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All information has been verified with update 1043
Killing Floor item
M79 Grenade Launcher
General Information
Perk Demolitions
Cost £1250
Weight 4
Can sell/buy Yes
- -
Weapon Information
Ammo cost (1 grenade) £10
Ammo capacity 24
Magazine capacity {{{Magazine}}}
Damage 350
Impact damage {{{ImpactDamage}}}
Radius {{{Radius}}}
Head multiplier {{{HeadMul}}}
Pellets {{{Pellets}}}
Spread 0.01
Penetration {{{Penetration}}}
Rate of fire {{{ROF}}}
Reload time 3.33
Regen rate {{{RegenRate}}}
Attachments {{{AddOns}}}

Values listed in brackets are for alternate (secondary) fire.

The M79 is a single-shot grenade launcher with good damage but with a slow rate of fire. However due to its low weight it can be carried in many loadouts, and functions like a large supply of slightly more powerful impact-triggered grenades.

It is interesting to note that an un-perked dud shot to the head will cause more damage than the regular explosive damage.


  • As with any explosives, target groups to take full advantage of the explosion radius.