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Official specimen
Details (advanced)
Type: Melee
Rarity: Rare
Bounty: £200
Health: 1500
Head health: 700
Damage: 35
Speed: 130
Range: 55
Technical Information
Class name: ZombieFleshpound

“The Fleshpound. Shooting him with small weapons just makes him mad. Think big, powerful weapons for this one!!”

– Loading screen hint

The Fleshpound is a high-level specimen, with very high health, average speed and high damage. When sufficiently damaged in a short space of time, it will enter a rage state and will charge at its target until it makes a hit. Additionally, if left for long enough without reaching its target it will rage automatically.

It is a rare enemy, and spawns only towards the end of the game.


See the specimen attributes page for detailed statistics for this specimen.

The Fleshpound has the highest health and damage of all the specimens, as well as being very fast when charging.


  • Be carefully not to anger it prematurely; it can mean death on higher difficulties.


All information has been verified with update 1043