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<figure>[./File:Siren.jpg link=|272x272px]<figcaption resource="File:Siren.jpg" height width>Siren</figcaption></figure>

“The Siren is a real screamer. Very nasty. Her screams actually hurt - and they'll destroy grenades and rockets in mid-air!”

– Loading screen hint

The Siren is a mid-level specimen, with average health, average speed and average damage. Its unique ability is to scream at players, causing damage and disorientation, as well as destroying any explosives in proximity. It is a fairly uncommon enemy.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
£25 £21 £16 £16
300 (200*) 405 (270*) 465 (310*) 525 (350*)
13 16 19 22
100 115 122 130
Scream damage
Scream range
* Head health


  • Always try to take it down from a distance in order to avoid getting screamed at.


The Siren is a clone of Clamely's wife, who had long wanted to be a singer but lacked in talent. Their eyes were gouged out so that they could not see (thus, know when to scream), and they were all restrained with straitjackets. Kevin Clamely had a Siren kill his wife when she attempted to divorce him.


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