Berserker (Killing Floor 2)

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Perk Overview

The Berserker perk in Killing Floor 2 specializes in basic melee and various homemade weaponry. The Berserker spawns with a Krovel and their grenade is an EMP.

Weapon List

This table represents the weapons the Berserker has access to.

Weapon Name Icon
Lawn-Mower Blade KF2HUD ZerkKnife.png
Krovel KF2HUD Krovel.png
Pulverizer KF2HUD Pulverizer.png
Eviscerator KF2HUD Eviscerator.png
Nailgun KF2HUD Nailgun.png

Perk Stats

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Berserker receives at level 0 (base stats) and the bonuses they receive each time they level up.

Base Stats Stats Per Level
25% Extra Melee Damage
25% Bile Resistance
25% Siren Resistance
10% Faster Movement Speed
5% Faster Attack Speed
5% Damage Resistance
+1% Extra Melee Damage
+0.6% Faster Movement speed
+0.8% Faster Attack Speed

Perk Talents

This table represents the active abilities the Berserker has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Level Icon Description
Level 5 KF2TAL Zerk BULKAMMO.png Bulk Ammo: You're big and tough, so use it! Your Berserker ranged weapons start with 20% more rounds.
KF2TAL Cmdo NIGHTVIS.png Night Vision: Flashlights are old hat - upgrade to a glowing green view of the world with night vision capability
Level 10 KF2TAL Zerk FRENZY.png Frenzy: Well, they call you 'Berserker': Your melee damage increases for every 15% of your health lost.
KF2TAL Zerk FAKEOUT.png Fake Out: Duck and dive, pal: Cannot be grabbed by Clots.
Level 15 KF2TAL Zerk FURIOUSDEF.png Furious Defender: When the going gets tough... For every 15% of your health lost, your change to stumble specimens increased by 5% (max 25%).
KF2TAL Zerk FROMFOE.png Formidable:... the tough hit back: Your melee attacks reduce specimens' attack damage by 15%.
Level 20 KF2TAL Zerk TAKECOV.png Take Cover: Know when to duck: When your health drops below 20%, your movement speed increases by 15%.
KF2TAL Zerk INTIM.png Intimidate:... Wade in! 10% of light attacks inflict double damage and all hard attack have a 15% increase knockdown chance.
Level 25 KF2TAL Zerk MENACE.png Menace: +30% attack speed with Berserker melee weapons. +15% chance to stun with melee weapons. +25% resistance to Siren Scream and Bloat Bile for all nearby squad members.
KF2TAL Zerk ATKSTR.png Attack Strength: +20% weapon damage. +10% max health. Melee alternate fire attacks massively push enemies back.