Killing Floor (modding)

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Getting Started

Follow these steps to obtain the Killing Floor Software Development Kit (SDK):

  1. Launch Steam while logged into an account that owns Killing Floor (and has it installed)
  2. Navigate to the Library page on Steam
  3. Select "Tools" from the drop down box above the account's owned game titles
  4. Select and download Killing Floor SDK

This will download all the files necessary to run the SDK. It is launched the same as any other game, except that is is located in the tools section.


Here follows a list of topics that one should be familiar with before trying to attempt any modding.


General Information

2D Art

(Edit me!)

3D Assets and Animation

Exporting and Importing

Information regarding the exporting from common 3D applications and importing into KFEditor.

Level Design

Playable Characters


Steam Workshop