Berserker (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 perk
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing Berserker weapon damage.
• Killing ZEDs near a player with a Berserker weapon.
Starting Loadout
Crovel Survival Tool 9mm Pistol
Lawn Mower Blade EMP Grenade
Perk Information
• Close Combat
• Front Line Position
• Defend Squad Mates
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• Survivability
• Speed or Toughness
• Never Run Out of Ammo
• EMP Grenades
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• Easily Surrounded
• Must Parry to Survive
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Target Priority
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Berserker is the shield that keeps Zeds away from your squad by cutting them down like a rapid lawnmower. All Berserkers specialize in close combat weaponry, but their skill choices let them focus on either being a damage resistant dreadnaught who refuses to go down, or a fleet-footed skirmisher dishing out violence by the truckload. Berserkers can use their melee weapons to block incoming attacks, allowing them keep the Zeds at bay when things get hairy. Plus, clots can't grab them.

General Information

All Berserkers specialize in close combat weaponry, their skill choices let them focus on either being a damage resistant dreadnaught who refuses to go down, or a fleet-footed skirmisher dishing out violence by the truckload.

Berserkers can use their melee weapons to block incoming attacks, allowing them keep the ZEDs at bay when things get hairy. Plus, clots can't grab them.

Weapon List


Crovel Survival Tool
VLAD-1000 Nailgun
Bone Crusher
Static Strikers
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Lawn Mower Blade
EMP Grenade

Bonus Experience

Berserkers receive bonus XP for killing any ZED that is within 2 meters of a teammate with on-perk weapons.

Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Berserker receives.

Berserker Damage
max. 25%
( Perk weapon damage increases 1% per level )
Damage Resistance
max. 15%
( Damage resistance increases 3% every 5 levels )
+Night Vision Capability
( Night Vision Goggles for better vision in dark areas )
+Clots cannot grab you
( Clots can't hold on to a Berserker )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Berserker has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Increase total Health by 75%. Move 20% faster and sprint 25% faster when using a perk melee weapon. You also regenerate 2 points of health every second
Heal yourself 4 points of Health for every ZED you kill with perk weapons. Attack 20% faster with Berserker weapons. Attack 20% faster and do 25% more damage with perk melee weapons
Close Combat
Gain 20% resistance to all damage. Gain an additional 20% resistance to Poison and Sonic Damage. Parrying an attack with a perk melee weapon reduces incoming damage by 40% and increases both melee attack speed 5% and melee damage 35% for 10 seconds.
Hard attacks with Berserker melee weapons do 50% more damage do 25% more damage on head hits, and have 200% more stumble power Light attacks with Berserker melee weapons do 30% more damage and are 5% faster.
Advanced Training
ZED TIME - Berserker Rage
ZED TIME - Spartan
Heal 25% Health and Zeds close to you try to flee when you enter Zed time. During Zed time, you attack with perk weapons and move in real-time.

Actual Stats

Berserker Rage (health added, per ZED time chain) +25%
Berserker Rage (nearby ZEDs flee away) yes
Butcher (extra damage) 20%
Butcher (melee duration, diminution) -20%
Dreadnaught (player HP multiplier) x1.75
Massacre (extra damage, light attacks) 30%
Masscare (melee duration, diminution, light attacks) -5%
Parry (damage reduction, all sources, when active) -40%
Parry (duration) 10s
Parry (extra damage) 35%
Parry (melee duration, diminution) -5%
Resistance (additional diminution, sonic and toxic) -20%
Resistance (damage diminution) -20%
Skirmisher (HP restoring, at portions of) 2
Skirmisher (interval to restore HP) 1s
Skirmisher (sprint speed multiplier) x1.25
Skirmisher (walk speed multiplier) x1.2
Smash (extra damage, hard attacks) 50%
Smash (extra damage, only on headshots, on-perk weapons) 25%
Smash (stumble power multiplier, on-perk weapons) x3
Spartan (player attacks resistant to slow-mo) yes
Spartan (player movement resistant to slow-mo) yes
Vampire (HP added, per kill) +4
Vampire (melee duration, diminution) -20%

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive damage bonus, Butcher, Parry, Massacre and Smash skills affecting on-perk weapons (including Knife) or on-perk damage types and buttstock bashes with all weapons. Damage ROUNDED.
  • Damage resistance (passive + skills): Damage resistance bonuses are additive, -15% from the passive and -40% from the Parry skill will give total resistance of 55%. Any DOT on this perk lasts for 20% less time.
  • Attack speed modification (passive + skills): All attack speed bonuses affect the duration of melee attack animation of all melee weapons - duration gets shorter by skill value so speed gets faster by (initial value / (initial value - initial value x skill value)). Order of modification: Butcher - Parry - Massacre - Vampire.
  • Passive (Nightvision): Nightvision drains battery as fast as flashlight.
  • Perk (Berserker Rage): Effective radius - 6.5 meters, Flee duration - 3 seconds, Flee travel distance, up to - 25m.
  • Perk (Butcher): Extra damage applied on all on-perk weapons or damage types. Melee speed applied on all melee weapons.
  • Perk (Massacre): Extra damage applied on all on-perk weapons or damage types. Melee speed applied on light attacks of all melee weapons.
  • Perk (Parry): Extra damage applied on all on-perk weapons or damage types. Melee speed applied on all melee weapons.
  • Perk (Skirmisher): Perk modifies movement speed only while holding all melee weapons.
  • Perk (Smash): 25% extra headshot damage applied on all on-perk weapons or on-perk damage types. 50% extra damage applied on hard attacks of all melee weapons (excluding Pulverizer's explosive attack). Stumble power multiplier applied on all weapons.
  • Damage type: Damage type: Damage type "Bludgeon_RifleButt" used for buttstock bashes by all weapons except for the melee weapons. Berserker gets the damage bonuses towards it.

On-perk Weapons

Following weapons and damage types are associated with the Berserker. They are getting damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:












Bludgeon_Crovel, Slashing_Crovel

Bludgeon_MaceAndShield, Bludgeon_MaceAndShield_Bash, Bludgeon_MaceAndShield_MaceHeavy, MaceAndShield_ShieldHeavy, MaceAndShield_ShieldLight

Bludgeon_PowerGloves, Bludgeon_PowerGlovesBash, Bludgeon_PowerGlovesHeavy

Bludgeon_Pulverizer, Bludgeon_PulverizerBash, Bludgeon_PulverizerHeavy, Explosive_Pulverizer


Slashing_Eviscerator, Slashing_EvisceratorProj

Slashing_Katana, Slashing_KatanaHeavy, Piercing_KatanaStab

Slashing_Knife_Berserker, Piercing_KnifeStab_Berserker

Slashing_Zweihander, Slashing_ZweihanderHeavy, Piercing_ZweihanderStab

Note that Berserker gains the damage bonuses for bashing with buttstocks of all weapons, even off-perk. Bash damage affected by passive bonus, Butcher and Parry skills.


First in the fight: as a close range specialist be the one who protects your team from the horde of ZEDs. Having a frontman Berserker with a Field Medic's support is a common strategy if your team decides to defend the dedicated area of the map.

Hit and Run: if your team has no dedicated medic you only have to rely on your own skills, there is no need to tank big ZEDs or to take unnecessary damage from a horde of small ZEDs, but if you has to then pick up Dreadnaught, Vampire, Resistance and Berserker Rage to improve your vitality.

For a big ZEDs takedowns use Eviscerator + Smash combo and aim for the head. Alternatively you can use Pulverizer + Zweihander + Medic Pistol / C4 combo.

Use the block advantage of the Bone Crusher to tank the big ZEDs and even bosses - blocking with this weapon significantly mitigates incoming damage.

Perk Utilization

The Berserker has two broad roles that it can fill in the context of a survival team. The first role involves operating as the spearhead of the team, engaging ZEDs in melee combat whilst their team provides supporting fire and healing. The second role is one of being a supportive perk whilst ranged perks pick off targets as they path towards the players. Although the Crovel, Katana, Zweihander, Pulverizer and Bone Crusher are specifically melee weapons, the Vlad-1000 and the Eviscerator have ranged elements to them. Both broad roles have their advantages and disadvantages, subject to the composition and playstyle preferences of the team.

Regarding the first role, the advantage of this style of play is that it provides protection to the majority of the team by consistently exposing the Berserker to enemies. In theory, this protection ensures that ranged perks can operate with less risk, have more time to aim and prioritise targets. A typical loadout for a spearhead Berserker might be a Zweihander and Pulverizer, with the remaining 3 units of weight being taken up with C4, a .500 Magnum, or a lower-tier medic weapon. A drawback of this style is that the Berserker being in front of other players can detrimentally alter the pathing of enemies towards these ranged perks, making them harder to headshot. When a Berserker is moving a lot - particularly laterally - and enemies are attempting to path towards them, the difficulty in aiming for ranged perks - Commando, Gunslinger and to some extent Support and Field Medic - is ramped up substantially. This is in addition to the Berserker being a physical distraction between a ranged perk and their intended target. Moreover, Field Medics are often bogged down in repeatedly healing Berserkers that engage in this role. These healing darts are better spent on improving the armour value of other perks: a substantial benefit to the team's in-game economy and contributing to their continued survival.

The second broad role is a less-often implemented, somewhat counter-intuitive style for a melee-specialised perk. It involves either standing behind or alongside ranged perks rather than in front of them. This necessitates using ranged weapons alongside melee weapons. A typical supportive Berserker loadout would involve the Pulverizer, the Vlad-1000, with the remaining 3 units of weight being taken up with either a Gunslinger weapon, a HMTECH-101 or 201, or C4, economy permitting and depending on team needs. This supportive role allows the Berserker to take a more distanced, aware viewpoint of the team's position, get a better indication of where the highest priority threats are coming from, and where they're most needed at any point in time.

Regarding the use of ranged weapons as a Berserker, the Vlad-1000 Nailgun is a very capable weapon that has a surprising variety of applications. This weapon has an ability to cause an affliction referred to as "Gun Hit". This gun hit affliction is like a flinch-lock status that all ZEDs below Scrake level can be almost indefinitely kept in. Whilst this gun hit affliction is handy against Clot variants, Crawlers, Stalkers and Gorefasts, its most effective use is against Husks and Sirens: both the Husk's ranged attack and the Siren's sonic attack can be interrupted via incaps. In addition to interrupting special attacks, the Vlad's shotgun mode can help clear large groups of weaker enemies when they get too close for comfort. Alternatively, the Pulverizer's explosive attack can also be used to good effect for these groups of weaker enemies.

An important aspect of the Berserker's arsenal is the EMP grenade, particularly in reference to Scrakes. This perk-specific grenade functions to cancel the Scrake's ability to sprint or engage in special attacks for a few seconds. When using this grenade, it is extremely important that the team use the EMP's duration as an opportunity to headshot the Scrake, and decapitate it before the EMP effect expires. The best means of doing so are high-tier Gunslinger weapons like the Desert Eagles, the .500 Magnums, the Support AA-12 and the Commando SCAR-H or AK-12. All of these ballistic weapons have the capacity to output high levels of damage in a short period of time. Bear in mind that any damage done to a Scrake's body will not contribute towards a decapitation; only head damage will contribute. Additionally, attacking a Scrake with a Zweihander or Pulverizer after EMPing is effectively a waste of this highly valuable grenade: decapitation of Scrakes is vastly more efficient and effective with ballistic weapons than with melee weapons.

The Berserker has a prominent role to play, whether being a spearhead or a supportive player, when it comes to Fleshpounds. Their main aim is to keep the Fleshpound occupied, blocking or parrying attacks in conjunction with using the Pulverizer to counter-attack, outputting highly effective explosive damage to this enemy. If the Berserker carries C4, they can precede their Pulverizer attacks with C4 - remembering to be a safe enough distance away at the point of detonation - to ensure less explosive melee attacks are required to finish off the Fleshpound. In conjunction with perk grenades like the Nail Bomb, the HE Grenade and the Frag Grenade, a team with good co-ordination can make short work of Fleshpounds, with the Berserker playing a leading part.


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, Tom Banner and Hayato Tanaka are both the Berserkers of the team.