Update 1049 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1049
Release Date December 15, 2016
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“Reminder: This is a Work In Progress changelog and may be missing items and does not include all items we are working on. Some items we are working on but did not make it into the build are noted into the changelog below.”

– Jared Creasy



  • Added player emotes (they will not be available until after the beta has ended)
  • Added multiperk weapons - weapons can now be (and many are) tied to multiple perks

Balance Changes

  • Incendiary Shotgun
    • Damage increased 60%
    • Fire rate increased 10%
    • Spread increased 60%
    • Ammo capacity increased by 12 rounds
    • Ammo cost increased 10%

  • Flamethrower
    • Damage increased 50%
    • Splash damage radius decreased 25%

Bug Fixes

  • Friends Only Server setting asking for a password
  • Added missing map thumbnails in WebAdmin
  • Fixed issue where push to talk would switch to open mic.
  • Fixed typo in Hellish Survivalist achievement text
  • Personal Best Records are not saving
  • Increased controller max sensitivity on slider
  • Blood and Puke HUD Overlay Not scaling properly for higher FOV settings
  • Fixed some favorite weapon lines
  • Fixed open hole on Reverend Alberts’ mesh
  • Fixed some accessory clipping on Rae
  • Fixed some missing accessory descriptions
  • Fixed Versus mode issue where players leaving in Ready Up lobby could negatively affect team score.
  • Fixed issue where Bloat bile mine could pass through glass without breaking it.
  • Fixed a case where multiple bosses spawn when entire Zed Team leaves during match and rejoins during boss wave
  • Fixed Patriarch Mortar repeating animation
  • Fixed bug where wrong message was displayed when switching to Zed team mid-game
  • Updated Credits
  • Translated map names now properly display on scoreboard in foreign languages
  • Minor localization fixes for French, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Trader Menu - Changing Perks while in Trader Menu does not update grenade information.
  • Text on Firebug perk description that was missing
  • Fixed inconsistent attack range with Zweihander
  • Added missing M79 elite reload 3P animations
  • Fixed issue where fire wasn’t applying tick damage regularly
  • Fixed issue where P90 elite reload caused player to crouch when reloading in 3rd person
  • Fixed jittery HX25 third person reload
  • Improved C4 detonation issue
  • Fixed C4 disappearing if thrown while sprinting
  • Icon and dropped world model for the M14EBR now have scope
  • Nail Shotgun now plays weapon check sound
  • Fixed AA12 weapon check animation and sound.
  • Corrected "Kriss SMG Horzine Elite" skins to have the correct skin quality in name
  • Fixed Eviscerator not having inaudible impact sounds
  • 9mm pistols can now take advantage of Commando’s Machine Gunner skill.
  • Survivalist heavy armor skill properly increases max armor capacity
  • Fixed issue where AutoUpgrade would sell tier one weapon to purchase dual 9mm as Survivalist.
  • Fixed Skirmisher skill healing 2 points per second instead of 1 as described
  • Fixed Siren difficulty setting issue.
  • Prevented Sirens from getting stuck in open manholes
  • Fixed bug where Bloats would die from knockdown
  • Fixed a case where freeze material wasn’t correctly applied to Stalker

Map Fixes

Containment Station:

  • Fixed caged clot animations
  • Updated catwalk zed ‘closet’

Hostile Grounds:

  • Fixed invisible ceiling interfering with Versus zeds
  • Fixed minor blocking volume and collision issue

Black Forest:

  • Fixed player breakout spot in Versus mode


  • Minor visual adjustments

Burning Paris:

  • Fixed Zed navigation exploit
  • Fixed several visual bugs


  • Fixed tire swing exploit


  • Fixed Zed navigation exploit


  • Fixed minor lighting bug

Infernal Realm:

  • Fixed minor visual bugs


  • Workshop Upload Tool missing newer content
  • Outpost Versus fixes
  • Skirmisher skill healing is applied when using any weapon, should only be applied when using berserker melee weapons
  • French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese localization fixes
  • Option to disable auto upgrade feature


  • Custom maps are unable to load custom assets properly.
  • The SDK is not shipping due to a material issue we are tracking down
  • Input configs will be wiped in this update - we hope to have this addressed when we ship the full update
  • Issues related to changing display resolutions
  • SLI graphical issues related to texture flickering and blacked out textures on certain video settings
  • New Achievements are not set live yet
  • Custom maps are not currently supported in this beta