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The Abomination is one of the four bosses faced at the end of a standard Killing Floor 2 survival game. It is a taller and stronger version of its normal counterpart that also wears armor, spawns walking bomb a like minions named Abomination Spawns and uses unique "Gorge" attack that pulls players toward it.

Health and Shield

Just like the other bosses, Abomination has significant amount of the health which scales up with the additional players. At 6 man HOE server Abomination has total of 28350 HP and up to 25210 shield HP divided between 3 armor pieces.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Body HP (1 Player) 5850 7200 8100 9450
Body HP (2 Player) 8190 10080 11340 13230
Body HP (3 Player) 10530 12960 14580 17010
Body HP (4 Player) 12870 15840 17820 20790
Body HP (5 Player) 15210 18720 21060 24570
Body HP (6 Player) 17550 21600 24300 28350

Abomination wears 3 pieces of armor - on its head, torso and spine. Each armor piece has its own HP scale and absorbs ALL the damage dealt to respective body part. Abomination enrages (duration - 9s) each time the piece of armor destroyed. Armor has same resistances as body.

Head armor HP Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Health (1 player) 650 800 900 1050
Health (2 player) 910 1120 1260 1470
Health (3 player) 1170 1440 1620 1890
Health (4 player) 1430 1760 1980 2310
Health (5 playes) 1690 2080 2340 2730
Health (6 player) 1950 2400 2700 3150
Torso armor HP Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Health (1 player) 2600 3200 3600 4200
Health (2 player) 3640 4480 5040 5880
Health (3 player) 4680 5760 6480 7560
Health (4 player) 5720 7040 7920 9240
Health (5 playes) 6760 8320 9360 10920
Health (6 player) 7800 9600 10800 12600
Spine armor HP Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Health (1 player) 1950 2400 2700 3150
Health (2 player) 2730 3360 3780 4410
Health (3 player) 3510 4320 4860 5670
Health (4 player) 4290 5280 5940 6930
Health (5 playes) 5070 6240 7020 8190
Health (6 player) 5850 7200 8100 9450


Note that Abomination does not have a head health and cannot be decapitated. Additionally, until destoyed, armor absorbs all the damage toward respective body parts.

Abomination have only one weak spot, which is the head. Its arms / axes deflect attacks.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.1
Axes x0.2
All other x1


Abomination resists to every form of the damage except Freeze and Ballistic Shell impacts (such as direct hits from the RPG-7 or M203 projectiles) which they are neutral to.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multipler x0.5 x1 x1 x0.05 x0.5 x0.9 x0.4 x1 x1
Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Damage Multiplier x0.5 x0.5 x0.4 x0.5 x0.5

Incapacitation Resistance


Abomination mostly uses the same attacks as a normal Bloat as well as some new, unique ones - within constant intervals it perfoms an AOE fart attacks which have nearly the same effect as on-death explosion of the Elite Crawler.

Every fart attack also spawns an Abomination Spawn, the generic "poop"-looking monster that moves toward players at medium-to-high speed and explodes into the shower of toxic acid within certain vicinity.

Abomination also tries to pull players toward it, such attack named "Gorge" - dragged player being completely immobilized akin to Vortex Attack of the PvP Siren,slowly moves towards Abomination and then takes moderate bite damage. Gorge attack is also capable on instant killing every kind of ZED on its way.

On top of than nearly all non-melee attacks of the Abomination spawn the puke mines along the regular bloat bile. Puke Mines are the small ground laying bombs that explode when stepped on.

Fart attack time is the random value that depend on the game difficulty and Abomination's health percentage, it also have some variance. This value and its variance changes lenearly from Y (when at 100% HP) to X (when at 0% HP).

Fart Attack Timers (Normal) = (X=5.0,Y=11.0), Variance = (X=3.0,Y=6.0).
Fart Attack Timers (Hard) = (X=4.5,Y=10.5), Variance = (X=2.5,Y=5.5).
Fart Attack Timers (Suicidal) = (X=4.0,Y=10.0), Variance = (X=2.0,Y=5.0).
Fart Attack Timers (HOE) = (X=4.0,Y=10.0), Variance = (X=2.0,Y=5.0).
Rage Fart Attack Timers (Normal) = (X=1.75,Y=2.5), Variance = (X=1.65,Y=2.1).
Rage Fart Attack Timers (Hard) = (X=1.25,Y=2.0), Variance = (X=1.15,Y=1.6).
Rage Fart Attack Timers (Suicidal) = (X=0.75,Y=1.5), Variance = (X=0.65,Y=1.1).
Rage Fart Attack Timers (HOE) = (X=0.75,Y=1.5), Variance = (X=0.65,Y=1.1).

Gorge Attack Cooldown (per difficulty, changes linearly from Y=100% HP to X=0% HP): (X=8.0,Y=11.0) / (X=6.0,Y=9.0) / (X=5.0,Y=8.0) / (X=4.0,Y=7.0).
Gorge attack animation lasts for 3.25s and has effective radius of 700 units.


Walking speed, per difficulty, random, between (208 - 254) x (0.9 / 0.95 / 0.95 / 0.95).
Sprint speed, per difficulty, random, between (297 - 363) x (0.9 / 0.95 / 0.95 / 0.95).
Abomination moves x1.62 times faster when enraged.

Battle Phases

Abomination does not really have any battle phases, however it become more aggressive when lose health - the less health it has the more frequently it fasts and uses Gorge attack as well as it start sprinting from the greater distances from players.

Additionally for every armor piece loss (head, torso or spine) or upon reaching 75% / 50% / 20% health marks, Abomination will become enraged for total of 9 seconds. Enraged Abomination charges at players at high speed and has extemely short time intervals between fart attacks / minion spawns.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Minions (Cysts, Slashers and Alpha Clots ) constantly spawn during the boss wave.
  • Sprint delay, on loosing the LOS to players - 5s.
  • Time between two Abomination Spawn spawns (if there are some in the pending list) - 2s.
  • Gorge attack animation lasts for 3.25s and has effective radius of 700 units.
  • Maximum distance from player to initiate the Gorge attack and maximum Gorge range - 5m, for ZEDs - 7m. Pull speed - 300 units / second. Animation duration - 3.25s. Minimum interval between two Gorge attacks - 5s.
  • Damage to doors = 440 / 550.
  • ZED mass = 400 units, Maximum falling velocity, units / second = 4000.
  • Should sprint when enraged (either at 75% / 50% / 20% HP mark or due to armor loss). Also sprint within range of 5-25 meters from players starting from only 5m at the full health and ending up with the sprint range of 25m when it almost dead (i.e. range increases linearly).
  • Abomination has a chance to block upon taking damage or when being aimed at. Abomination has a chance to block or evade certain damage sources. When blocking. Damage resistance: Melee attacks - x0.9, Gun attacks - x0.9. Affliction multiplier - x0.2 (ZED takes only 20% of all incoming powers). Solo game block chance multiplier: Hard - x0.1, Suicidal and HOE - x1.
  • Fart that spawn the Abomination Spawn and Abomination Spawn explosion both have an AOE.
  • Abomination has an ability to destroy closed unwelded doors just by running (bumping) into them. Sprinting required.
  • Every consumed ZED turns into Abomination Spawn. Multiple spawns have delay of 2 seconds.