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=== Bonus Experience ===
=== Bonus Experience ===
The Support is awarded bonus experience for welding every 510 HP on doors.
The Support is awarded bonus experience for welding doors.
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Perk Overview

The Support perk in Killing Floor 2 specializes in mid range combat with an emphasis on shoutguns and welding doors. They spawn with a Machete, SG 500 Pump-Action, 9mm Pistol and their grenade is a Frag. This perk gains experience by dealing damage with Support weapons and by welding doors.

Weapon List

Weapon Name Icon
9mm Pistol
Frag Grenade
SG 500 Pump-Action
Double-Barrel Boomstick
M4 Combat Shotgun
AA-12 Auto Shotgun

Bonus Experience

The Support is awarded bonus experience for welding doors.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus experience 6 8 10 14

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Support receives at level 0 (base stats) and the bonuses they receive each time they level up.

Base Stats Stats Per Level
0% Welding Proficiency
0% Shotgun Damage
0% Shotgun Penetration
0% Grenade Damage
+2% Welding Proficiency
+1% Shotgun Damage
+25% Shotgun Penetration
+2% Grenade Damage

Perk Talents

This table represents the active abilities the Support has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Level Icon Description
Level 5 Ammo: Start getting serious: Increase your ammo capacity and starting ammo by 20%.
Supplier: Be the one everyone loves. Carry a backpack from which all player can get ammo once per wave.
Level 10 Fortitude: Give yourself a better chance: Increase your health by 50%.
Regeneration: Put the Medics out of business.Your health regenerates slowly over time, thanks to Horzine nano-bots.
Level 15 Bombard: Put some power into it: Increase your chance of causing a specimen to stumbleby 15% with ranged Support weapons.
Tactical Reload: Be cool. Be quick. Reload faster with perk weapons AND look more elite while you're at it.
Level 20 Strength: Get down to the gym. Bulk up and increase your carrying capacity by 5.
Tenacity: Spend the time to improve and do 10% more damage with Support weapons.
Level 25 Zed Time - Safeguard: Wade right in with 5% improved armor for you AND your nearby friends!
Zed Time - Barrage: Make the most of the time with a 15% increase to all damage for you AND your friends nearby!