Bloat (Killing Floor 2)

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The new Bloat

General Bloat Information

The Bloat is a large but slow zed that attempts to approach players and spit bile on them. His health is very large considering his appearance in wave one and body shots are not recommended. If allowed to close distance, the bile will begin to eat away at armor and health and will apply an effect on the players screen making it difficult to see. Being taller than many other zeds, he can often times be headshot over a mob of others and it is recommended to not approach this zed unless you must. He is considered to be of high threat to players due to his damage over time bile and vision disruption, however he is often too slow to make much use of it if dealt with soon enough. Engage when convenient.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £19 £ 13 £14 £11
XP 17 22 30 34
Health 303 / 379 / 455 / 531 / 606 / 682** 405 / 506 / 607 / 708 / 809 / 910** 405 / 506 / 607 / 708 / 809 / 910** 405 / 506 / 607 / 708 / 809 / 910**
* Head health

** Health with 1/2/3/4/5/6 players

Notes on XP

  • XP rewarded for your on-class weapons.
  • Killing with other class weapons allocates XP to that class.
  • Damaging with off/on-class weapon then finishing it off with another divides the XP and allocates it to both classes.
  • Assist kills reward full XP.
  • Katana and Flamethrower does not reward XP.
    • Shove attack does not count as melee (zerk xp), meaning allocates the XP accordingly to your weapon class.


  • Resists Ballistic, Explosive, Toxic and Bludgeoning Damage, takes only 50% damage.
  • Weak against Fire, Slashing and Piercing Damage, takes 200% damage.
  • Solo Health: 75%.

Extermination Tactics

Do not attempt to body shot this foe as he becomes something of a bullet sponge. Simply pick off the head at range and watch him waddle to his death.