Update 1009 (Killing Floor 2)

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Killing Floor 2 update
Update 1009
Release Date August 25, 2015
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New Maps

New Perks

New Weapons

New Characters

New Features

  • Zeds now have normal, resistant and weakness zones - via damage type on skin type
  • After Action Report - detailed stats at the end of a match
  • Kick Voting
  • Map Voting
  • Dual Wielding (9mm’s being the first weapon for this)
  • NVIDIA’s PhysX FleX Technology (for NVIDIA GeForce 770’s and above cards)
  • Killed by messages
  • Ability to equip multiple cosmetics per character
  • Shared Content system - when one user has access to a weapon others in the server have access to it
  • NVidia GeForce Experience integration

Perk Tuning

Berserker Skill Tree Changes
  • Level 5 Skills
    • Poison (+40%) Resistance
    • Sonic (+40%) Resistance
  • Level 10 Skills
    • Lifesteal (5 HP / Kill)
    • Increased Max Health (+100%)
  • Level 15 Skills
    • Melee Attacks (+15% Speed) & (+15%) Damage
    • Blocking increases next attack (+50%)
  • Level 20 Skills
    • Parrying an attack increases attack speed. (+20% for 10 sec.)
    • Heavy Attacks do (+30%) more damage & increased knockdown (+30%)
  • Level 25 Skills
    • [Zed Time] Move in Real time, increased attack speed (+50%) & parry causes knockdown
    • [Zed Time] Move in Real time, increased weapon stun power (+100%) and stumble power increased (+100%)

Berserker Passive Changes
  • Increased Berserker Weapon Damage
  • Increased Melee Attack Speed
  • Increased Movement Speed
  • Increased Damage Resistance
  • Not being able to be grabbed by clots
  • Night vision (this will be a toggle if you have a weapon with a flashlight so you can have both)

Support Skill Tree Changes
  • Level 5
    • Removed getting grenades from supplier perk.
  • Level 15 Bombard
    • Tweaked skill to stumble zeds, M4 has the strongest stumble power and can stumble Fleshpound.

Commando Skill Tree Changes
  • Level 5 Skills - Tier renamed to Supply
    • Large mags has moved to replace the old night vision skill choice
    • Backup is now a Level 5 skill
    • Backup bonus damage has been increased to 60% (Works with Dualies)
  • Level 10 Skills - Tier renamed Weapon Handling
    • Impact and Tactical Reload moved here
  • Level 15 Skills - Tier renamed Awareness
    • Leadership has been added - This skill makes your team reload 10% faster
    • Callout is now at level 15
  • Level 20 Skills
    • Single Fire skill has been moved here

Commando Passive Changes
  • Night Vision is now a passive skill (this will be a toggle if you have a weapon with a flashlight so you can have both)
  • Weapon damage now increases 1% every level


  • Made it easier to time parries for players with higher ping.
  • Some Zed attacks are now unable to be interrupted by parried (damage is still mitigated)
  • Larger Zeds have attended ballet and can now turn quicker
  • Made changes to Zed spawning and placement systems
  • Zeds no longer enjoy player company when few zeds are left
  • Matchmaking will now try and put you in a server with people instead of just the lowest ping
  • Ammo and Weapon pickups are reduced in early waves (you may find ammo)
  • Added ability to knock down all zeds even the boss


  • Backpack will explode after a damage threshold is reached
  • Now suicides a bit faster
  • Shoots can now be interrupted via stumble/knockdown/stunned/panic/poison

  • When headless puke now sprays from the neck (visual only)

  • Is now more resistant to explosives (but vulnerable to microwaves)
  • Is now a bit more inaccurate with firearms
  • Has a bit more cooldown between gun bursts
  • Melee attacks now have pushback on them
  • Melee attacks now have a bit more cooldown between chains
  • Hit reactions now look more fluid (and less jerky)
  • Grenades now have a UI warning
  • Has a visible shield when he goes into hunt mode
  • Shield visibly deflects bullets when in hunt mode
  • Stumble animations are now quicker and take less time to recover.
  • Knockdown animation added
  • Unique parried animations added

  • Siren scream is now interrupted on stumble/knockdown/stunned/panic/poison
  • Sirens now scream less frequently, but does more damage per pulse

  • Fleshpound now wants to hit something before dropping out of rage (like in Killing Floor 1)
  • New rage sprint animation added
  • 3 EMP grenades will now trigger incap - This is reduced used to be 5 to incap.
  • Stumble animations are now quicker and take less time to recover.
  • Knockdown animation is added to zed.
  • Unique parried animations added.

  • Stumble animations are now quicker and take less time to recover.
  • Knockdown animation is added to zed.
  • Unique parried animations added.


  • Eviscerator has new functionality
    • Ability to block and parry
    • Laser now projected down range from the weapon
    • Now more responsive from firing to dealing damage
  • Backup knives
    • Increased damage slightly
  • Crovel
    • Increased damage slightly
    • Tuned damage line trace to be more accurate with the animations
  • Pulverizer
    • Increased damage slightly
    • Tuned damage line trace to be more accurate with the animations
  • New melee attacks (bound to the bash key) for all melee weapons
    • Stabs and Pushes
  • Improved Hit Detection on all melee weapons and bashing
  • Parry system now requires weapon strength to be higher than zeds to parry
    • Weapon Parry strength
      • Knife = 1, Crovel = 3, Katana = 4, Pulverizer = 5, Zweihander = 5, Eviscerator = 5
    • Zed Parry Resistance
  • Can now interrupt reloads by using ironsights
  • Can now interrupt reloads by throwing a grenade
  • Tweaked double barrel shooting anims
  • Several weapon idles have been tweaked
  • M4 now carries 8 shells in the magazine
  • M4 reloads have been adjusted (animation and timing)
  • M500 now holds 16 less shells
  • Double Barrel holds 16 less shells in the ammo pool
  • Added functionality so ammo pickups can give partial mags
  • 9mm starts with one mag less of ammo
  • 9mm has 3 less magazines
  • AR-15 starts with one mag less of ammo
  • AR-15 has 2 less magazines
  • Bullpup has 3 less magazines
  • AK-12 has 2 less magazines
  • Flamethrower changes to bring it inline as a Tier 3 weapon
    • Ammo more expensive
    • Does more damage
    • Ground fire will now give XP bark
    • Flamethrowers now receive partial mags from ammo pickups
    • Fire now passes through teammates
    • Added to the Firebug perk (no longer in offperk weapons)

Weapon Economy

  • AA12 price increased
  • Commando ammo price increased
  • Nailgun price decreased
  • Pulverizer price increased
  • Eviscerator price increased


  • New FX trails for all Zed Attacks
  • Changes to armor in Trader Display UI. Now shows total armor plus bonus armor
  • New Parry notification FX for successful parries
  • Attack that cannot be parried are represented with FX around their attack animations
  • Improved Hans introduction sequence
  • Added new FX for when Hans is draining health to indicate he can’t be damaged
  • Clarity pass on some weapon and skill descriptions
  • Streamlined GFX options menu. Revert popup is only displayed if we want to display a performance warning, restart warning or revert countdown. All other changes take effect immediately. If the user hits "Back" with unsaved changes, it will prompt the user and ask for save confirmation.
  • ZED Obliteration effect significantly improved, more blood, more gibs, affects persistent blood more


  • Improvements to melee weapon sounds
  • Addition of skin types for enemies. Metal, electrical, etc…
  • Enhancement of gore sounds!
  • Major improvements to the sound occlusion system
  • Explosions now with more explosion(y) level sound!
  • Global mix improvements


  • Conformed Landscape to work with Splatter Maps, KF2 lighting and PhysX 3x integration
  • Removed Terrain actor from tree (Terrain not supported in Killing Floor 2)
  • Added Workshop upload tool
  • New Workshop content to support creation of character cosmetics and weapon skins (this is for inclusion with the game, mod workshop is still being worked on)
  • Added SDK maps to test workshop content
  • Persistent blood now works on unlit translucency

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed perk rounding bonus error
  • Fixed an issue where the Husk suicide would prevent players from respawning.
  • Fixed occasionally not being healed by Medic Grenades
  • Fixed slashing damage not decapitating zeds properly
  • Fixed zeds being unresponsive in broken glass remains
  • Fixed an issue where ragdolls were sped up if using Variable Frame-rate
  • Fixed an issue where Hans’ damage was scaling based on amount of players
  • Fixed an issue where you could switch away from “Strength” perk and keep weight
  • Fixed an issue where healing wasn’t working properly offline
  • Fixed an issue where people could exploit controller config
  • Fixed an issue where grenades wouldn’t heal you if they were inside a dynamic object.
  • Fixed custom maps download percentage not updating “OK!”

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to duplicate weapons
  • Fixed an issue where perk skills would not change fill all ammo price
  • Fixed an issue where the rapid fire skill wasn’t shooting at a faster rate
  • Fixed issue where hands would come off the Pulverizer
  • Fixed issues where hands would come off the Crovel
  • Several weapon notifies updated to be more accurate
  • 3rd person quick heal now better matches 1st person
  • Fixed Eviscerator saw jitter
  • 3rd person nailgun reload now better matches 1st person
  • 3rd person flamethrower reload now better matches 1st person
  • Fixed IK issue with hands on the AR 15
  • 3rd person katana animations now better match 1st person
  • Fixed issue where some 1st person weapons would jitter in slowmo
  • Reloads now complete once the magazine is in the weapon instead of when the animation settles.
  • 1st Person weapons now use uncompressed normal maps

User Interface
  • Fixed keybinding issue with localized controls
  • Fixed selling incorrect weapon at trader pod
  • Fixed some text not being localized
  • Fixed an issue where skill tree unlock popup could persist
  • Fixed issue where player and steam avatars appeared twice in party UI
  • Fixed several keybinding issues when rebinding to already used keys
  • Fixed an issue where the server browser filter for “Not Full” was showing full servers
  • Fixed several issues where sound was not playing in the UI

  • Fixed Audio stuttering issues
  • Hans is no longer obsessed with talking about hunting when everybody is dead

  • Fixed zeds not being able to jump on tables in Volter Manor
  • Fixed exploits in Outpost
  • Fixed exploits in Biotics Lab
  • Fixed portal entry handlers in Biotics Lab
  • Fixed exploits in Volter Manor
  • Fixed Reverb Volume implementations in maps
  • Fixed some impact FX on water in Burning Paris
  • Fixed some lighting issues in Burning Paris

  • Fleshpounds can now jump when enraged
  • Fixed an issue where the Fleshpound would never rage if all of his attacks were parried.
  • Fixed an issue with Fleshpound LODs on low settings
  • Fixed an issue with Husk LODs on low settings
  • Fixed an issue where zeds wouldn’t attack players standing in destructible meshes
  • Fixed some animations problems with crawlers while walking on slopes
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get XP if a husk suicided
  • Fixed an issue with Hans where he would enter a falling state forever
  • Fixed several gore related issues
  • Fixed instances where zeds wouldn’t animate properly in multiplayer causing them to appear as if they were teleporting
  • AI Pathing improvements by fixing bad AI states


  • Fixed a crash for users that had old Steam avatars of a different size

Known Issue

  • Evacuation point in the editor has map warnings
  • Several localized text strings for perk skills have not been updated yet, however the English is correct. These skills are Flaratov and Sacrifice.
  • Rare crash when obliterating bloats when FleX is set to high.
  • Microwave gun "cooking" effect remains on dead bodies that are not obliterated
  • After Action Report: Headshots are not always properly recorded in the "personal best" section
  • Rare crash using the voice command widget
  • Occasional crash when getting server details on the server browser