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Killing Floor is a wave-based co-op first person shooter for 1-6 players based around shooting mutated experiments (specimens). It is set in the United Kingdom.

In the game, up to six players must survive waves of experimental clones (often referred to as zeds) with the goal of completing all the waves. As waves are completed, the number of monsters and the difficulty of waves increases. Once all waves are completed, the players must defeat the boss and his minions in order to win the game. Between each wave players have the opportunity to visit the trader who buys and sells a large selection of weapons of varying costs.

Custom content plays a big part in the game, with hundreds of maps and many mods to choose from, ranging from simple gameplay changes to full-blown custom enemies.

Gameplay information

Specimens  — Comprehensive guide to all specimens found in the vanilla game
Weapons  — Index of all available weapons
Perks  — List of perks and what their benefits are
Characters  — All human characters (playable or otherwise)
Strategy  — General strategy guide
Maps  — List of official maps
Achievements  — List of achievements
Events  — List of all events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
Updates  — List of all major updates

Technical information

Controls  — A list of default controls and how to change them
Console Commands  — A list of console commands
Dedicated Servers  — Information on running dedicated servers
Troubleshooting  — Having problems? Look here

Mods (Steam Workshop)

Maps  — List of 3rd party maps
Mutators  — List of available 3rd party mutators
Specimens  — List of 3rd party specimens
Game modes  — List of 3rd party game modes
Story Mode  — List of 3rd party story missions
Objective Mode  — Information about the official Objective Mode for KF

Mod development

Modding  — General information for modders
Steam Workshop  — How to get your mods on the workshop
Tutorials  — List of tutorials
Classes  — Index of all script classes


Dec 13th, 2012 - Twisted Christmas event released

Twisted Christmas III is here, featuring the return of the Christmas specimens, a brand new map Moonbase, new weapons, and new DLC available for purchase! See the forums for more information. See the changes here.

Nov 8th, 2012 - Update 1043 released

Halloween is over, and the hillbilly zeds are no more. Update 1043 has been released, consisting of balance changes, bug fixes, and - most significantly - the removal of the map whitelist! Players can now level their perks on any map they want. See the changes here.

Oct 23rd, 2012 - Hillbilly Horror Halloween patch released

The Killing Floor Halloween event is back for a limited time with all new Hillbilly-themed monsters! New map, new weapons, and new characters.

See the official website or the forums for more information.