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<figure>[./File:Clot.jpg link=|312x312px]<figcaption resource="File:Clot.jpg" height width>A clot on KF-Manor</figcaption></figure>

“The Clot is not that dangerous - but does have a nasty habit of grappling you and not letting you get away, so keep him at a distance.”

– Loading screen hint

The Clot is one of the weakest specimens, having little health and a weak attack.

Despite its apparently poor strength its unique ability is to grab players (but not berserkers) and will not let go until killed. This is especially dangerous when several are around since they will move around your character to trap it, making escape difficult since they are all trying to grab you.
It is the most plentiful specimen - appearing every wave without fail - and often spawns in groups with other enemies.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
£7 £5 £4 £4
130 (25*) 176 (34*) 202 (39*) 228 (44*)
6 7 9 10
105 121 128 136
* Head health


  • Do not underestimate the danger of the clot; due to their grabbing ability they can quickly immobilize you and swarm you.
  • Since they have very low head health it is often sufficient to land a head shot with just about any weapon to result in a kill.


When Horzine started its second wave of human cloning and genetic engineering programs, the intention was to create a fully grown male that would respond to imperatives and could recognize Horzine staff as its masters. Orders were to be given to these subjects through a neural implant which released controlled doses of serotonin upon successful completion of a mandate. However, the subjects quickly showed signs of aberrant behavior, including aggressive self mutilation. The first batch of clones was spawned from the DNA of Horzine CEO Kevin Clamely's deceased son. The failure of these specimens put a brief hold on the project while new avenues were pursued.


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