Support (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 perk
KF2 Perk Support White.png
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing Support weapon damage
• Welding doors
Starting Loadout
SG 500 Pump-Action 9mm Pistol
KF2 Weapon SG500PumpAction White.png KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol White.png
Machete Frag Grenade
KF2 Weapon Machete White.png KF2 Weapon FragGrenade White.png
Perk Information
• Control choke points.
• Weld and restore doors.
• Deal with larger ZEDs.
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• High penetration weapons.
• Faster door welding.
• Effective against Gorefasts.
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• Long reload time.
• Expensive Ammunition.
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Target Priority
KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.pngKF2 Zed Siren Icon.pngKF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.pngKF2 Zed Husk Icon.pngKF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png HIGH
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.pngKF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.pngKF2 Zed Slasher Icon.pngKF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.pngKF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png MEDIUM
KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.pngKF2 Zed Stalker Icon.pngKF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png LOW
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.png KF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.png KF2 Zed Slasher Icon.png KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.png KF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.png
KF2 Zed Siren Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.png KF2 Zed Husk Icon.png KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.png KF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png KF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Support is the wall that keeps ZEDs from charging through choke points into the squishy center of your squad.

General Information

Armed with a variety of shotguns, the Support's penetration power allows them to deal with groups of ZEDs quickly. Supports can also weld doors with increased speed and has the unique ability to repair destroyed doors, allowing them to more easily block off additional approaches and create the choke points they thrive on.

Weapon List

KF2 Dosh Black.png 200
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
SG 500 Pump-Action KF2 Weapon SG500PumpAction Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 750
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
Double-barreled Boomstick KF2 Weapon DoublebarreledBoomstick Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 750
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
HZ12 Multi-Action KF2 Weapon HZ12MultiAction Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1100
KF2 Weight Black.png 8
M4 Combat Shotgun KF2 Weapon M4CombatShotgun Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 10
AA-12 Auto Shotgun KF2 Weapon AA12AutoShotgun Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 11
Doomstick Doomstick black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 750
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
VLAD-1000 Nailgun KF2 Weapon VLAD1000Nailgun Black.png
KF2 Perk Berserker Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1100
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
HMTech-301 Shotgun KF2 Weapon HMTech301Shotgun Black.png
KF2 Perk FieldMedic Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 650
KF2 Weight Black.png 5
Incendiary Trench Gun KF2 Weapon IncendiaryTrenchGun Black.png
KF2 Perk Firebug Black.png
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KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_9}}}
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_10}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_10}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_10}}}|{{{WeaponName_10}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_10}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_11}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_11}}}
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_12}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_12}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_12}}}|{{{WeaponName_12}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_12}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_13}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_13}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_13}}}|{{{WeaponName_13}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_13}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_14}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_14}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_14}}}|{{{WeaponName_14}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_14}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_15}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_15}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_15}}}|{{{WeaponName_15}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_15}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png ---
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
9mm Pistol KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol Black.png
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 150
KF2 Weight Black.png 2
Dual 9mm Pistols KF2 Weapon Dual9mmPistols Black.png
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png ---
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
Machete KF2 Weapon Machete Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 40
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
Frag Grenade KF2 Weapon FragGrenade Black.png
KF2 Perk Support Black.png

Bonus Experience

Supports receive bonus XP for welding doors. Additional XP reward given for building up every 510 points for welding meter.

Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience

Each Support has its own "welding" meter. When welding the door (un-welding does not count) with each Welder's attack this meter increases by Welder's weld rate (from +68 points at level 0 up to +102 points at level 25). When meter filled, i.e. has 510 points on it, it resets and player recieve additional XP reward. The meter does not become zero but instead begin with a leftover from the previous welding cycle. For example the player who had 500 points on the welding meter and then added +102 more points by single Welder's attack will get XP and initiate a new cycle with 102-(510-500) = 92 points on the welding meter. Support can build up its welding meter from multiple doors, the meter assigned to perk not to the certain door.

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Support receives.

Welding Proficiency
max. 75%
( Welding speed increased by 3% per level )
Shotgun Damage
max. 25%
( Perk weapon damage increased by 1% per level )
Shotgun Penetration
max. 500%
( Perk weapon penetration power increased by 20% per level )
max. 25%
( Ammo increased by 1% per level )
( Weight capacity increased by 1 every 5 levels )
+Ammo Backpack / +Door Repair
( Provide ammo to teammates and repair destroyed doors )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Support has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Ammo Management
High Capacity Magazines
Tactical Reload
Increase magazine capacity of perk weapons 50%. KF2 PerkSkill Support HighCapacityMagazines Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Support TacticalReload Black.png Increase reload speed with perk weapons.
Increase total Health by 50%. KF2 PerkSkill Support Fortitude Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Support Salvo Black.png Increase damage of perk weapons 30%.
Armor Piercing Shot
Tight Choke
Greatly increase penetration with perk weapons. KF2 PerkSkill Support ArmorPiercingShot Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Support TightChoke Black.png Decrease shot spread of perk weapons by 50%.
Resupply Pack
Concussion Rounds
Your teammates can get 30% ammo and 20% armor restored by interacting with you once per wave. You can carry up to 20% more ammo for perk weapons. KF2 PerkSkill Support ResupplyPack Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Support ConcussionRounds Black.png Increase stumble power for perk weapons 150%.
Advanced Training
ZED TIME - Penetrator
ZED TIME - Barrage
During ZED Time, your perk weapons penetrate through any targets they hit. KF2 PerkSkill Support Penetrator Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Support Barrage Black.png During ZED Time, your perk weapons shoot in near real-time.

Actual Stats

Armor Piercing Shot (extra penetration power) +4
Barrage (resistance to slow-mo, on firing) 90%
Concussion Rounds (stumble power multiplier) x2.5
Fortitude (player HP multiplier) x1.5
High Capacity Mags (extra mag ammo, of base value) 50%
Penetrator (extra penetration power) +40
Penetrator (no damage reduction on penetration) yes
Resupply Pack (extra spare ammo, for skill owner) 20%
Resupply Pack (multiplier of ammo given to teammates) x1.3
Resupply Pack (teammates recieve armor, up to) 20%
Salvo (extra damage) 30%
Tactical Reload (faster reloading) yes
Tight Choke (spread multiplier) x0.5

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive damage bonus and Salvo skill affecting on-perk weapons or damage types (including Knife, excluding Frag Grenade explosion) and shard damage. Damage ROUNDED UP.
  • Shotgun penetration modification (passive + skills): Passive bonus adds up to +5 points on top of the base penetration power of the weapon. Armor Piercing Shot skill adds 4 more points. For the duration of ZED Time Penetrator skill replaces effect of Armor Piercing Shot and adds 40 more penetration power points to the weapon's base penetration power (for up to +45 points at level 25). Additionally for the duration of ZED Time, when Penetrator skill active, weapons will not suffer from the damage reduction on each subsequent penetration.
  • Passive (Ammo Backup): Amount of given magazines per interaction is a maximum out of two possible integer values - (Initial Spare Magazines / 1.5) OR 1, for secondary ammo to give - (Ammo Pickup Scale x Magazine Size) OR 1. Additionally Resupply Pack skill multiplies these values by x1.3. Resupply Pack skill DOES NOT increase amount of the ammo given to teammates.
  • Skill (Concussion Rounds): Skill works only with on-perk weapons.
  • Skill (High Capacity Mags): Skill excudes Double-barrel Boomstick and Doomstick.
  • Skill (Resupply Pack): Skill multiplies amount of ammo given to teammates by x1.3 (see Ammo Backup). Total amount of ammo given is an integer value of INT(Initial Spare Mags / 1.5) x Mag Size x 1.3, for secondary ammo (e.g. M203 grenades) - Ammo Pickup Scale x Magazine Size x 1.3. Skill allows to replenish ammo and armor separately. Skill icons: red - player can resupply both - armor and ammo, yellow - player can resupply either ammo OR armor (depending on what has been taken earlier), grey - skill inactive. Skill resets at the end of each wave.
  • Damage type: Damage type "Ballistic_Shotgun" includes all the damage types used by Support's on-perk shotguns.

On-perk Weapons

Following weapons and damage types are associated with the Support. They are getting damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:

















Great perk to control ZED crowd at the choke-points.

Quite effective against Gorefasts and Gorefiends thanks to their native weaknesses to shotgun damage.

Use the extra carrying capacity ability to arm yourself with the HMTech-301 Shotgun or lightweight HMTech-101 Pistol.

If you planning to take down Scrake solo, the Double-barrel Boomstick's headshot is a good starter. It has a lot of stumble power which would give you enough time to reload the weapon or to switch to more powerful shotgun.

Work together - combine the passive ability to restore the doors with Demolitionist's Door Traps ability to set up explosive traps. For better effect don't forget to keep the door "alive" until it would have enough ZEDs behind it.

Utilize Double-barrel Boomstick's special knockback feature to get off of the ZED's melee attacks and to mitigate the falling damage too.


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, Donovan Neal, PC Rob Briar, Classic Briar and Mr. Foster are the Supports of the team. Although only Donovan Neal and Mr. Foster are the only characters who prefer AA-12. Many other characters are enjoying the M4 shotgun and Double-barrel Boomstick as well.