Patriarch (Killing Floor 2 VS)

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For the AI counterpart, see Patriarch (Killing Floor 2).

The Patriarch is playable in Killing Floor 2's Versus mode at the end of a standard 4-wave match. A random player on the ZED team will be given control of the Patriarch during the boss round.

General Information

Like the AI counterpart, the playable Patriarch boasts a wide variety of attacks and weapons, able to deal damage at range and at close combat. He also possesses the ability to summon lesser ZEDs (controlled by the other players on the ZED team) by dealing damage to the Survivor team. Unlike the AI Patriarch, the playable Patriarch does not need to retreat from combat to heal - he can pop a healing syringe in the middle of combat and immediately resume fighting.

Base Statistics

Kill Reward 500
XP Reward 2500
Speed (walking) 260
Speed (sprinting) 700
Health (body) 1680
Extra Health (per player) +50%

For kill reward calculations read Dosh Mechanics.

Due to Game Conductor mechanics, player-controlled Patriarch has its health modified based on the average level of the Survivor team. Values vary within (x0.85 - x2) range.

The Patriarch does not have head health as he cannot be decapitated.

Under normal circumstances it is impossible to do anything with the bounty earned from killing Patriarch other than to throw it around in post-victory idle time.

The Patriarch has his health value scaled accordingly to the number of players in the game. This increase in value is massive per player (+50% of the base value). The Patriarch's base health value is 1680 for 1 player, 2520 for 2 players, 3360 for 3 players, 4200 for 4 players, 5040 for 5 players and 5880 for 6 players on the server.


The player-controlled Patriarch has the same resistance values as the AI controlled Patriarch.

Firearms Shotguns Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multiplier x0.5 x0.4 x0.5 x1 x1 x0.05 x0.4 x0.9 x0.4 x1 X1


The player-controlled Patriarch has the same weakspots and armored spots as the AI controlled Patriarch.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1
Body x0.8
Tentacle (if used) x1.3
Abdomen, Hips x1
Left arm, Weapon x0.1
Right upper arm x1.3
Right forearm x1
Right hand x0.5
Left leg x0.1
Right leg x0.8
Right foot x1

Incapacitation Resistance

Attacks and Moves

- Primary (while standing/walking): Slashes with his tentacle arm twice, a light attack.
- Primary (while sprinting, uncloaked): Swings his armored left arm in a wide arc, a heavy attack (also performed if LMB is pressed while airborne).
- Primary (while sprinting, cloaked): Performs a charging shoulder ram while traveling forward.
- Primary + Left OR Right: Performs a spinning clothesline dealing damage and knocking away all nearby targets.
- Primary + Back: Kicks forward.
- ADS button: Fires the minigun - Hold down RMB to shoot longer.
- Secondary: Fires the missile launcher.
- Grenade button: Fires 3 Mortar shells into the air that track a random player within range, each. Cannot be used when there are no valid targets around your position.
- Bash: Tentacle Grab.
- Heal: Heal yourself back to full health with a healing syringe; can only be used 3 times. Note that if you do not use a healing syringe when you fall below 25% health, the game will automatically try to heal when you are not performing an action.
- Passive: Automatically cloaks upon sprinting if cloaking is not on cooldown.

Note: Damage values below vary between (x0.7 - x1.31) based on average level of the human team.
Melee. Damage - 25. Maximum hit range - 3.75m. Cooldown - 0.5s.
Minigun. Damage - 10. ROF - 1000. Cooldown - 4s.
Missile. Damage - 70 (direct hit - 200). Radius - 6.5m. Falloff - 2 (exp). Cooldown - 5s.
Mortar. Damage - 70 (direct hit - 200). Radius - 6.2m. Falloff - 2 (exp). Cooldown - 2.35s.
Tentacle grab. Damage - 10. Maximum grab range - 6.5m. Cooldown - 5s.

Damage Scale

All melee attacks except for the Claw attack (right handed melee attack) do full damage to the players - x1 and only vary by the possible amount of the hits. Claw attack does x0.5 damage.

Miscellaneous Information

Time between spawning human squads (boss wave) - 40 seconds.