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All information has been verified with update 1040

“The Crawler. Interesting attempt to merge human and arachnid genes. Sort-of worked, too - these little nasties have a habit of appearing in all sorts of strange places!”

– Loading screen hint

The Crawler is one of the weakest specimens, having little health and a weak attack.

It is a plentiful specimen, and often spawns in groups with other enemies.


See the specimen modifiers page for explanations of each field, as well as calculating for multiple players.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Bounty £20 £10 £8 £6 £6
Health 35 (13*) 70 (25*) 95 (34*) 109 (39*) 123 (44*)
Damage 1 6 7 9 10
Speed 133 140 161 171 182
Range 50[verification needed]
* Head health


  • Unless you have good reflexes try to take them out from a distance, before they have a chance to leap.