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Killing Floor 2 character
Classic Masterson
ClassicM Small.jpeg
Gender Male
Age 40
Origin British
Place of Birth Billericay, Essex, UK
Occupation Ex-Army, Nightclub Manager
Birth Sign Libra
Likes Guns, Combat, Blues Music
Dislikes Following Orders, Pompous Idiots and Pop Music
Voiced By Alan Wilson


No-one has ever really understood how this Masterson rose through the ranks at all, although some have suggested his richer and better-looking cousin, Captain Sir Richard Wiggins, may have had some influence. Or perhaps it was his smarter brother. But, as is always noted, he's a rough diamond, a man of few (polite) words and has an unnaturally calm demeanour in combat situations. Pretty much everyone reckons this is due to his lack of imagination, empathy and intelligence. Luckily, he directs his men decisively and always gets the job done - no matter how unsavory that job would appear to anyone with good taste or decent manners.




ClassicMHeadTheRealDeal.jpg The Real Deal

ClassicMHeadRoughDayMate.jpg Rough Day, Mate?

ClassicMHeadGingerReally.jpg Ginger! Really?

ClassicMHeadCamoUpChaps.jpg Camo Up, Chaps!


Combat Dress

ClassicMCombatDressGreen.jpg Green

ClassicMCombatDressBlack.jpg Black

ClassicMCombatDressSnow.jpg Snow

ClassicMCombatDressDPM.jpg DPM



ClassicMGlassesRegular.jpg Regular Glasses

ClassicMGlassesShades.jpg Shades

S10 NBC Gas Mask

ClassicMS10NBCMaskBlack.jpg Black

ClassicMS10NBCMaskCamo.jpg Camo

ClassicMS10NBCMaskBiohazard.jpg Biohazard

ClassicMS10NBCMaskZedTime.jpg Zed Time


Lt. Masterson initially featured in the original Killing Floor as one of the six starting characters, alongside Constable Briar. This "classic" version is voiced by Alan Wilson, the vice-president of Tripwire Interactive, who also provided the facial model, and one of the two voicepacks for the original Killing Floor.

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