Game modes (Killing Floor)

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Greylisted Game Modes

Vehicle Mod

A Killing Floor vehicles mod with objective based game play. Vehicles are designed in context to their environment to bring an element of realism. Players must purchase fuel from the trader to keep their vehicles running and keep them repaired through wave after wave of abuse.


Blacklisted Game Modes

Dead Space

A WPC Mod for the science fiction survival horror Dead Space. Weapons, Perks, Skins, and Necromorphs await you.


Specimen Versus

Players take control of specimens and attack human players using enhanced senses and special moves. Credits to TheBlackCheetah for the original concept and WPC Clan / Lethal_Vortex for beta testing.


Specimenation Versus

A Killing Floor versus mod where regular character players pit their wits against an opposing team of human controlled and bot specimens.


Deathmatch/Team deathmatch

Random spawn point DeathMatch and Counter Strike type gameplay TeamDeathMatch. This mod also has bot support.


KF 2.5 Rollback

This set of mutators replaces Killing Floor specimens and weapons with their old version 2.51 Mod counterparts. One mutator replaces weapons while the other replaces specimens allowing server admins to decide if they want a partial or full gameplay switch.


DooM I and II

A collection of all monsters, weapons, and a few pickups from classic doom. Allows for some player customisation in Single Player and Coop Mode.


Team Strikes

A Counter Strike type game mode where players eliminate an opposing team before purchasing weapons for another round.


Deathmatch Mayhem

DM Mayhem is a deathmatch game mode but with a twist in that the specimens also attack players. It also supports team based DM with trader mode and no trader mode.