Gorefiend (Killing Floor 2)

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Gorefiends appear as the same as Gorefasts but dark skinned and has a long tongue, wielding 2 large swords wedged in both arms. They are quite durable and fast, while also possessing the ability to spin at a fast rate damaging their fore. They fulfil the role of the damage dealers and for a small line of defence in the specimen line-up. Gorefiends utilize same AI settings as normal Gorefasts and has difficulty-specific odds to spawn instead of their single bladed counterparts.

Base Statistics

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Spawn Chance 5% 25% 35% 45%
Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Kill reward £12 £12 £12 £12
XP 11 14 14 14
Health (body) 300 400 400 400
Health (head) 112 150 150 150

XP Notes

  • Killing with weapons other than your current perk grants the XP to the perk that weapons belongs to.
  • Damaging with on-perk weapons and then finishing it off with an off-perk weapon divides the XP and grants it to both perks.
  • Assist kills grants full XP.


Gorefiends move slowly when docile, and sprint when enraged.
Gorefiends will only begin sprinting upon getting close (8m) to players. They do not sprint on sight despite having 100% sprint chance.
Gorefiends will sprint once they are shot.
Once enraged, Gorefiends will never stop sprinting until they are killed.
Movement speed is randomized within ± 10% range and further modified by a multiplier based on difficulty. This value is 0.9 on Normal and 0.95 on Hell On Earth.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Speed (walking) 194 - 238 205 - 251 205 - 251 205 - 251
Speed (sprinting) 433 - 529 457 - 559 457 - 559 457 - 559
Chance to Sprint on Sight 100% 100% 100% 100%
Chance to Sprint when Shot 100% 100% 100% 100%

For comparison, by default a healthy player character with the minimal weight walks at speed of 383 units/s, and sprints at speed of 460 units/s.


The Gorefiend

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave Explosives Freeze Shells
Damage Multipler x0.75 x0.8 x0.9 x0.75 x0.85 x0.85 x1 x1 x1
Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle
Damage Multipler x1 x1.2 1.6 x1 x1.25


Gorefiendss only have one weak spot, which is the head. Their bladed arm deflects attacks.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.1
Blade x0.2
All other x1


The Gorefiend is muscular, quite light, fast, close-range ZED.
Upon spawning, it will walk or sprint towards the nearest player and attempt to attack them.
Gorefiends will attack by swinging their swords at players as soon as they get within range.
Gorefiends will destroy armor extremely fast, and continues to chip away at armor.
Gorefiends can also attack with their swords if players are too close to them.
Gorefiends can block gunfire. When shot at, Gorefiends will cross their swords in front of their face to block bullets. When blocking, Gorefiends take 20% less damage, and incapacitating effects are 80% less effective. On Suicidal and Hell On Earth, Gorefiends have a very medium chance to block when shot at.