Update 1034 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1034
Release Date June 9, 2016
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“We are pushing an opt in preview build of our upcoming Bullseye Update live now! To opt in go to the game properties, beta tap and choose to opt into the Preview branch. For server admins update your SteamCMD script to look like:

app_update 232130 -beta preview”

– Jared Creasy


  • Sharpshooter Perk
  • 2 Community Maps
  • Added Basic Training - Tutorial (cosmetic items rewarded for completion)
  • Resistance/Weakness System
  • Incapacitation Changes
  • Updated Perks
  • VS Survival update
  • Updated Hans Fight
  • New Character - Rae
  • 32 New Achievements
  • Menu/UI Design Updates
  • 2 crates 2 USBs (new precious items)
  • Several battlescarred weapons updated to look better
  • Steam market item view inside Trading Floor
  • Support for Double Byte Character sets
    • Chinese Localization added
    • Japanese Localization added
    • Wider range of special characters
  • Performance Optimizations


  • All incapacitations (knockdown, stumble, etc. ) will now build up and fall off over time unless they reach the triggering threshold
  • Resistance and Weakness system added per weapon type - See wiki charts for more information


  • Weight added to the HUD
  • New kill alert added when human teammates die
  • Interaction widget updated, will now resize itself to fit the text inside it.
  • Info text added to matchmaking and solo game menus
  • Loading Screen Tips
  • Perk menu layout changed to make reading passive bonuses and skills easier
  • Menu bar updated
  • Added boss health bar
  • Players can now choose to recycle all their duplicates of an item at once (leaving one behind)


  • Added Sharpshooter
    • Level 5:
      • Sniper - Inflict 25% more damage while stationary with sharpshooter weapons
      • Marksman - Shoot 25% faster and move 10% faster with sharpshooter weapons
    • Level 10:
      • Stability - Inflict 30% more damage while crouched
      • Ballistic Shock - Stun power increased by 100%
    • Level 15:
      • Rack ‘em Up - Each consecutive headshot increases your damage by 5% up to 75%
      • Combat Ready - Reload your weapons faster
    • Level 20:
      • Deadeye - Reduce recoil by 10% and increase headshot damage by 10% when aiming
      • Always Prepared - Get 25% more ammo for sharpshooter weapons and grenades
    • Level 25:
      • Assassin - Headshot will knock down any Zed
      • Ranger - Headshots will stun any zed

  • Demo Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Bombardier - Explosive demo weapons now do 25% more damage
      • Grenadier- Demo weapons fire 20% faster
    • Level 10:
      • High Impact Rounds - Do 25% more damage on a direct hit with demo weapons, but lose 3 ammo from the max ammo count per weapon
      • Extra Rounds - Increase max ammo by 5 for every demo weapon
    • Level 15:
      • Sonic Resistant Grenades - Demolition weapons have a 100% chance of avoiding siren scream destruction
      • Fragmentation Rounds - AoE of your explosions increase by 50% but AoE damage is reduced by 30%
    • Level 20:
      • Armor Piercing Rounds - Direct hits to a critical zone will do an extra 50% more damage
      • Concussive Rounds - The hit reaction, stun, stumble and knockdown of all demo weapons is increased by 50%
    • Level 25:
      • Destroyer of Worlds - Previously nuke, this has been tweaked slightly
      • Mad Bomber - Shoot and reload in near real time
    • Passive Changes

  • Commando Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Tactical Reload - Reload 20% faster with commando weapons
      • Large Mags - Commando Weapons have 50% increased mag size
    • Level 10:
      • Backup - Pistol and knife do 60% extra damage and 50% faster weapon switch
      • Impact - Commando weapons have 150% increased stumble power
    • Level 15:
      • Health Increase - Increased health and Armor by 25%
      • Ammo Vest - Carry 2 extra mags per commando weapon
    • Level 20:
      • Hollow Point Rounds - Commando Weapons do 25% more damage and have 50% less recoil
      • Eat Lead - Get another 50% increase in mag size for Commando Weapons
    • Level 25:
      • Professional - Reload weapons at full speed and switch weapons twice as fast
      • Rapid Fire - Do 3% more damage with commando weapons and shoot 3x faster with all weapons
    • Passive Changes

  • Berserker Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Dreadnaught - Increased health by 50%
      • Skirmisher - Move faster, sprint faster, regenerate health every second
    • Level 10:
      • Vampire - Heal yourself 4 points of health for every zed you kill with a Berserker weapon, also attack 15% faster with Berserker weapons
      • Butcher - Attack 20% faster and do 25% more damage with Berserker weapons
    • Level 15:
      • Resistance - Gain 20% resistance to all damage, gain an extra 20% resistance to poison and sonic damage
      • Parry - Parrying an attack will increase melee attack speed by 5% and damage by 35% for 10 seconds
    • Level 20:
      • Smash - Hard attacks do 50% more damage, plus an extra 25% more damage on headshots, which have 200% more stumble power
      • Massacre - Light attacks do 20% more damage and are 5% faster
    • Level 25:
      • Spartan - Attack in near real time and gain 25% of your total health
      • Rage - Move and attack in real time
    • Passive Changes


  • Reduced gorefast headless damage 50% and reduced the attack speed
  • Hans fight Update
    • Hans shield can now be broken
    • If broken before his heal, he won’t heal that phase
    • If broken during his heal it will be interrupted
    • Hans now has more overall health to compensate for how the fight plays out


  • LAR - Sped up bolt time
  • Crossbow - Reduced stun power
  • HX25 - Modified spread to more reliably hit the target that was aimed at


  • New ZED awards
  • Scoreboard and match layout UI
  • Team Swap every match
  • Player Zed Spawning Decoupled from AI Waves
  • Updates to Player Zeds


  • Added Containment Station
  • Added Hostile Ground
  • Updated Burning Paris art assets to bring it more in line with later produced maps

Weapon Skin Revisions

  • Battlescarred Weapon Revisions on the following skins to look less battlescarred
    • SCAR | Spray Can
    • Katana | Cyberbone
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Red
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Blue
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Green
    • Scar | Horzine Elite White
    • 9MM | Tactical
    • AR15 | Tactical

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where spawn prediction checks would fail allowing zeds to spawn within sight or potential sight of a character (behind their backs)
  • Fixed an issue where Zed would get confused about who to target (and constantly switching targets) leading to them not attacking
  • Fixed a case where a mis-sized Steam avatar would crash the game on launch
  • Fixed another case where players would enter a solo versus game
  • Fixed crate opening animations getting into an endless loop
  • Fixed ultra bright gore for Flex High settings
  • Fixed grenades not bouncing in Black Forest grass
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to keep trader menu open during a round
  • Fixed Crossbow bolts disappearing when hitting a destructible item
  • Fixed Gamepad - Voice chat receive volume slider breaks when pushed all the way to the right
  • Fixed an issue with the hammer staying up on the Winchester 1894
  • Fixed audio issues with the Winchester 1894’s running and melee sounds not triggering
  • Fixed audio issues with the Crossbow’s melee sound not triggering
  • Fixed an issue with blood not showing up on the Bowie Knife
  • Fixed an exploit that allows players to keep more than 15 weight when switching from Support perks using Strength
  • Fixed an issue when receiving grenades/ammo from other players prevents the player from receiving grenades for the rest of the game
  • Fixed an issue with the Lacerate skill not functioning with heavy and stab attacks
  • Fixed the trader menu not correctly updating with the Experience and Level of the player
  • Fixed an issue with the Trader giving too much armor to Medics when purchasing armor
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to parry/block behind the spawn points

  • Fixed Player Crawlers being able to be killed by others after they had triggered their suicide

Map Fixes

  • Fixed landscape de-vised patches block grenades and paths, and don't allow player to stand up when crouched

Known issue

  • Bosses do not lose the freeze grenade frozen texture effect after thawing out
  • Players are able to parry unparryable attacks from player controlled ZEDs in VS mode
  • Some particle effects do not render when looking through scoped weapons
  • Fire induced panic causes Sirens to stop screaming in some cases
  • Doors on Containment Station map missing sounds
  • Some visual issues on dynamic objects after swapping teams in VS mode
  • Interaction messages on HUD (Opening doors, etc) will sometimes stay on screen until a new interaction message is prompted
  • Some cosmetic items do not fit correctly on Rae
  • Cosmetic item preview images are low resolution
  • This beta has caused us to revert the Live Update balance changes for Versus Survival in the Live version. We do not recommend playing Versus in Live at this point


Resistances overview
Each zed now has different resistances and vulnerabilities to a wide range of weaponry, why did we do this well it's to make teamwork more enjoyable and meaningful while also making the game more fun and challenging in a good way. On our Wiki here you can see a detailed breakdown of each zed and what damage will hurt them the most and what incapacitations will stop what zeds in their tracks. now on paper you might think but wait the stalker is resistant to explosives this is going to be lame. Due to the health of the stalker and the spike damage amount of explosives a direct hit and even one very close with completely destroy her also, but if your shot is sloppy you might just knock her down leaving her highly wounded but not dead and still a threat. These resistances are very subtle but really make teamwork a must especially the higher up the difficulty you go.
List of Damage types and perks that use them.
  • Assault Rifles - Commando/Medic
  • Bludgeoning weapons - Berserker
  • Cutting Weapons - Berserker
  • Explosives-Demo and (other perks grenades)
  • Microwave weapons - Firebug
  • Fire - Firebug
  • Handguns - Gunslinger/Medic (9mm Pistol)
  • Piercing weapons - Berserker/Sharpshooter
  • Poisons - Medic
  • Rifles - Sharpshooter
  • Shotguns - Support/Medic
  • Submachine guns- Medic

New Incapacitation system
We always wanted ways to do things to zeds that aren't damaged based but also stopped them from attacking or making it easier to finish them off but with our old system it was binary either on or off and that really limited us on how we could use this powerful and enjoyable tool. With the system we almost had to completely remove it from the big zeds and even bosses which would be the whole point of wanting something like this. With the new system we can stack the incaps coming to the zed and only apply it once the amount is high enough. Now we can stun and stumble even the bosses without making it to OP or ruining the game.
How it works.
  • Each weapon has a incap strength for different types of incap categories, --when the incap type hits 100 points on a zed he will then get the incap effect.
  • Every second incap points are removed from the zed. so you have to keep applying it in order for incap to happen
  • Each zed has different resistances on all body parts to incoming incap points making it harder to hit 100 points.
Incapacitation types
  • EMP
  • Fire
  • Gun Hits
  • Ice
  • Knockdown
  • Melee Hits
  • Microwave
  • Poison
  • Stumbles
  • Stuns

  • Hard
    • Dosh kill mod set to 1 (was1.1)
    • Movement Speed Mod set to 1 (was0.95)
    • Starting Dosh Mod set to 250 (was300)
    • Medium Attack chance set to 0.5 (was 0.0)
    • Hard Attack chance set to 0.1 (was0.0)
  • Suicidal
    • Self Inflicting Damage Mod 0.2 (was0.3)
  • Hell on Earth
    • Self Inflicting Damage Mod 0.2 (was0.5)

Perk rework and why
As you can see we've done alot of rework on some of the perks, this is the first phase of this and perks that haven't been touched yet will also get the same type of attention in future updates. One of our goals with this massive update is to really give perks a strong identity and a clear purpose. For more details go to our KF2 wiki on each perk.
Perk Rework
We felt the Berserker still wasn't were we wanted him and there were aspects that were totally OP. With this new rework we have 2 major types of a Berserker you can be. On the left side of the tree it's all about tanking and survivability and the right it's about speed and high damage. On paper it might appear that Berserker got a nerf but in reality it's just more focused and in some ways even stronger then before. One major difference now is that when you hit a zed with a melee weapon he is reacting to the hit and unable to return with a attack of his own if you time it right. which allows Berserker to lock down a zed while the rest of the team can apply damage to it. with the new incapacitation system this is possible. So while the Berserker doesn't do as much total damage to everything like it did before it has very strong incapacitation to stop a zed from attacking back).
  • Weapons
  • we felt that blocking and parring was to OP due to taking almost no damage when you do so, so we tuned this down
  • Pulverizer
    • Explosive radius reduced to 225 (was 300)
    • Parry mitigation blocks 40% damage (was90%)
    • Block Mitigation blocks 40% (was 50%)
  • Crovel
    • Parry mitigation blocks 30% damage (was100%)
    • Block Mitigation blocks 30% (was 50%)
  • Knife
    • Parry mitigation blocks 20% damage (was 30%)
    • Block Mitigation blocks 20% (was 50%)
  • Zweihander
    • Parry mitigation blocks 40% damage (was100%))
    • Block Mitigation blocks 40% (was 50%)
  • Katana
    • Parry mitigation blocks 30% damage (was100%))
    • Block Mitigation blocks 30% (was 50%)
  • Eviscerator
    • Parry mitigation blocks 50% damage (was90%))
    • Block Mitigation blocks 50% (was 50%)
    • Blade pickup radius 250 (was 200)
    • Blade pickup height 100 (was 50)
    • Increased ammo pickup amount to 50%
  • EMP Nade
    • This weapon is intended to disable large amounts of zed but not killing so many of them unless they were already highly injured
    • Damage reduce 25 (was 100)
    • Damage Radius 700 (was 600)

Perk rework and why
(We felt that Demo really needed some love to be as enjoyable as it should be. This new perk tree should really do the trick. If you focus on the left side of the tree you can unleash deadly direct damage to a single target, while the right side will allow you to unleash hell to large horde groups with rapid firing and knocking down things. The only thing missing now is our new tier 3 weapon that we'll be adding in the next update C4 will still be available. )
  • HX25
  • We weren't happy with how this weapon was playing so we tightened it up and made the spread more predictable and also increased the reload speed, we think you'll enjoy it more
    • Increased reload speed to 1.75 (was 2.06)
    • New Pellet configuration. now always has the center shot go to the center.
    • HX25 reduced the impulse force for exploding zeds so they don't fly really far.
  • M79
    • (We want this weapon to really fit in with horde clearing so we increased the damage radius)
    • Damage Radius 850 (was 800)
    • Moved to tier 2
  • RPG7
  • This weapon is meant to destroy single targets and not everything in an entire room
    • Damage Radius 250 (was 1000)
    • Damage falloffexponent 2 (was 3)
  • C4
  • We reduced the damage radius but also reduced the penalty for stack exploding c4 we feel this overall brings this weapon inline with it's purpose to blow up hordes in a tight group
    • Damage Radius 400 (was 800)
    • Damage stacking penalty is now 0.25 (was 0.5)
  • Dynamite
  • Now that this weapon explodes on contact as a passive we wanted it to fall inline with a great direct damage explosive but because it's so easy to hit and explode exactly what you want we reduced it's total damage and radius of effect
    • Damage 300 (was 400)
    • Damage Radius 400 (was 900)
  • Door traps
  • Now that door traps are part of the demo's passive we wanted to take advantage of the new incaps. you can even knock down a Fleshpound with a door trap if you get to level 20 and pick the Concussive Rounds skill
    • Added huge knockdown power.
    • Added huge stumble power
  • Perk Skills
    • Destroyer of worlds
      • Nuke damage radius increase to 1.35 (was 1.25)
      • Fixed a bug were the poison was applying almost instant death damage
      • Poison will now cause panic incap
        • The purpose of this skill was to do a larger radius of damage and make the poisonous gas cloud left behind as a blocker for zed's to enter but not kill everything in sight. we feel this skill is now working as intended. most zeds that enter the gas will panic from the poison or die, making it easy for another class to finish them off

It's finally here! do you want to stand your ground and do massive single target damage or do you want to play more of a supporting role and stun everything in sight. We're really happy with how this is playing and look forward to see your thoughts!
  • Winchester
    • Starting ammo increased to 40 (was 30) running out to fast in wave one.
    • Shoot speed increased to 0.75 (was 0.85)
  • Crossbow
    • Pickup size is now 200 (was 100)
    • Pickup height is now 100 (was 50)

  • Nailbomb
  • We wanted to give this grenade more of a gameplay effect from other grenades. So we changed it up to be extremely useful at stunning a large group of zeds, making it very easy to get follow up headshots. this grenade works great with helping out sharpshooter as well because it makes headshots very easy to get while everything is stunned
    • Damage 100 (was 300)
    • Damage Radius 1000 (was 600)

  • Frag nade
    • Damage 200 (was 225)
    • Damage radius 900 (was 800)
  • Double Barrel
    • Reload speed (2.0 was 2.6)
    • Reload elite (1.3 was 1.7)
  • MB500
    • Faster reload and elite reload
  • M4 Shotgun
    • Faster reload and elite reload

We always liked Commando but with our goal to really refine perks and giving them more clear choices we decided to tighten this perk up. Now the tree allows for very tactical play on the left side or more of an full auto roll that can even stumble Scrakes around if you go full right side of the tree
  • HE nade
    • Damage 300 (was 300)
    • Damage Radius 650 (was 800)
    • Fuse Time 1 sec (was 2)

Firebugs role is now massively changed due to resistances of zeds and incaps. Firebug is now a super important perk to help support his team. you wont drop everything in sight like you used to but you can incap and lock down tons of zeds. Though you wont kill a siren fast for example you can make her unable to scream and allow other perks to easily finish her off. Teamwork!
  • Caulk N Burn
    • Reload speed increased to 1.55 (was 3.1 sec)
    • Weight decreased to 5 (was6)
  • Flamethrower
    • Reload speed increased to 2.3 (was 3.3 sec)
  • Dragons breath shotgun
    • Weight decreased to 5 (was6)
  • Microwave Gun
    • Reload speed increased to 2.8 (was 3.2)
    • Weight increased to 10 (was 9)
  • Molotov Cocktail
    • Damage Radius increased 500 (was 200)
    • Ground fire damage increased 15 (was 10)
    • Ground fire Damage radius increased 200 (was 100)
  • Perk Skills
    • Zed Shrapnel
      • Damage reduced to 10 (was 231)
      • Damage Radius reduced to 200 (was 840)
      • Very high stumble/knockdown incaps added
        • To better fit the role of supporting and causing havoc on zeds and stopping them from acting we felt it was better to have this skills strength to knock zeds down and stop a group for a moment rather then just killing everything in a area


  • Fleshpound
  • We done so major refinements to the Fleshpound. it's easier to stumble him in general but when he becomes enraged he protects his power core and becomes 75% more resistant to all incaps so watch out!)
    • Mallets hit zones are now 80% resistant to damage (was 50%)
    • Mallet hit zones are now 5% bigger
    • 75% more resistant to incaps in rage mode.
    • Suicidal Changes
      • Health mod 1.1 (was 1.25)
      • Head Health mod 1.05 (was1.15
    • Hell on Earth changes
      • Health mod 1.2 (was 1.55)
      • Head Health mod 1.1 (was 1.25)
  • Scrake
    • Suicidal Changes
      • Health mod 1.1 (was 1.35)
      • Head Health mod 1.05 (was1.15)
    • Hell on Earth changes
      • Health mod 1.2 (was 1.55)
      • Head Health mod 1.1 (was 1.25)
      • Damage mod 1.5 (was 1.75)
  • Clot Variants
  • Reduced impulse for for none lunge attacks
  • Hell on earth
    • Slasher sprint chance 0.4 (was1)
    • Alpha sprint chance 0.4 (was0.75)
    • Cyst sprint chance 0.3 (was0.6)
  • Crawler
    • Reduced impulse for for none lunge attacks
  • Gorefast
    • Reduced impulse for for none lunge attacks
  • Bloat
    • Sprint speed 210 (was260)
    • Suicidal changes
      • Health mod 1.2 (was1)
      • Head health mod 1.05 (was1)
    • Hell on Earth changes
      • Health mod 1.3 (was1)
      • Head Health mod 1.1 (was1)
      • Sprint chance 0.3 (was 1)
      • Damage Sprint chance 0.5 (was1)
      • Damage mod 1.5 (was1.75)
  • Husk
    • The husk is meant to be more of a threat then in the previous version we've made it harder to just quickly blow his head off but now his backpack is very vulnerable to damage. wait for the Husk to aim his cannon which will expose the backpack on the side shot it and watch him go boom. This is also very effective to blow up and zeds around him
    • Head strength has been increased.
    • Backpack is now super weak zone.
    • Head health is now set to 200 (was154)
    • Removed player Scale for body/Head.
    • Flame thrower attack now does 4 damage (was10)
    • Suicidal changes
      • Suicidal health mod 1.2 (was 1.35)
      • Suicidal Head health mod 1 (was 1.15)
    • Hell on Earth changes
      • HOE health mod 1.3 (was1.55)
      • HOE head health Mod 1.1 (was1.25)
      • HOE Damage Mod 1.5 (was 1.75)
  • Siren
    • Fixed the scream fx and destroying explosives to match.
    • removed player health scale for body/head
    • Suicidal changes
      • Health mod 1.2 (was1.35)
      • Head health mod 1 (was1.15)
    • Hell on Earth changes
      • Damage mod 1.5 (was1.75)
      • Health mod 1.3 (was1.55)
      • Head Health mod 1.1 was(1.25)
  • Hans
    • Hans has gotten a serious rework. you now can and want to destroy his shield before he grabs someone for a heal.)
    • reduced melee damage to 62 (was75)
    • Increased nerve gas damage to 8 (was7)
    • Increased guns damage to 10 (was8)
    • Hans melee targeting is now 5sec (was6)
    • INcreased chest and backpack weakzone by 25%
    • AOE attack 70 damage was 50
    • AOE fall off 1.0 was 0.25
    • Normal
      • Damage mod 0.5 (was 0.437500)
    • Hard
      • Damage mod 0.65 (was 0.7)
    • Suicidal
      • damage mod 0.8 (was 1.062)
    • Hell on Earth
      • Damage mod 1 (was 1.268750)
  • Patriarch
    • Normal
      • Damage mod 0.65 was 0.7
    • Hard
      • Damage mod 0.8 (was 1.0)
    • Suicidal
      • Damage mod 1.0 (was 1.3)
    • Hell on Earth
      • Damage mod 1.2 (was 1.452500)

Zeds Global
We've done some slight changes to Hell on Earth. Some are listed in the zeds and the other is in the zeds movement speed. We felt that having all zeds sprint all the time just made the mode very noisy and less enjoyable, so we tightened that up. Don't worry though with the new resistances and incaps you should find this mode more challenging and rewarding while not being a spammy mess.
  • Movement speed modifiers
    • Hard 0.95 (was 1)
    • Suicidal 1 (was 1.1)
    • Hell on Earth 1.05 (was 1.15)

We've done some major changes and improvements to this mode and it's really coming together nicely. Now it's all about doing 2 rounds, each side gets a chance to be the zeds and humans and the side that does better will be chossen as the winner of the match. We've also changes how AI and human zeds spawn. now the world is filled with more AI zeds then humans but all the player zeds are more power and fun to play as. Oh and now there are more Scrakes and Fleshpounds that can spawn so more people get to experence what it's like to be these powerfull zeds.
  • Zed attacks
    • Added in directional attacks for playable zeds so they are less likely to miss with sweeping melee attacks
  • Blocking
    • Some zeds can now block, which allows them to better defend from taking damage. this is only viable from the forward facing direction. if you're flanked from the sides or from the back you'll take full damage
    • Zeds that are blocking can't be stumbled
  • Scrake
    • Player health scale body 0 (was0.22)
    • Player health scale head 0 (was 0.12)
    • When enraged moves faster
    • Can Block
  • Fleshpound
    • Player health scale body 0 (was0.24)
    • Player health scale body 0 (was 0.14)
    • When enraged will cause bump damage to anything it touches
    • Moves faster in rage mode
    • Can block
  • Bloat
  • The Bloat is now a massive slow moving tank. protect other zeds becoming a massive shield when blocking allow other to get in close and kill those humans
    • Player health scale body 0 (was0.15)
    • Player health scale head 0 (was 0.3)
    • Can block
    • When killed throws out 3 puke mines onto the ground
  • Husk
    • Flamethrower attack damage interval 0.5 (was0.07)
    • Charge up attack. if you hold the attack down for the fire ball it will become more powerful and have a larger explosion
    • Added ground fire that will damage players from the fireball explosion
  • Alpha Clot
    • Rally ability will now buff other player zeds allowing them to do 20% more damage for 10sec
  • Slasher
  • Ambush zed move super fast and attack with large groups of other zeds. if zed time kicks in get a massive speed boost and close in the gap
    • Can move faster
    • Reduced health
    • In zed time can move and attack in near real time
  • Gorefast
  • Use that block and take out those pesky Berserkers
    • Increased health
    • Can block
  • Stalker
  • Stealth assassins if your on the human team you better have a commando
    • Faster movement
    • Increased damage
    • Lowered health