attack that damages multiple targets at once.
- Secondary: Vortex attack that pulls Survivors towards the Siren and renders them unable to move and attack. During this attack Siren cannot move.
- Bash button: Melee attack, Siren uses her teeth to bite the players, two hits combo per attack.

Note: Damage values below vary between (x0.7 - x1.31) based on average level of the human team.
Melee. Damage - 13. Maximum hit range - 1.8m. Vs doors - x5 more. No cooldown.
Normal scream. Damage - 15. Radius - 8m. Falloff - 1 (linear). Frequency - 0.5s. Cooldown - 2.5s.
Vortex scream. Maximum grab range - 12.5m. Duration - up to 5s. Cooldown - 12s. Grabbed player takes 4 damage / s.

Damage Scale

Melee - x1 (up to 2 hits).

Miscellaneous Information

Jump cooldown - 1.5s.

Player-controlled Sirens start spawning at the second wave of the normal versus game.

Walking Siren is the slowest player-controlled ZED and her sprinting speed makes her the second slowest ZED after the Bloat.