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Killing Floor 2 character
Classic Briar
Gender Male
Age 53
Origin British
Place of Birth Deptford, London, UK
Occupation Police Constable
Birth Sign Taurus
Likes Family, Arsenal and a Nice Cup of Tea
Dislikes Eurovision, Man UTD and Hot Weather
Voiced By Mark Hayler


Once upon a time, Briar got the call to suit up to handle a riot in London. But, this time, it wasn't the usual procession of hippies, environmentalists and hairy anarchists getting the rough end of Briar's nightstick. Happily, his affinity for unsolicited violence actually did get him through the next few months, before he had to abandon Blighty and move on to foreign fields.
Now, he can extend his good old-fashioned police methods beyond clipping errant teenagers upside the head, to controlling a horde of man-eating mutant monsters by shooting, burning and blowing them to smithereens. And his happy-go-lucky London bobby persona helps to keep the morale of the team up. Or annoy the crap out of them.




The Real Deal

Bloody 5 O'Clock

A Nice Brown, Guv?

Swedish Blonde


Riot Gear

Police Blue

Night Black

Army Green

SAS Camo


Riot Helmet

Police Blue

Night Black

Army Green

Visible Red


Regular Glasses


S10 NBC Gas Mask




Zed Time


Constable Briar initially featured in the original Killing Floor as one of the six starting characters, alongside Lt. Masterson. This "classic" version is voiced by Mark Hayler, who also provided one of the two voicepacks for the original Killing Floor.

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