Update 1051 (Killing Floor)

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24, July, 2013

These are all the changes from version 1050 to version 1051

If you are interested in the exact changes, see the SVN changelist.



  • Removed Summer Zeds
  • Fixed an issue with where a Gold Handcannon would not be properly listed
  • Fixed an issue where you could not properly sell a hand cannon
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would ignore players
  • Fixed an issue where Golden 3 crown note would not properly unlock
  • Made sure gold bar messages are displayed for everyone
  • Fixed an issue where guns with more than max ammo due to perk would lose that extra ammo when picked up by player with that perk
  • Fixed an issue where Assault Flayer Ordinance was unlocking for all enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Extended Motion Projector would not properly unlock
  • Fixed “leftover” zeds during trader time in objective mode
  • Fixed an issue where boomstick was not immediately useable if it was previously dropped due to player death while reloading
  • Updated mutator whitelist
  • Fixed breaker box icon rendering when players weren’t facing the box
  • Addressed the general protection fault crashes showing up in story mode


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Gold Bar objective from progressing in Solo play (this bug only occurred if the last zed was killed while Lockheart was talking; the order of capture does not matter).
  • Decreased spawn frequency on Breaker objective and added more clots so Fleshpounds and Scrakes should be less frequent.
  • Increased pathing density around main gates and forced zeds to walk them.
  • Fixed pathing bug by the broken wall near the Dandy Trader.
  • Turned off collision on Lockheart's safe doors so they won't push you when they open.
  • Fixed a few misaligned/stretched textures.
  • Set all ZombieVolume spawn priorities to the default of 3000 so zeds won't all spawn in the town area when holding out at the main gates in regular KF mode.
  • Put boards on the doors of the Clockwork Cafe because players kept trying to open them.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stand on an invisible ledge in front of the sign above the rear Casino door.
  • Blocked off a window on the side of the Clockwork Cafe which you could crouch inside of.

Mutator Whitelist Additions/Updates

  • Door Messages v3
  • Custom Weapon Priorities
  • Skell’s Weapon Reskins
  • WeaponsWorkShope LITE
  • Classic ZED Voices
  • Damage Popup
  • Kill Messages V3
  • Visible Spectators
  • PerkMinimum
  • KFStatsX
  • Custom Buy Menu
  • Super Zombies