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All information has been verified with update 1040

Herein follows a comprehensive list of all official maps for Killing Floor:



“Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages; step right up to the three ring circus of death!”

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“Carrying Science Forward!”

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“Escaping from the slaughter at the London under ground, DJ Scully informed his new friends of the annual abandoned asylum party he was billed to perform at. The fact that so many unsuspecting people could fall victim to the specimen threat was enough to convince the team to move in on the location and search for survivors.”

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“6 months after the initial outbreak, 6 months of blood, toil and sweat. 6 months and the carnage is still as raw as it was that first day. One more patrol they say, always just one more bloody patrol.”

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“Within ten hours of the containment breach. nearly three quarters of the security and research detail at Horzine's London laboratory had been killed. Those who couldn't escape set up makeshift defenses in their dormitories, or the labs. In the depths of the facility, the incubators remain functional - spawning more and more clones. Your task is to eliminate every last one of the bastards.”

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“You watched in horror as the back-up you called for went down in the middle of an suburban storage facility. K&M Shipping Inc. The place is run down - seemingly poorly maintained even before the outbreak. The hordes will no doubt smell the scent of burning flesh coming from the crash-site if the initial explosion didn't already alert them. There's no time - search the crash-site for survivors, and hope to God that the wreck is salvageable.”

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“In our escape from West-Londen we took a chopper from an abandoned military base. Halfway to recon point omega up north we ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing on a helipad in an industrial area. We've probably caught some attention while going down, so be ready for combat. If intel was right, there should be a train down here, maybe that's our ride out of this shithole...”

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“Ho ho ho! It's the season for giving and I've got a present for all you bad little boys and girls. Step into Santa's lair and I'll give you what you deserve. Rockets, bullets, and your guts all over my walls. My children will stuff you full of Christmas cheer, so enjoy, it'll be your last.”

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“With the Specimens on the loose they're beginning to spread out to rural areas and with them their havoc and chaos. The country sides have been evacuated but not everyone made it out alive. Most were caught off guard and murdered in their own beds. Your tasks is to eliminate these freaks from this sector.”

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“For years the war against the specimens has raged, never slowing in it's moment. At first the subways where a small grace providing us a sanctuary from the heat of battle. Now as our forces dwindle in strength the relative safety we once felt is slowly becoming a mere forsaken memory. This is the age of darkness in every sense of the word.”

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“Horzine Biotech bought and retrofitted this abandoned factory back in the 80's. Since then they've kept this place off the records and in complete secrecy. A recent raid on Horzine's headquarters have given some clues as to other locations where they may have had operations going on. This location, though, is different. It appears they may have been making something we've never seen before.”

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“You hear that? That's the sweet sound of children screaming as they descend into the dark, fiery caverns. Demons with their scythes and daggers swinging, flames bursting up from the ground, bones and skulls decorate the walls - this is my home. I invite you to join me and take the ride, the ride to Hell.”

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“Every few months, the Horzine chemical plant upstream would get a poorly written letter from a deranged local. When confronted by a Horzine official at the front door of his house he would spit, spatter and holler nonsense about the green goop in his pond and threaten the strange man who stood before him. Horzine decided to shut him up. They figured a couple rounds to the head would do. They were wrong, dead wrong. Nobody knows why he survived the shots. Must be something in the water...”

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“The makeshift defences lasted no more than an hour. The lucky ones saved the last bullet for themselves...the unlucky ones were eaten alive. Clones poured out of the Horzine complex onto the streets of London. Situated next door was St. Filths General Hospital. This was no coincidence. Horzine had been secretly farming DNA from patients for the last 18 months. So it's only natural that the clones wanted to 'go home'. The handful of people who escaped spoke of a bloodbath and unspeakable horrors. They say the screams still haunt them. The first rescue team went missing after their helicopter crashed trying to land on the roof. Your team is attempting a land based extraction and is tasked to enter St. Filths General Hospital and extract any survivors you can find. You will rendezvous outside the hospital. Good luck men. It's now time to witness the horrors that are... Hospital Horrors.”

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“Career opportunities : welcome to Advanced Genetics! You will work with some of the industry's most talented, driven, and ingenious people, and together you will create the most epic specimens ever ! The laboratory is located on a Nuclear Icebreaker, indeed, Advanced Genetics is focused on working beyond code of ethics and isolated from the world to keep creativity. You will access you own human guinea-pig to make experiments like you never did ! We foster an environment of motivation and camaraderie, and, in opposition to Horzine INC., we offer highly competitive salaries and benefits. Manpower recently decreased so, we have some carrer opportunities ! Be smart, take your chance, your dream job is waiting for you ! If you’re looking for work that will challenge and inspire you, a job that will offer tremendous personal and professional growth, then Advanced Genetics is the right place for you! Seasick drugs are offered, so, welcome on board!”

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“Broken and mangled, Evil Santa has retreated to his secluded outpost in the South Pole. Here is where he will make his last stand to bring pain and suffering to naughty boys and girls.”

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“Of all the places to crashland... The nearby 19th century manor house is a derelict - A home for squatters, and junkies. The paint-flecked walls and collapsed flooring is far from enticing. But it may a good place to take refuge and set up a defense. Because you can hear them coming , they tracked you here. The sound of murmuring is growing louder on the breeze...”

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“Earlier this morning, a call came in from dispatch notifying us that a top Horzine scientist was being pursued by police, somewhere in the northern mountains. Then all went silent. Command deemed it necessary to fly in and investigate, despite the early morning fog and our pilot's objections. Looks like he was right, our chopper went down in the forest near the highway. So now we're stranded, our pilot is dead, we've got no backup, and there's no way that howling sound is just the wind.”

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“High above Horzine's infamous Biotics Laboratory stands the corporate face of the twisted organization. Local police forces were penned in and wholesale slaughtered when they converged on the entrance. The Horzine offices were undergoing a renovation at the time of the outbreak. Because of this, large portions of the building are closed off.”

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“The United States were keeping their eyes on Europe as it was being overtaken by so called Specimens. As word spread that this attack had reached to the United States panic set in, people begin to board up their homes, businesses, and even their dog houses fearing for the worst. Even though they saw the warnings and the horror that devastated London they still weren’t properly equipped for the ensuing battle. The little time they had to set up defenses was not sufficient. The “Specimens” were smart they avoided the large cities and invaded smaller towns in the Eastern United States one by one. Now it’s up to the six of you to take the suburbs back!”

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“Lt John H. Davidson Diary - 17/09/09 Due to London burning down, we had to leave our positions and retreat with the rest of the population. They all hope to move to the Continent but even after 4 days waiting on the coast, we are still waiting for them to show some signs of life. Some think that the United Kingdom has been put in quarantine, but some are convinced that the infection has already spread overseas. Personally, I'm sure about one thing, the commodity shortage is becoming serious. Specimens not only chew our flesh and soul, they also kill our lands. Through this arid environment, we are heading to an old pumping station, with hopes to resupply our water containers. I smell blood and death. Specimens are close. Here begins our waterworks.”

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“Less than a month ago, the capital was thriving at the height of the tourism season. No longer. A light breeze carries distant screams and the scent of gasoline fires and rotting flesh. You and your squad have been assigned to this particular quadrant in the west end of the city, with orders to hold off a large number of Specimens reportedly heading east to a survivor enclave. Failure is not an option here.”

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“The Wyre Forest is an uneasy marriage of decaying life, and new beginnings. Remote, and isolated; it's the perfect location for unorthodox science to flourish. Beneath the rot of the forest floor, in Horzine Research Bunker 6, some brilliant minds are cultivating an army of deadly female soldiers, that the enemy will never see coming...”

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