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“The Gorefast tends to live up to its name, so watch out for it speeding in towards you.”

– Loading screen hint

The Gorefast is a specimen that appears on all waves of the game. It has a decent speed and will run at its targets when close enough. The blade it wields does quite a large amount of damage compared to most other specimens, 15 damage per hit on normal; something to be avoided. They have a tendency to travel in groups and can easily become fatal to players unable to escape their attacks. There is a greylisted Gorefasts-only mutator called Gored Fast packaged with the game.

It is a fairly frequent enemy, and will sometimes spawn in packs.



The Gorefast appears as nude, hairless, dark reddish humanoid, lacking a jaw, genitalia, and most of its left arm; it being amputated just above the elbow. It also appears to lack skin, with the surface of its body resembling bare muscle. The blade protruding from its right arm, which is approximately a metre long, is wedged between the radius and ulna and extends between the middle and ring fingers of its mutilated hand, rending the hand in two from the wrist down. This is all held together by two tight leather straps found just below the elbow and just above the wrist.


The Gorefast could by likened to a glorified Clot, but charging instead of grappling. A Gorefast picks a target based on proximity and steadily walks toward them until it's within a certain distance of them, at which point it will charge towards them, brandishing its blade ready for attack. It will change its target if another comes closer than its current prey, unlike some other specimens. It attacks by wildly swinging its bladed arm, and much of its body, around in the general direction of its chosen prey, inflicting moderate damage with each slash. If decapitated, in the time before it dies, it loses its ability to charge in a given direction and will still attack if close enough to a target. Whilst on fire, providing the burns are severe enough, it will start to thrash around with its arms flailing until it eventually dies or the flames go out. After this it will resume its normal behaviour, be it pursue one of the squad members or lie in a crispy pile of flesh. The Gorefast's primary blade swing requires it to stop moving while attacking. This allows a player walking backwards to evade being hit while the Gorefast is stationary.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £24 £12 £10
Health 125 (13*) 250 (25*) 338 (34*)
438 (44*)
Damage 4 15 18
Speed 114 120 138
Range 30
* Head health

Extermination Tactics

  • Watch out for these when they start charging, as they can cover ground very quickly and cause a lot of damage.
    • Like most specimens, it is advised to kill them before they get within range to use their blade. However, they are usually quite easy to dispatch. They can be easily defeated via decapitation, rarely requiring much more than a well-aimed shot with most weapons. Similar to the Clot, the Gorefast's head hit box tends to lie towards the throat and jaw, so players must keep that in mind when they go for the killing shot.
    • More powerful weapons, like the Shotgun can kill them in one or two good shots without aiming for the head.
    • Killing them with melee weapons can require careful timing to avoid their blade, hit and run tactics work well for this. Gorefasts often briefly stop moving prior to striking the player.
    • They can quite often travel in groups, usually more Gorefasts or Clots; explosives can be useful in this situation. Alternatively, decapitating one specimen at a time and prioritising the closest one whilst ensuring that the player is not grabbed by a Clot is also viable.


    The original story behind the Gorefast is that they were the end result of a project similar to that of the Scrake, but toned down to an extent, designed to create extremely strong and fast soldiers. While the project was a success, the soldiers became insane, consumed with constant rage and an obsession with pain.


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