Ana Larive

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Killing Floor 2 character
Ana Larive
Sex Female
Age 29
Origin French
Place of Birth Lens, France
Occupation Part-time Photographer/Waitress
Birth Sign Virgo ♍
Likes Ruins, Photography and Death Metal
Dislikes Macho-men, Rules and Euro-pop Music
Voice Actor Laura Post


She would probably be assigned to that group the establishment called "disaffected youth", except that Ana largely didn't give enough of a crap about anything except travelling around Europe indulging her passions for photographing abandoned places and for death metal bands. And now there isn't much "establishment" left, Ana cares even less. While there is now a distinct lack of bands on tour, there are ever-more abandoned places. And the sweet part about her current job is that she gets to go into those places and make them look even more abandoned. You see, she's discovered a new passion - blowing stuff up!








S10 NBC Mask


3D Glasses

Baseball Hat

Graduation Cap

1 These items are only available with the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition.
2 These items are only available after completing the Training Floor.