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About a month before hell spilled onto the streets, Lewis was at risk of being relieved of duty as a result of his pudgy physique. Life or death situations tend to help with shedding the pounds however, and he has since brought his body back to 'military standards'. Not that it really matters, his commanding officer (and fat hater) was decapitated last week by some gurgling thing with no skin.


It's unclear how this man rose through the ranks so quickly; his prior military service seems virtually non-existent. One thing that's clear is that he's a man of few words, and has an unnaturally calm demeanor in combat situations. He directs his men decisively, and always gets the job done - no matter how unsavory.


Imagine getting the call to suit up, because there's a riot. Imagine that it's been your job for the last three years to bludgeon hippies and manhandle environmentalists. Now imagine it's dawning on you that your nightstick probably isn't gonna be enough for the swarms of 'not-quite-rioters' that are shambling madly toward you. Three weeks, and several dozen smashed skulls later it's tough not to wonder whether his affinity for unsolicited violence is all that got Briar through.


This is pretty much what the Sergeant has been looking for his whole adult life. He was looking for it when his wife cheated on him with (a few) of the guys in the force. He was looking for it when his daughter dropped out of college and proclaimed herself to be a bisexual vegan and cosmic traveler. And he was definitely looking for it when an internal shuffle had him slated to be taken off the beat and stuck behind a desk until he was too old to hold a pen. All hail the end of the world.


When his squad was ripped literally limb from limb minutes after their deployment into London, Schnieder had two options. The first was give up and die along with his friends. The second was to stab, kick, shoot, slash, bite and bludgeon his way out of a very bad situation indeed. Fortunately he chose the latter, and though his rank doesn't suggest it, he's more than able to keep pace with the men he fights alongside.


Coming home to find the remains of your wife and kids jammed in the door is a good recipe for a bad mood. Powers eats little, sleeps even less, and what he lacks in conversation skills, he compensates for with the kind of bloodlust that has his fellow survivors sleeping with one eye open. Oh, and he collects the freak's fingers.


Publicly, Horzine Industries was hard at work fulfilling a MOD contract to develop the world's most advanced combat armor. Privately, they were cloning a subterranean army of violent and unfortunate looking servants. As Wilkes will testify, having found and liberated their Mark 7 suit, they were great at multitasking.


When you're being paid more than three times the expected salary for unskilled labor, you learn not to ask questions. When inhuman screams can be heard from further down the assembly line, you close the door and take a lunch break. When the door flies off its hinges and a mangled combination of man and machine comes charging in - lunch break is over.


DJ Scully was AWOL from the military and spending his nights in the London underground spinning dark drum and bass, working under the table for the many clubs in London. During one of his sets, he witnessed all his fans get shredded to pieces by a giant creature with flesh blenders for hands. These unfortunate events have thrust him back into the combat he was running away from.

Steampunk DJ SCULLY

Ex-soldier-turned DJ, Scully's still haunted by the grisly memory of a pounding nightclub transformed into bloody abattoir at the hands of Horzine's monstrosities. Once reluctant hero, now avenging angel, Scully seeks new and steam-powered ways to stick it to the creatures who robbed him of his first ever flawless DJ set. Now Scully destroys evil wherever he finds it, hoping that one day the world will return to normal and that he'll finally get to play the perfect 'killer' set without everyone being gruesomely murdered.


As one of the only survivors from the Horzine Biotics Labs staff, Dr. Glover had a major hand in creating the horror that is now tearing London apart. As hard as he tries, he can't put this genie back in the bottle - not even with a double barreled shotgun.


The super fantastic life of a day trader and evening attraction at London's premiere karaoke bar. It's a shame no publishers are still alive to pick up Foster's half finished autobiography. The final chapter - An Orgy of Skull Cracking and Mutant Warfare in the Big City would have probably rocketed the book to the top of the best seller lists.

Steampunk MR FOSTER

In some alternate universe, day traders are considered cool and desirable. In that alternate universe they get cool Steampunk gear to wear and don't write sad little autobiographies that no-one cares about. And, just for once, something in the original Foster's mind seems to have leaked over into the real world. Won't he be surprised?


She was a scarily-successful commodities trader when she interviewed Foster for a job. He was clearly a no-hoper as a trader - but there was something about him. he was so cool, so suave, so... unique. Unique enough to give her a gas mask of her own on their first date. It was almost as if he'd known that a bio-virus-evil would create the flesh-eating-clone-horde and ruin her run of multi-million-pound bonuses. They may not be able to work together in the city - but they can work together to exterminate zeds!

Steampunk MRS FOSTER

In one of the perverse paradoxes created by weird alternate realities, that place where day traders are hip and trendy seems to have the same effect on their slightly-warped commodity-trader girlfriends. Now who would have guessed that?


Few know Ashley Harding is the daughter of Benny the Diamond, the East End's most feared underworld boss. But rather than embrace a life of lawlessness and wealth, Harding chose to follow her dream of becoming an officer in the British Army. After years earning the grudging respect of her male peers, Harding finally made captain - just as the Horzine nightmare erupted to destroy her ambitions, drowning Harding's elite military unit in blood and madness. Now Ash is a one-woman army driven by the need to push back the darkness and tear evil a new one.


Horzine pays the bills. The wife is happy because we can eat again. I get to drink again. I'm happy. Salary bonus? Sure! I says. Experimental what's-its? Don't mind if I do. Should have seen it coming. Shoulda looked at the bigger picture. On the bright side, I can bend things real good now. Metal, bones. anything. And the rats they throw me is tasty. I bet that science guy would be real tasty too. When I get out of here I'm gonna tear off a little piece of him. Stupid science guy.


What are the chances of a major downtown bomb-threat and a flesh eating mutant invasion occurring on the same day? Pretty good, apparently. The corporal's suit keeps him safe from flying debris, but the claws and teeth on those monsters rip right through it. Experience has taught him to put a little distance between himself and these flesh craving goons. As well as a pipe-bomb or three.


When all that is left of your girl-friend are her partly-chewed legs, you have to wonder what sort of rave it had been. The wide variety of monster-things chasing you around in your Skeletor costume make that pretty clear. While most people would wind up as a canape for said monsters, luckily some latent psychopathic streak seems to have kicked in when our boy Mike found that nice, shiny Katana.


Harold was the front man for the underground punk band "The Fecking Nancies", who played mingin' pubs and bars all over South London. And if he wasn't screaming into a microphone about anarchy and chaos he was out causing it by kicking the shite out of cockneys, chavs and pikies before stealing their bling. Courtesy of the Horzine outbreak, he's finding out what real anarchy and chaos is.


After disfiguring one inmate in his last prison fight, the others stopped calling "Kerry" a girl's name. During his transfer to the high-security psych ward at Broadmoor, he watched the guards get eaten by a herd of crazed, emaciated mutants. Kerry took pleasure ripping apart the monsters before looting the dead prison guards. From life in prison to a free man in seconds, Kerry has found a world where he truly fits in.


When he wasn't jumping out of airplanes and breaking heads for the British government, Jenks could usually be found getting rat-arsed in the pubs of Aldershot and picking fights with civvies. C Company was on standby when word of the outbreak struck. They loaded into the Herc and jumped over London. Straight into a mob of chainsaw-wielding nutters. Come and get some, ya ponces!


Working nightshift for the hospital can be interesting. It's also a good place to stock up on supplies when the whole city has turned into a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Well equipped and knowledgeable, Alfred's a good ally to have when a fleshless creature is beating down your door.


Chopper Harris had spent the last few years beating seven bells out of people at soccer grounds all over Europe. In return he'd taken a few kickings from cops from Scotland to Turkey. But the best bit about the onset of the Apocalypse was that suddenly no-one was trying to stop him - AND they let him play with guns!


Kevo the Chav loved nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than hanging round cheap sporting goods stores, drinking crap lager, trying to work up the courage to indulge in some shop-lifting. He was as surprised as anyone when he grew a real pair and fought his way past the on-coming Zeds in Croydon High Street.


Captain Sir Richard Wiggins, 5th Baronet of Warbury, was classic minor British aristocracy. Educated at Eton, he progressed through Cambridge and Sandhurst, to a commission in the Brigade of Guards. After the initial shock of seeing the barracks stormed and destroyed by monsters, he found zed-killing to be jolly good sport, really. "Tally-ho, lads!"


Reverend Alberts had been the vicar of Saint Ethel's in West London for nearly 20 years before the outbreak. Clearly his take on the apocalypse came from watching too many horror movies at the youth center with a bunch of 16-year-olds! He wasn't expecting to have to take it to the streets...


Big, angry and fast, Reggie’s always been driven by an overpowering need to dish out pain and suffering in equal measure, which is why his old career in the police force arguably wasn't an ideal fit. When chaos erupted on the streets of London, courtesy of Horzine’s army of freaks, Reggie binned his uniform, strapped on some home-made armor and got to work cleaning up the world one mutant at a time.


The purifying power of flame has long fascinated Adam, a quirk that drove him in and out of foster homes and eventually every prison north of the Thames. But his passion never waned and, while feeding his hunger, Adam refined his skills and forged a reputation as the world’s foremost pyromaniac for hire. The Horzine disaster drew our hero homeward and now Adam finds himself on the streets of London dishing out his own unique brand of fiery pain for free.


No one thought David would make a good doctor, which is why he was rejected by every medical school in the country. Imagine his surprise and delight when the Horzine mutant problem erupted, allowing any lunatic with a scalpel and some bandages to call themselves a medic. David now roams the streets, helping the wounded and vanquishing the monsters – though sometimes he gets the two a bit mixed up.


Descended from a long line of aristocratic assassins, Peter’s weapon of choice has always been the sniper rifle. Deadly, arrogant and easily bored, Peter sees the Horzine outbreak as the ultimate chance to test himself against the worst science has to throw at mankind. Now Peter seeks out Horzine mutants, eager to wage war against an enemy he fears too numerous even for one of his prodigious skills.


Cheerful, witty and slightly insane, to say Quentin loves blowing things up is an understatement. Raised by an uncle in the demolitions trade, Quentin blew up his first high-rise at the tender age of six and hasn't looked back since, despite losing a leg at nine. His unique expertise helped fuel a celebrated military career which abruptly ended after an unfortunate incident involving five hand grenades, some rope, and the unit commander's pet corgi, Alan. Called back into service for Queen and country to help cleanse the streets of the Horzine outbreak, Quentin's determined to put the past behind him and get on with the job at hand.


Harold was once a soft-spoken relationship counsellor, he spent his days bringing people together, healing emotional wounds and making the world a better place; with all his clients dead and eaten, Harold now dedicates himself to eradicating the Horzine outbreak, healing the country's wounds by causing them in the undead. Trouble is, Harold's new crusade has loosed a darker side; once dormant, it now gorges itself on the blood and suffering of monstrosities that should not walk the earth. Harold fears he's found his true calling - not healer, but destroyer - flayer of the evil and drinker of their blood.

Steampunk COMMANDO

Phil tells anyone who'll listen he's ex-special forces and hardcore to the bone, that the Horzine outbreak's nothing compared to missions he's pulled off in the Middle East... truth is Phil used to stack supermarket shelves, his so-called elite military training's come from endless hours playing every FPS spat out by the games industry and reading every gun nut magazine he could get his hands on. Strange thing is, combine that with a killer workout regime that ensures he's ripped to the max, and Phil's proving to be a pretty damn effective undead killing machine.


Dave 'The Butcher' Roberts, started his professional life as a city banker, working in the cutthroat world of finance, but pretty soon the high-flying champagne lifestyle began to grate on a man eager for more physical challenges. Dave quit his day job and became an enforcer in London's shadowy underworld. Using his size and personality to bully his way up the criminal ladder, he quickly found work in London's biggest crime family as their primary heavy muscle. Dave has been given a new mission by his boss, one that'll hopefully be good for business: clean the Horzine filth off the streets. It's one he's taking very seriously.


Doctor Jeffrey Tamm dedicated his youth to the pursuit of two things, computer science and his college crush. After the restraining order was slapped in place by an unsympathetic High Court Judge, he threw himself into his only remaining outlet, robotics. Jeff's passion and fervor soon earned him a top job with Horzine, heading up the development of their Domestic Assistant Robot (DAR). No one knows Jeff's true goal, the desire that keeps him up all night tinkering with all sorts of bleeding-edge technology... Jeff still hungers for his college crush and if he can't have her, he'll make her.


Horzine's Domestic Assistant Robot (or DAR, duh...) is designed to help clean up around the home. But, as well as advanced programming designed for cleaning teenager's bedrooms, "DARling" (as Dr. Tamm keeps referring to it) has somehow downloaded an experimental top secret personality constructed by its creator. Meant for inclusion in his off-the-books Brenda Companion Robot, it's loaded with all kinds of odd human mating information that doesn't blend well with the existing core data. DAR now struggles to reconcile its desire to clean up freaks with an equally powerful need to go on a hot date with Dr. Tamm.


Brave, talented and handsome, on the surface Samuel Avalon's the ideal fireman, even making it into last year's Local Hunk Heroes calendar, his toned biceps tensed photogenically as he cradled an artfully smudged baby. But Sam harbors a dark secret... he loves death, revels in pain and is drawn to destruction; being a fireman doesn't only pay the bills, it satisfies dark urges. When the Horzine outbreaks began, Sam was among the first to grab a weapon and plunge into the fire and fury raging on the streets of London, eager to feed his disturbing appetites in the name of heroism.


After having his stomach stapled three years ago and losing over half his bodyweight, Rob Allan realized the world was his oyster, so he did what any reasonable person would do... become Shadow Ferret, ninja protector of Brixton. After several awkward trips to the hospital, two short stints in prison, and an embarrassing viral video which got over four million hits, Rob was starting to wonder if he was cut out for the whole stealthy martial arts thing. Then his prayers were answered. When evil erupted from Horzine's corporate bowels, Rob saw the chance for Shadow Ferret to hone his abilities and show the world he's worthy of respect.


Crass, loud and abusive, the only reason Harold has any friends at all is because he’s loaded, a fact he never lets anyone forget. A lottery winner at the tender age of 17, Harold surprised everyone by investing his winnings, for the most part, wisely (his brief flirtation with pet cryogenics notwithstanding). Harold’s now the CEO of three successful multinational companies and owns his own money-themed porn channel. But now his beloved London is under siege from Horzine’s creations and Harold, despite his foul mouth and penchant for lighting £50 notes under the noses of tramps, loves its streets with all his heart. So he’s got a new goal, a hostile takeover of Horzine from the ground up, starting with its hideous monstrosities.


Special Inspector Edmund Cook made quite a name for himself carving a chunk out of the Horzine creatures spat forth during the outbreak. But every warrior, even one dressed as farm poultry, must eventually taste the harsh sting of ultimate defeat. Happily, a mysterious benefactor possessed the means to resurrect our deranged copper and return him (and his infamous costume) to the fray. Enhanced with combat biotech designed to dish out some serious assault and battery to Horzine's minions, despite technically being dead, Cook's legend continues to grow.

He is out there. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever.


Loud, abusive and barely intelligible, Reggie was once front man for Pissed Gods, the band tagged as the next big thing in 1979. Their debut single, Bollock Smasher, broke Billboard records, but, unable to recapture the raw energy of their original masterpiece, they faded swiftly back into obscurity. Reggie has smoked, snorted and drunk his way around the world, trying desperately to elevate himself above the status of one-hit wonder, while being famous simply for surviving his abuse of his own body. Now his drug-fueled, monster-packed nightmares have collided with reality and, for now at least, no-one is trying to stop him blowing them through windows.


And Harchier thought fighting mummies in an ancient volcano with a giant mystical ball was weird... Finding himself in the streets of London fighting seemingly infinite waves of mutants and monsters makes him wish the ball was still close by. This time he'll have to make do with automatic weapons, flamethrowers and explosives.


Bill Weeks didn't think he could stoop any lower than a part-time job as the Mall Santa. But the little girl weeing on him screaming "He's the Baddest Santa Evuh!", followed by being fired, took it down yet another notch, so Bill went down the pub to drown his sorrows. Coming out to the next morning he had no job, a filthy headache and a truly evil temper. And the world was full of monsters. Bill picked up a handy shotty and waded in. "I'll show you the Baddest Santa, you BEEEEEEEEP!


Special Inspector Edmund Cook arrived to the West End Central Police station Halloween party wearing his prized chicken suit. He had witnessed a lot of brutality on the force, but something in him snapped when the Horzine Outbreak reached his precinct during the party. He suited up for combat still wearing the costume, and now he won't take it off. Maybe it helps hide the pain, helps hide the inhumanity he feels massacring the hordes of specimens.


If there's one thing office cleaner Timmy Grimes has always loved, it's scaring the living daylights out of people, which is why he's always reveled in Halloween; it's the one time he can scamper around dressed as the Grim Reaper without being pointed at by confused women and chased up and down London's streets by the law. But recently, Timmy's proverbial fear-thunder has been stolen by mega-corporation, Horzine, who have managed to churn out terror by the truck-load thanks to their annoyingly genuine monsters. So Timmy's determined to get in on the action any way he can. If that means getting hold of some serious ballistic hardware and wading into the fray to reap some real nightmares, then so be it.


George was known as 'Herman the German' to his colleagues at work, for his unhealthy obsession with every tiny detail of his German WW2 uniform collection. He had been happily accepting the plaudits of his fellow re-enactors regarding his new replica Gasmaske Modell 1930/38 when THEY arrived. Beating off a bunch of monsters was not the use he had in mind for his replica MKb 42(H) - but it worked well enough!


Nikolay actually is Russian. And his uniform was the envy of all the re-enactors for being completely real, having belonged to his grandfather. It was a complete mess, which Nikolay secretly couldn't care less about. But it tended to get him a lot of free beer at the events. His subsequent drunken shouting in Russian was all assumed to be part of the act. Suddenly taking to stabbing things wasn't - but it was too late to worry about by then.


Ricky was truly psyched to dress up in WWII Marine Corps gear and shout a whole bunch of lines into a microphone to help a pal out. He was so gung-ho about the whole thing that he spent most of the day annoying the living wotsits out of everyone in the studio. The grumpy Japanese guy kept looking like he would be happy to send Ricky to meet his ancestors even before lunchtime. Once they let him loose with some of the period weapons, the crew was beginning to fear for their lives - and they'd refused to let him in the same room as any live ammo. When the Zeds burst into the studio, Tony the producer had shoved him in the path of a bunch of clots - but Ricky promptly beat them to death. Then they let him have the live ammo...


Tanaka had been talked into doing some voice acting for a mate, who was building some video game. Then he'd got talked into dressing up in period Japanese military gear for publicity photos. As a Japanese-American with Yakuza aspirations, this was rather beneath his dignity, but he needed the dosh, so he had to grin and bear it. On the other hand, having military hardware on hand, including a genuine Katana, when the Zeds exploded into the studio was a stroke of luck. The Yakuza may have been eaten before Tanaka got a chance to join them - but at least he can do the full tenno heika banzai legitimately on a bunch of freaks!


“The Trader will only open her shop for a brief time when the coast is clear. You'll have to find where she is situated in each map, and plan your shopping beforehand.” —Loading screen tip

The Trader is a mysterious woman of undisclosed name and origin who can be found in various fortified locations, selling guns, ammunition and other equipment to the players in exchange for money obtained from killing specimens. She sends audio messages to the players notifying them of the current status of the shop, when its opening, closing, and if it will be open again. These messages however are often interpreted as sexual innuendos with mixed responses from fans and critics.

Posters advertising her shop can be found scattered about in various maps with adverts such as "I'm lonely, you're dry on ammo, we can help each other", "Hot bargains on things to kill with", and various others.